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Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

The free trade agreement (FTA) with China took effect yesterday, opening for Peruvian exports an interesting market but still unexplored. Having passed the stage of negotiations, which was not as prolonged as in the cases of other similar treaties, the phase that comes will be a challenge since it involves knowing who the potential consumers of our products. Whilst highlighting that China is a market of 1,200 million people, the truth is that hundreds of millions less than those with adequate purchasing power to acquire property that Peru could sell. For now there are not enough market research and demand analysis on the needs of Chinese consumers and the availability of supply to meet these needs Peruvian trust that will begin to develop in the short term. And at this stage of the FTA with China, is an occasion to remember that the domestic agenda to take advantage of trade agreements remains an unfinished task of the Government, even more so when it recently concluded negotiations with the European Union. State’s role should be as important as it had during the negotiations, since the information is critical to successful businesses. While domestic firms are not sure what Chinese consumers are looking for, it will be difficult to meet their needs or drive them into new ones. Logistical support is also key, especially in terms of transport infrastructure to the ports and terminals themselves, most still under the control of organizations unconvinced of the benefits it brings modernity. And if you know what can be exported, what really has them worried yet a Peruvian industrial sector is what China plans to sell products in Peru.While much of the clothing are not subject to tariff reduction, there is fear for the massive influx of assets which would bring the check to domestic manufacturers. In that sense, and Indecopi Sunat have pending further its processes for detecting and investigating practices forbidden by international trade. We’re in the race,but more information is needed.

Computer Assistance

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

A couple of years ago my friend instead of what would work in normal operation, decided to deal with computer assistance. Himself, so to speak the host. He had experience working in a computer store and I owned and sales skills management. So I agreed price analysis Harosh and he did well and I am too. In general, as well as ads on rabotali.Kleili entrance, business cards. direct sales. Actually not bad earning.

More this topic, I described in my blog bmserver Just want to add that just like any other work is work. Easy money is not there and there is huge competition. But if you sharish in this business and a professional, you will dlyudi call themselves, and even recommend you to their friends. vspominaetsya a funny moment, namely, to expand the range of services we exerted a friend to all other decided to focus on creating websites. It does not matter that neither he nor I sense in this nifiga.

Move decided by previously tested the scheme, namely the search for the masterminds and perpetrators. Ie to be roughly the mediators, while telling everyone that they say we niebatsya cool designers))) As the main result of grit. For this purpose, we have made special Daddy with examples of work patterns nadergali Ineta and went to offer their services. Navigating for the entire order and received an earned in my 3 or 4 of the ruble. a little later, when I became actively read LJ, I came across the famous Ttatyanycha a similar decision only executed many many earlier (remember all our Encyclopedias were in 2008). like this happens. In general you should not think, to do)))

Monkey Colonies

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

The Hundredth Monkey is the name of a new myth. Off the coast of Japan, scientists have been studying monkey colonies. The monkeys out of trees to collect the sweet potatoes scientists left them on the beaches, to collect them and eat them filled with sand. One day a young female, Imo, began to wash sweet potatoes in the sea before eating. Imo later began to teach their parents and relatives to do the same, maybe the sand bothered to chew. At first only the adults followed suit, and later do almost the entire colony. One day, observers saw that all the monkeys on the island were washing potatoes. The most fascinating thing was that when this change occurred, the behavior of all monkeys in the rest of the islands changed, all washed their sweet potatoes, despite the fact that colonies of monkeys had no direct contact between them.

This would come to endorse the confirmation of the morphogenetic field theory, the hundredth monkey, the monkey would be made anonymous tip the balance of culture, one whose behavior change marked the critical number of monkeys that had changed their behavior. It is an allegory of New Hope was offered to people who have been working to change themselves and save the planet, wondering if their individual efforts will be used for something, analyzed scientifically proven this story seems like all our behaviors may change the rest. The change from one species could occur through a change of individuals who, one by one, do something new every day, who will be the architect of change do not, will that lead to new paradigms. The more people change their habits, the easier it is for everyone to reach a harmony of humanity, until finally one day someone will be the hundredth anonymous, and all have, and in fact, changed. For those who need to change the world and have the faith and conscience who are able, this theory encourages them, they get power and evokes them what moves them and leads them to be deeply themselves. Apart from being motivated to make a change on the outside is actually a metaphor for what happens inside each of us.

If we repeat a behavior motivated by an attitude or principle sufficient number of times, in the end we become what we do. Myth version of the hundredth monkey Ben Keyes Jr. adapted the book "The Gods of every Man" of the Jungian analyst Dr. Shinoda Bolen. Sowing even thought, reap an act. Sow an act, reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny …