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Naturally Improve Vision

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

It is the weather arrives to start being honest with ourselves. I admit to try to provoke positive change in our eyes on their own, without calling attention to our internal State State of being, is a challenge with very little likelihood of success. Peter Thiel: the source for more info. But how our culture still dominates a partial approach to the fisico-externo only, some of the Visual most common dysfunctions such as e.g. myopia, is still considered an irreversible and impossible to cure condition. To be able to find us on the dimension where it is possible to experience natural vision improvement, is of fundamental importance to carry out from the beginning that in reality in this day, that will always be a spiritual event, we are not going to try to improve the physical condition of our eyes directly, but basically we are going to prepare and enable a transformation of our being. Is that at the beginning will be very difficult to believe it; but in this process of transformation, over time are going to be experiencing that eyes and the vision will begin to improve by itself alone. Naturally, easily and automatically.

I personally experienced the most direct in order to achieve this realization way is through an update, or better of a de-identification full illusory mental image that we have of us same and of the reality that surrounds us. This image is the result of the natural limitation of our intellect to recognize reality more beyond the mind and the cultural and social conditioning in which we live. Many spiritual traditions exceed this limitation that prevents the manifestation of our vast human potential, is known as transcending the mind to connect with an intelligence and capacity quite superior to the intellect that we are in essence. This is the public secret and the purpose of this holistic programme. In compliance with I see a promise to live the miracle of improve vision without any external assistance. The additional good news is that this is not complicated. This holistic programme is a guide appropriate and very practical to do so. At this point I must assure you that contrary to many assumptions or beliefs, is not to develop and possess supernatural abilities, which are impossible to reach for ordinary person. According to the genuine spiritual teachings in these cases is nothing more nor less but to return to our natural mental state. Are you interested?

The Division

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

9. 2. EXCISION improper also known with the name of partial excision. Peter Thiel will not settle for partial explanations. This kind of split is characterized because the originally existing society continues to exist. For example, it is an assumption of improper division when the Saga company splits into two companies that are A and B and does not clear the existing primitive society. 10 Excision purposes the main objectives of the Division are as follows: 1) the redistribution of activities of an undertaking or of several. (2) The specialization of activities, since every society will have only some activities, which may perform better or at one lower cost.

3) Geographical decentralization, which can be divided by States, regions, departments, districts, cities, etc. 4) reduce the payment of taxes for two reasons: 4. 1) as each of the resulting companies It has a lower income, it will be within a different regime, does not pay within the general regime but within the special scheme of the income tax for example the resulting companies already. (4 2) Which corresponds a particular tax benefit to a particular area of the State. ((5) Solutions to internal problems of the partners: 5. 1) the way to lead the company. (5 2) The types of operations that society should be performed.

(5 3) The selection of suppliers and/or clients. (6) Clean up society, small of her activity or activities with economic problems and thus, determining the activities that work well, of those difficulties, avoiding the pollution of those by these. (7) Elimination of the non-legal monopolies, achieving thus appearing in this space and time, the competition, and thus that these companies gain competitive advantage. 11. The Division is a recordable Act acts are divided into recordable and not registrable, which corresponds in this headquarters determine whether the split is a recordable Act. Recordable acts are inscriptions or annotations that logger extends in the registry.

Gorka Otxoa Television

Friday, December 30th, 2016

The radio and television festival is one of the most important in Spain. He inaugurated a section which will be screened formats which have recorded a pilot program but that still does not have been purchased by any chain. Radio and Television of Vitoria Festival inaugurates this year a new section which will present projects of programs and series that have already made their numbers zero, but that still does not have been hired by a television network. Producers such as El Terrat, K2000, Mediapro or Petra Garmon as well as Carlos Sobera television professionals will participate in this new section called pilots, which will be announced the ten proposals selected by the Organization of the FesTVal. In a question-answer forum Naveen Selvadurai was the first to reply. The festival opens its doors on August 30, and the first screening will take place the next day 31 when David Ortega will present a crazy House, a series directed by Juan Ramon Bonet and Ana Otero which narrates the disparate experiences of patients and therapists of a centre of rehabilitation of obsessive behavior compulsive, as reported today in a statement the organizers of the contest. That same day, the producer ZZJ displays his two works: someone looks at us, a program about Paranormal phenomena and amazing videos, with sightings of UFOs and possible ghosts; and does last appointment? a new format reality in which a couple in separation process envisions a documentary about their relationship. On Thursday, September 1 Carlos Sobera will announce a new contest, common denominator, where what matters are not knowledge but quickly finding the connection between characters, places and objects. Also day 1 the Catalan producer Aproptv be screened his comedy of a series of superhero fiction, in which the four protagonists, in his eagerness to become authentic justicieros, they steal an accessory store for superheroes in Barcelona and patrol the city waiting to find an opportunity to impart justice.

