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New Accessory Trend

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Accessories for many are as giant rock and fashion chains of the season spice up bland outfits in this day and age become indispensable and that especially if simply and quickly a slightly unsophisticated outfit upgraded. The extra long and oversized chains are currently back in the. In the XXL chain, can be (also statement called chain) combined for many different looks. The chain is always appropriate, no matter whether a hippie style dress with flower print, whether to the pencil skirt, plain blouse or the elegant Blazer. These pieces of jewelry in a variety of sizes are available and therefore the taste is certainly taken from each. Those who are interested in jewelry and watches, which should look here.

Really nice, colors and motifs in an ethnic style are the XXL chains. These chains are usually made of several different elements, and they are very colorful. Part is the incorporation of springs and at this point, especially the peacock feathers are preferred. These springs allow a chain to the absolute eye-catcher be. But the cleavage can be adorned by colorful characters, colorful, large wooden beads or small glass beads. Anytime the prospective buyers can look for motive followers, because they are there for those who like playful looks.

Especially the animal motifs are particularly in vogue and there are birds, Peacock, OWL and many more. These chains are a real eye-catcher in any case. The trend colour black is then somewhat decent at the chain, here too, there are many different models to choose. The correct appearance of the chain ensure entwined limbs, stones, boards or beads. The XXL chain must be not necessarily long, it is also that they large and wide stones for example around neck are snug. The materials and other trend accessories with extra long chains are very different materials. Of course, those interested to the typical silver or gold can access. There are also leather chains on sale. Trailer for the chains are then in the best case plastic and otherwise Metal, wood, glass and precious stones produced. In addition to the XXL chain there another trend accessories include belt, hat and cloth So, charms can be combined too great an XXL chain. XXL necklaces are also a matter of taste. Many find unacceptable or too difficult. It should anyone decide whether he might want to try it and puts his prejudices to the page. Combine correctly they can be a real eye-catcher.

New ERP Software

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Instrumentation manufacturer EMH introduces variants ERP VlexPlus Semiramis inside the EMH electricity meter GmbH & Co KG, an innovative companies in the field of electronic measurement technology headquartered in Wittenburg, near Hamburg, opted for the replacement of legacy systems through the integrated ERPII complete software VlexPlus Semiramis inside decided. About 100 EMH users will be in the future to control the business processes related to production, logistics, sales, shopping and the commercial areas with VlexPlus Semiramis inside and settle. Since the beginning of the year, manufacturers SWING and update solutions could win three more new customers for their new jointly developed variants software based on Semiramis. Kulmbach/Achim, developed the May 27, 2009 – since its founding in 1991, produces and distributes the EMH electricity meter GmbH & Co KG worldwide electronic electricity meters under latest technologies, as well as extensive software systems for the exchange of data and the processing of Readings. The EMH has a wide range of special counters in the utility range up to one tariff counters for the household sector in addition to Accessories and software to the counter handling. More than a million devices already are customers at EMH. In addition it operates the nationally recognized main testing for official calibration of electricity meters according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Approx. 160 highly qualified and motivated employees at two locations contribute to the success of the company and a steady organic growth. So far, the instrumentation manufacturer had an outdated business software in use that strongly was been adapted over the years by EMH to the individual requirements. The numerous adjustments of the system making it impossible for the use of new features but by updates. The use of isolated and connected via interfaces island solutions had ultimately resulted in that no release ability was given. In February 2009 finally decided the EMH Executive Board, a system used by a modern, to replace flexible and requirement-oriented total solution.

