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Alpintech Range

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Rock pillars-climbing shoes: total range now at available now is the total range of the climbing shoe brand of Rockpillars in the online shop available. The brand of rock pillars stands for sophisticated design, high quality materials and innovative design. The online shop for climbing and outdoor – equipment offers all models in all sizes as sole distributor in Austria. Rock pillars is a climbing shoe brand that is an insider tip among climbing fans for a long time. Closely cut, very robust and fed to the extent these shoes offer the perfect comfort in the Hall or on the rock. The anatomically perfected cuts that are adapted to different foot shapes are particularly well thought out.

Also the individual models are depending on the preload and shape Ideally matched to the demands of various degrees of difficulty. As one of the first sales partner in Austria, took the shoes of rock pillars in the range and now significantly expanding selection and inventory. Climbing professionals with whom we work closely together – have confirmed us that the rock pillars unique shoes for climbing”, as Rene Stich CEO of the online shop. “As we have always emphasis on quality products, which meet the requirements of the practice, have created value the decision was easy for us, our rock pillars offer the full range to expand.” Now outdoor and climbing enthusiasts find the young Tyrolean company nearly a full range in the area of hard goods. So how in the area camping was enormous in the product offering at Alpintech with the inclusion of new brands such as Black Diamond, Edelweiss and Exped in recent months filed just in the area of climbing accessories to for customers to become a full service provider. Also the motto that only proven article are recorded in the range remains the company with close cooperation with the outdoor specialist Alex Brunner, 36, true. The MBT-instructor, ski instructor and guide tested the latest branded since May 2010 and published his experiences and recommendations now on the blog

Nash Technologies

Monday, October 27th, 2014

The challenge for him is clear: the provider would have to overcome the current decoupling of data volume and revenues. Because: The mobile network operators will need to finance investment in HSPA + and LTE at best stagnant sales. Thus, drastically to reduce the cost per unit of traffic there is a need.” He sees further growth in mobile data and Internet services in particular in the area of individualized video offerings, which would demand particularly from less solvent and thus younger user groups. Also, Gerpott is at best a stabilisation of turnover in the German mobile business with the LTE roll-out. “Against the background of the timeline described by Gerpott and the growing data traffic, which exacts a lot of infrastructure, Markus Ermer, Director of R & D at Nash Technologies relies on a sophisticated network monitoring: each network operator know that the networks need constant monitoring in terms of performance.” For him, it is essential in the existing networks UMTS-based to invest the capacities and to improve functionality, response times and throughput. So we lay the foundations only for the development of innovative applications, which can then make LTE a success”, so Ermer in Dusseldorf. For him, it is no doubt that several technologies will coexist GSM, UMTS, LTE over a certain period of time.

It was even more important to guarantee the transparency and the coexistence. To the relief of existing mobile networks, Ermer presented among other things a femtocell. The idea is that a spatially limited cell combines a mobile phone via UMTS across standard IP network.” So, normal Mobilfunkendgerate could use an existing Internet connection, for example over a DSL line. Software support up to 32 simultaneous connections and current broadband technologies, which make attractive their use in the business segment. Editing plain text ONLINE at Hamada 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

Technological Revolution

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

The technological revolution brings us many advantages we live in an exciting age and we are in the middle of the technological revolution. Now it is called buckle up before the fast-paced thrill ride. The perhaps most interesting aspect of the modern technology is the speed with which she develop. It has been only just over a decade since the Internet has taken the world by storm, and this development is so far unable to stop. We have the rise of the dot-com bubble”in California, in Silicon Valley at the beginning of the new millennium witnessed, as ideas that were drawn on napkins, overnight millionaires have created, as well as the ensuing dotcom crash. The devices are getting smaller and smaller and have witnessed the development of the computer to the laptop and now to your compact NetBook. In addition, there are the stand-alone mobile Internet market for tablets, iPhones and other portable communication devices, through which we anytime, anywhere connected to the World Wide Web.