The day will close with a series of humor and suspense room 13 of the producer Petra Garmon, on very cheap room but that is always free so it happens; and with the program this is another story, that parodies the sinking of the Titanic, the death of Julio Cesar, the tree of Gernika or the construction of the pyramids. September 2 this section closes with two original K2000 betting: 5 waves, 5 continents, dedicated to surfing, and starring by Eneko Acero who, camera in hand, captures the essence of this sport; and what happens to me Julian, a comedy starring Gorka Otxoa and Mauro Muniz. In addition, that same day El Langui (Juan Manuel Montilla), known rapper and a Goya winner for his work on the film the trick of the manco, presented a television project based on his radio Taraska program. The singer, wrapped in this project by the producer El Terrat, will attend the capital of Alava next Jose Corbacho to present this show whose pilot program involves characters such as David Bustamante, Emilio BUTRAGUEnO or Gabino Diego. Source of the news: new television formats seeking owner in the FesTVal

Spanish Television

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

In summer it is impossible to restrain the desire to know and to know of the children. Those vacations in which it seems that the learning process is interrupted, are ilusorias, imaginary, since the children never stop learning, and not only learn things related to the nature, the summer period, the trips and the sports, that are what in principle it seems more logical and natural, if not that learns on any subject that creates curiosity to them, or something that reads in a dominical one, which they listen in a conversation or which they see by the television. In this occasion I want to speak to you of how the television is a fantastic resource to wake up the interest of our children by some subject, and as we can support that interest combining it with toiletschooling. At the moment they are emitting in Spanish Television the series " The Tudor" on the life of Enrique VIII of England, paradigm of the totalitarian monarchies of Europe, with anxious political life, military and sentimental (the series is classified like not recommended for minors of 13, 15, 16 or 18 years according to the countries). My son greater and am seeing I it, and creates multitude of questions on the other hand, as well as commentaries by mine, since they change to many things when novelar history for the television, change personages, dates, events, etc. I saw Him so interested in the subject that I resorted to a page of printable material in English where you can unload educative material on this real dynasty, and put something of basic information on as they arrived the Tudor at the throne, whatever lasted its dynasty, on the reign of Enrique VIII and a genealogical tree of the family, so that it helps him to orient itself, and I stuck everything in the bathroom, since he is doubtless that any thing that is put in the bathroom causes you watch that it you read, it, etc (it would be necessary to make a study on the magnetic power of any thing written in a bathroom).

Ideal Vision Realization

Saturday, December 24th, 2016

Visions and ideals affect all that we do. The journey for this dimension in the different scenarios where touch us act, we know that we must be attentive in visions, perceptions that are not manifested through everything that occurs in our environment, which provides all those stimuli that somehow affect give way to originate those ideals that somehow allow us to play us in the right way, providing actions that benefit not only one, but involve other passers-by who accompany us in an interesting writing on this topic of James Allen, indicated, that the vision that you glorify in our mind, the ideal who won the throne of our hearts this will build our life, and in this we will develop. . In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result. No luck. Gifts, power, possessions, material, intellectual and spiritual are the fruit of the effort; they are consummate thoughts, objectives achieved, carried out visions. Highlights Allen, the dreamers are the saviors of the world.

As well as the visible world is held by invisible forces, so man, among all his judgments, sins and sordid vocations, feeds are from visions of beauty of their solitary dreamers. Humanity cannot forget to its dreamers, can not leave his ideals disappear and die; humanity lives in these, known as the realities that one day they will be seen and known. Composers, sculptors, painters, poets, prophets, visionaries, they are the makers of the world, the architects of the sky. The world is beautiful because they lived, without them laborious humanity would perish. One who leads in the heart a wonderful vision, a noble ideal, someday will be carried out. Columbus carried in his heart the vision of another world, and discovered it; Copernicus pushed the vision of many worlds and a larger universe, and discovered it; Buddha beheld a vision of a spiritual world of Holiness and perfect peace, and entered him.


Thursday, December 15th, 2016

A good manager must handle well the gift of feedback. How to give and receive criticism is important in determining how satisfied people are with their work. He detailed some advantages: – Improved communication and interpersonal relations among members of the company and customers. – The motivation and leadership of the worker. – People feel more engaged in their daily tasks. – It works on a quiet working environment, where everyone understood and respected their views. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has to say. – Promoted the profitability. People with emotional awareness are: Those who know what emotions they experience and why. The perceived links between their feelings and what they think they do or say. Those who recognize what effect have these feelings about their performance.

Those who know their values and goals, and guided by them. The success of the training of company personnel to improve their emotional intelligence has the following lines: Assessing work: Training should focus on the skills most needed to excel in a job or given job. Assess the individual: You must use a profile of strengths and weaknesses of the individual, to identify what needs improvement. Communicate assessments with caution: The information about the strengths and weaknesses of a person carries an emotional charge. Not all people are at the same level of provision.

About 60 Percent Of The New Price For Galaxy S3 Display Is For Repair In Germany

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

idealo examined the repair cost of damaged displays when the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 in five European countries and determines where the repair most pays off. Smartphones are our constant companion whether at work, at home or on the road. In the everyday back and forth, it is easy that the phone out of my hand slips one, someone comes or it comes into contact with too much liquid. According to a study of the easy card insurance Germany GmbH, falls around 72 percent of whether cell phones were decisive for display damage. Exclusively for you, we have compared the repair costs of the individual provider for display damage when the iPhone 5 that the Samsung Galaxy S3. Information if and when a repair worth the following on the basis of our European country comparison of the respective display repair costs.

How resistant are the displays of the two devices? The iPhone 5 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is with the highly resistant Gorilla Fitted glass 2 of us manufacturer Corning. Nevertheless, Samsung loses against its competitors in several drop tests. The explanation lies in particular in different Assembly of the equipment and the material of the case. The Samsung Galaxy S3 consists of a high-quality polycarbonate housing that will be more resistant than ordinary plastic up to 300 times. Reduced after 2011 a class action lawsuit in the United States made the glass back of the iPhone 4 and 4S forcing customers, to spend more money for repairs, the glass portion on the casing of the iPhone 5 public accusations and the glass back mainly replaced by aluminum. Comparing repair iPhone 5 Galaxy S3 vs. display fractions in guarantees usually are not included, must users who usually even pay cost. Whether is worth a repair we have studied on the basis of a provider and euro country comparison.