Common Perspectives

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

SI software innovation and formcraft have concluded a partnership for the distribution and implementation of FrontCollect invoice (FCI). SI software innovation and formcraft have concluded a partnership for the distribution and implementation of FrontCollect invoice (FCI). This provides the excellent opportunity to put the developments of both companies on a common denominator and optimize. This provides the excellent opportunity to put the developments of both companies on a common denominator and optimize. SI software builds on the core products of formcraft and completes so especially at the focus of the entire archiving services their solutions in the areas of list distribution management, output management and document management. Common interfaces and intersections are consolidated efficiently and allow extreme flexibility in the development of more complex solutions. The joint potential is exploited by the successful partnership and customers receive a well-rounded and excellent overall portfolio. formcraft GmbH formcraft has a worldwide installed base to over 500 customers of from different industries with its solutions for automated invoice receipt and automated form processing.

The invoice reader of formcraft belongs to the leading products in Europe. Since market introduction in the year 2000 the circle of well-known, internationally operating companies such as Volkswagen, Allianz, Orlen, Swarovski, tyco electronics, Lloyds TSB has grown u.v.m continuously. Mature products with proven solutions, formcraft focuses on premium-quality software with maximum value for the customers of its distribution partners as well as customized services for these products. Through a management buy out of Beta Systems Software AG, the formcraft GmbH was founded in September 2008. More information about the company and the products can be found under.

Weihe Darmstadt

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Price money transfer of SOFTWARE AG passes to the intelligent views GmbH for the Innovation Prize IT book Darmstadt 2009 / 2010 Darmstadt, August 12, 2009 – winner premium on intelligent views, winner of the 1st prize for innovation IT-book intelligent views GmbH Darmstadt Software AG wins award sponsored by software AG official check transfer of software AG which has management consulting E.k.. AMC – advantage with the K-infinity semantics software the IT book of Darmstadt created on, to support businesses, the right for them IT partner in the region of Rhine Main Neckar to find and also the first innovation prize IT book Darmstadt awarded. 12 companies of over 100 participants in the IT-book Darmstadt, had applied innovation award for the IT-with their IT products and services. The price aims to draw suitable products or services which have the ability to convince the market by its high innovative power\”so Michael Mattis, Managing Director of the AMC. The tender was very focused. On the one hand on the other side but already in the market highly innovative proven: something, what is actually not at the same time to achieve \”explained Prof.

Karsten Weihe, Dean of the Department of computer science of the Technical University Darmstadt and one of the judges to choose of the winner of the prize. Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of software AG stressed: \”Both products (product winner and second-placed) are pioneering solutions that are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and ease of use, as well as a significant customer benefits.\” Software AG is sponsoring the winner of the Prize 2,000 euro. To the jury is as follows: K-infinity of intelligent views semantic knowledge networks are characterized by its wide application possibilities in the area. It is not just words in a statistical context, but understands the content links. It captures the semantics of terms, because it knows knowledge objects, linked with relations sin.

POS Management

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Also for smaller hotels, channel-management specialist offers an efficient instrument for the management of the online booking portals London, may 27, 2009: eRevMax takes over the channel management software simple distribution of the Egyptian provider rate reports. The company, known for the expanded with the European seal of e-excellence excellent software RateTiger, product portfolio be designed specifically for smaller hotels so that a channel management solution. The internet-based application simple distribution mainly in Asia and Africa in the usage is for three years. The functionalities of the program include the management of online booking portals, observing the competition and a booking engine for your own website. Now she will offer tailored to channel management solution for a yearly price of use 750 also on the European and American markets eRevMax on hotels with up to 40 rooms. Simple distribution will complement in the established family RateTiger independent brand. In the past five The proportion of room bookings generated on the Internet has increased rapidly years. In addition a growing share of travelers who book while still by telephone, but before researching your accommodation booking portals such as HRS or

Against this background of smaller hotels with the possibilities and requirements of the Internet as a sales market must be familiar. Simple distribution offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution which enables central management of prices and quotas on various booking portals for this target group. The Internet is the first point of contact for consumer travel planning now. Our goal is to make sure that hoteliers are worldwide through the appropriate technical support able to save time and increase online revenue. With the acquisition of simple distribution, we expand our potential customer group in existing and new markets and also smaller homes access to channel-management technology,”Reuel gosh, looking forward eRevMax’s founder and CEO. We collaborate already since 2005 with RateReports and appreciate where objective to offer first-class software just for smaller hotels. Small, owner-managed hotels see the application has for this target group as a real support proven.”is increasingly exposed to a competitive pressure from powerful hotel chains. These penetrate now increasingly also in areas outside of the cities, in the classic second – and third-party markets, which until now were reserved for the Einzelhotellerie,”Sascha Hausmann, COO at RateTiger added.