Our private and everyday life is due to the portable and handy devices changed. About in-car GPS systems or portable device in hand, we find our in a foreign city right off the bat. Our grandparents would understand a battery-powered radio with a wireless device. Asked a teenager to a wireless device, the teenager about all this will enlighten one and while on just such a device in cyberspace with unknown an online role-playing game to play. The devices become smaller and increasingly wireless. So Internet users can connect at home, at the University, at the airport and in hotels without cable. Peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse and printer, are increasingly wireless. You can surf so in the living room on the Internet and send a file to a WiFi printer located anywhere in the House.

Consumer culture and international business relations differ substantially from their appearance two decades ago. A backyard company, whose employees only on a network computer and something entrepreneurial skill You can globally operate and to large conglomerates in competition. At the same time the E-Commerce promotes a culture of buying, in the goods around the clock are accessible; from the sofa can be banking transactions done, the holiday booked, purchases made and played poker. The technological revolution is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down. Much has happened in the last decade; What will the next decade bring? Karoline Sanam

Event Technicians

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Equipment, clothing and special gauges whether of the largest European song contest, the largest German Open-Air concerts or tours of the international top stars, we are with our products up close here! is the largest German specialty mail order companies for stage builders, event technology and stagehands for over 8 years. Whether robust clothing of Snickers workwear, work harnesses and headlamps, Petzl or safety shoes from Lowa or PUMA. We do everything the professional needs for his daily work before and after the stages of this world in our program. “Through our large stock we are able, article within 24 hours throughout Europe to send”, EStores CEO Dipl. engineer (FH) Armin Trunk. “Just in the tour business, it is important to guarantee an exact delivery time specification, because usually the workers technicians only for a limited time at the same place of residence are” so drink next. But also for the blindly, the craftsmen and other occupational groups find them with us a wide range of high-quality products. Interesting are also the large number of products offered in good quality at reasonable prices. “We do every day to offer our perfect service fine to the customer” Finally, as the CEO of EStores.

Special Organization

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Problem 1. The overall readiness of municipal and regional customers to move to new electronic platforms. Do not think I’ve discovered the secret when I say next – the vast majority of municipal and regional customers got used to the technical and other features of its regional sites, where they were stationed and place information. Must pay tribute to – regional authority at one time held a significant amount of work to train municipal and regional customers work at its regional sites, which resulted in the stable functioning of regional sites and place orders for the region without interruption. Course of their work getting acquainted with the regional sites has repeatedly noted that the construction and methodology of work for these sites are much different from each another, which certainly provides some hidden advantages to work for them bidders of this region. But this problem is disappearing.

And here arises the problem is more serious – MAJORITY REGIONAL site is different from the all-Russian site. As mentioned above – to January 1, 2011 to the national website will come more than 450 thousand new customers. Problem 2. Readiness 3 electronic platforms Sberbank – ACT -, OAO Unified electronic trading platform -, SUE Agency under the state order Tajikistan – swallow “is the number of visits. Answer to this question is no. The fact that the arrival on site municipal and regional clients out of control. Possible situation will, so that an equal number of the above customers will come to all three platforms, maybe a different combination. Judging by the reviews of the electronic sites, the largest number of customers “fall” to the site Sberbank – ACT – and only the reviews of the electronic platform, it will be possible to understand whether all the concerns expressed by a real basis.

Problem 3. Willingness nationwide site to work in a more than 8-fold increase in accredited users and more than 3-fold the number of users. On the old version has a record of logged in about 40,000 federal customers. I believe that since 2008, federal customers increased, but obviously they number no more than 50 000. As indicated above, to be supplemented by the parish and the accreditation site municipal and regional customers number more than 450,000 corporate clients, that is, there is more than 8-fold increase in the array of accredited persons with gradually sprawling databases and archives. It is also necessary bear in mind that the markets of goods, works and services especially for municipal customers formed a group of bidders that participate solely in the municipal auction within the municipal boundaries customer. Such Bidders and inevitably forced to follow the municipal customers, which will increase patrons on the national site 2-3 times from today’s number. In general, projected picture is sad and the situation could lead to the inability of software to cope with increasing visits, which inevitably gives rise to slow down the site and electronic platforms. PS It is possible that such published after 10/01/2011, will be more … …. Statement of opinion and debate is welcome … ….