It is therefore all the more important for independent houses to remain competitive through a strategic management of the online market. In the next two years more and more hoteliers are must make active the opportunities and possibilities of the Internet as a POS use. We pleased therefore, with the expansion of our product portfolio now for all types of hotels to offer a suitable software support!” Owner-managed Hotels, small individual hotels without a well-known brand affiliation and pensions must make sure to be present on the online booking platforms with competitive prices. So, these houses coexist in the future against the summed. First, there is a simple distribution in Europe and the United States only with the function for the central management of prices and quotas. Booking engine and the tool for observing competition will follow later in the year. Further details of the acquisition of SimpleDistribution by eRevMax, silence has been agreed between the parties.

Austria Distribution

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Interested parties can request the catalogue under free. Augsburg – SOS software service the new software and license catalog 2009 brings out. With the game over 80 different manufacturers, many promotions and lots of information about are, as different software can be used in combination with each other efficiently. The catalog supports customers in the search and selection of software in various areas such as server virtualization, administration, development, Office applications, graphic, and many more. Just in the last year we took many new manufacturers on board, for which we represent an important distribution channel. With the new catalog, these are presented as our manufacturer known for years as pervasive, VMware, Intel, Microsoft, etc.. So to speak, the catalog serves as a compendium of the German software market. “explains Mr Joaquim Moreira dos Santos.

Manufacturers who want to also place their products in the software and license catalog, can contact the SOS software service. SOS Software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH is a leading company in the field of value added distribution. Since 22 years successfully on the market, handled over 3,500 dealer in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland with software from over 700 global manufacturers. Value added distribution means not only logistics, but also comprehensive and up-to-date product and licensing knowledge and regular certification by manufacturers.

Tigo Software

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

For a comprehensive analysis and control of processes, the tool can easily integrate so the existing management systems. Full services can not be automated: services such as providing virtual systems, applications or jobs can be quickly and economically, when they largely do without manual intervention. A few management tools only meet this eminently important solely for reasons of efficiency requirement. Not sufficiently SLA compatible: As a direct consequence of the restriction, the management tool to automatically can provide a complete service, the quality control is limited massively. Because no holistic view is possible due to the lack continuity of processes, as a result, service levels can be only partially identified and. No support multiple virtualization platforms: Due to the different virtualization technologies for different fields of application about include servers and desktops different virtualization platforms face of IT infrastructures.

Only a tool that can integrate the different virtual technologies universally, generates the necessary security of investment and at the same time is able to optimally exploit the transparency and automation potential. Ambiguous transparency and security: Virtual landscapes represent significantly greater challenges due to the complexity of compliance requirements, as the traditional infrastructures. Therefore the revision security and transparency through an automatic documentation and automated configuration management are using the tool to ensure. With the selection of a wrong or at least inadequate management tools a loss of power at simultaneous increase in administrative tasks is automatically”, Buck is problematized. The most important Scale the market evaluation is the overarching process orientation, so that the automation is not thwarted.” As well, it should be possible that it can be used autonomously by departments. About xTigo Software AG, the xTigo Software AG is a German company based in Cologne, Germany. XTigo’s solutions connect worlds: the world of the description of the process on the one hand with the world of automated implementation on the other side. So are existing management tools of to integrated total solution with xTigo as the hub of the process-oriented IT services.

xTigo strengthens the role of a responsible IT within the company. An IT directly supports business processes that is active at the works with the corporate objectives and thus their value contribution to the combined company.