Beautiful Jewelry

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

What factors a type-appropriate hairstyle make up the long search after the appropriate hairstyle wants the Wurzburg type consultant Anneli Eick finally end saloon in a joint project in collaboration with Doreen Kirsten by the hype. To find the best hairstyle is not easy, which makes for a rather tiresome morning theme in many bathrooms. What do I get anyway?”many afflicted woman wonders after many attempts of experimentation with the stubborn hair. The most important factors are not observed often when selecting the hairstyle”, says Anneli Eick. Face shape, skin type and style of the bearer not to color and cut of the hair, fit a woman neither good looks nor feels it!” The fully-booked seminars of the consultant prove that many women are unsure in dealing with your hair. The type-appropriate hairstyle is also the topic number one in each advice of type of reveals the expert.

Reason for this is that each person has a very individual appearance: head shape, inside of the face and the hair structure are very different from others. Therefore, it is often disappointing when hairstyles are copied by stars or hairstyle models because these completely different on your own head. Also in terms of care of the hair, some woman is often a little stumped and must take up the fight to a neat hairstyle new every day. The color and style consultant knows exactly how to recognize what hairstyle is ideal. In collaboration with Doreen crates by the hype saloon in which Julius promenade offers 15 customers, who want to finally find their ideal hairstyle, a day of consulting at. The ladies know what hair color to skin type fits, what length best emphasizes the face and if a pony is suitable. Hair structure and care can be discussed. Further information and dates at.

Fashion Jewelry

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

In the last decades, the jewelry has freed itself from its original meaning of reason as a symbol of power and status. The jewelry seems to gain more and more popularity. The affordable, stylish, oriented on the new trends in fashion jewelry is worn by jewellery lovers happy. The rich offer of the fashion jewelry can be found in every jewelry store and very much in the jewelry world has changed with this new type of jewelry. In recent decades, new trends have developed in the jewelry world. The jewelry as such, gradually freed itself from its original meaning of reason – the symbol of power and status, and became rather a means of expression of the designer and the jewelry lover. Science and technology contributed to that were increasingly the various materials used in the manufacture of jewelry pieces and placed on the same level with precious metals. Stainless steel, titanium, tungsten are the unusual materials which are entered in the jewellery and the idea of the designer in Foreground made.

The use of industrially manufactured precast and State of the art techniques resulted in it today industrially produced more and more jewelry. The new materials with specific properties and technical progress dictate the fashion and new trends. Stainless steel, for example, is mostly for rigor and minimalism. It is used also in the stainless steel jewellery diamonds and even diamonds. Tungsten is a forever-lasting, scratch-resistant jewelry that can be passed intact to future generations. Titanium has been recognized as the hautfreundlichste metal. Its use in the jewellery and watch industry is particularly large and has a tendency to grow.

The unusual materials make the fashion and the once found tungsten can be nowadays use in a light bulb to one of many sought after piece of jewelry. Not necessarily only the precious metals in jewelry making to be used it to create a unique piece of jewelry. It is an original idea, flawless execution and the piece of jewellery made of precious metal gets extra artistic value. Finally how to fit the jewelry to the own outfit and how to create the unique and harmonious exterior is not so much important it how much at once, the man can wear kilos gold, is important.

Celtic Jewelry

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

The Celtic jewelry is not only beautiful to wear, but has also a great symbolic power. The origins of Celtic art are located in the late iron age, also called: La Tene culture. However, there were large chronological and regional differences. The spiritual importance of their jewelry was far more important than the mere ornament on a neck or hand the Celts. Celtic jewelry has been worn as a talisman or amulet, and should continue to help people in difficult situations or to protect them.

The used pattern and symbols are of timeless beauty, and are certainly also therefore rediscovered and today like to worn. The Trinity was the truly dominant symbol in Celtic cultures. It could consist of three together interlaced triangles, Triquetta called, or of three-spaced, spirals, the Triskele. The Trinity is not only a meaningful importance. For one, it stands for the elements; Water, fire, air; But also for the curriculum vitae; Past, present and future. In some regions meant the Trinity girls, woman and Crone. Especially the Triquetta often considered the symbol of femininity.

Many other Celtic motifs, as for example the Celtic horses”one can find these basic shapes. They’re always in three parts and arranged symmetrically. A further, often used symbol, is the Celtic knots. It stands for infinity, a perpetual continuous cycle, birth, life and dead. It has endless variations, but always there is no beginning and no end. That’s why he is also known as infinite nodes. Triquetta, Triskele and the Celtic knots were, and are, the most commonly used Celtic symbols. Also very known, and especially tonight like worn for days, is the tree of life. He represents the connection between heaven and Earth. The world as a large tree, the roots of which go deep into the Earth, and whose Zweige stretching far into the sky. The tree of life provides the balance and the harmony between the two worlds. The Celtic motifs had long been forgotten. But recent years acquired just high-quality jewelry with Celtic motives a growing fan base. The motives are not only timeless and beautiful, but carried also today especially because of the power of the great importance. Celtic there are jewelry pieces now from many materials and in various variants, so something should be safe for everyone. SID Kroker

Costume Jewelry

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

The earliest decorations appeared at the dawn of human history. Although their main task was not to make a person beautiful, but rather to protect him. Under the decorations meant amulets, talismans and amulets, which was made of what is underfoot: beautiful stones, trees, decorative pieces, claws and teeth of wild animals, bright feathers. The ancients believed that these things scare off evil spirits and bring good luck. C Over time, the primitive charms purchased a beautiful and sophisticated look. This is due to the fact that rapidly developing culture of mankind, people have mastered many skills and professions, began to engage in subsistence economy.

They came up with a stone igloo and learn to pierce holes, the first kind of paint, and with it began to render drawings and paint the surface of various materials. Later, there were carvings of stone and bone, which were strung on a thread. So there were beads. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, rings, pendants and many other great jewelry – all invented long ago and come to very ancient times. This strong link between the past and the future due to the fact that, despite the large number of precious stones and metals, costume jewelry continues to grow and be popular all over the world. After all the decorations in ancient times were not made of precious stones and nuggets. Jewelry – jewelry is made mostly not made of precious stones and metals. In most cases, for the manufacture of jewelry bijouterie used crystals, which were obtained for the first time in the 18th century of lead glass.

This is a special type of glass that looks like a real diamond. Mankind in all ages sought a way to get an artificial gold metals and precious stones. Until now, there is a dispute about who first received this type of glass, but whoever he was, he always left his mark in history.


Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Narrow pink bracelet, pink earrings, pendants and a large necklace will make you irresistible charm of her pink. Many people make the mistake of buying a set of jewelry, ornaments which are related only in that it is made of a metal. First of all, you need to choose products that complement each other in form and style. Before you buy any Jewelry, imagine how they will look at your dress and blend in with its color. 3.Select, at least one great decoration that will look defiant. The main objective of any girl to be seen at party, to stand out and assert themselves. Best friend in this matter stylish costume jewelry. To any very simple dress can be chosen big beautiful decoration, which favorably highlight your style and will focus others. Bright-plated bracelet with a brilliant as popular as tightly run around his neck necklace, which together with the high collar will allow you to look like a queen. Do not be afraid to go beyond the choice of costume jewelry, especially if you have chosen for an evening of simple classic dress. 4.Do not forget the decorations for my hair Most people opt for rings, earrings, bracelets, when they are going to go to a party. Trends in modern Fashion also attached great importance to the jewelry for your hair. To date, there is a huge selection of pins for the hair, which uses pearls, imitation diamonds, and various precious and semi-precious stones, which enhance the beauty of your hair and add shine and style.