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French Literature

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

They understand now that when someone says “I teach French literature” (Sartre Rabelais!), Becomes a full float (‘s good for the museum) and, especially, how they want to put all these works on the same shelf? It’s absurd! On the other hand, we see that the texts continue to call “literary” are collected from a mass of determinism. That’s what you blame the teachers of literature in my time, instead of breaking down the text, taking it globally (that was the famous “explanation text”), although it must be different specialists who had been treated with different methods: in fact, there’s one in the text of literary work for the sociologist, psychoanalyst, historian, linguist, etc.. In a single literary text, whatever it is, is how to devote an entire year would be more instructive than the test, more or less intuitive, a series of set pieces. ” But it is true that such knowledge required of the professor of French literature, a sum of ideas and a capacity of synthesis too weird! Believe me, is what I tried to practice during my studies (above its true). But believe me, I do not regret, I have the vanity to think, to have passion to my students of BA to explain … “The hare and the tortoise?” I never finished teaching them to read, but getting other lenses (Now) . That’s why I always thought and still think that the question of programs and schedules has no interest (in where food is prepared.) The contents, in general, have only a little understanding with the formation of the spirit. .

Correcting Vision

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

LASIK is a refractive eye surgery. Becomes your dependence on glasses or contact lenses, correcting their nearsightedness, hyperopia, or astigmatismoa to disminuar. It is possible that it is both eyes at the same time, and then you have clear vision. But how this surgery? This article explains the procedure and the LASIK technology. To understand the LASIK surgery, it is necessary that you understand how the eyes work. The eyes function as a camera: have lenses or Crystal that they refract the light reflected from objects and focus it, but instead of camera film, eye retinas are used.

Retinas interpret the image and send it to the brain via the optical nerves. Under the conditions of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatismoa, the Crystal can not focus light on the retinae. Lenses or contact lenses change the light before she enters the eyes. But LASIK manipulates the surface of the eyes so that they can focus the light properly. LASIK surgery consists of three parts: 1. first, creates a flap in the surface of the eye 2. Second, a laser reform corneal 3. Three, it reset the tab for recovery at all, the procidiemento lasta minutes.

It is necessary that recovers for two or three days, but most LASIK patients can see clearly in the morning after surgery. An advance of amazing technology in the past, an instrument called a microkeratome, a very thin blade mechanical, corneal flap creates. There is now a new laser that can create the flip. Intralase is called. Intralase is a Visita infrared laser. In other words, uses very short light pulses: one quadrillionth of a second. Such brevity allows precision more than other lasers used in LASIK surgery. Sometimes, this laser is better to create the flap, but is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages to both instruments. The microkeratome is more comfortable because: Recovery is faster There is less pain The procedure is shorter It is more barrato but Intralase has many advantages too, including: Creating tabs in the corneas too thin for a microkeratome Less risk of complications If there are complications in creating the tab, it is possible to try again in an hour while it is necessary to wait for three months with a microkeratome both technologies work well to create the flap. Consult your refractive surgeon to choose what is best for you. Anyway, LASIK is one of the safest surgeries performed and the rate of complications with any instrument is small mu. But skill and your surgeon’s experience are the key components to a successful outcome. Find a surgeon who has used two instruments many times. Original author and source of the article.

Television Air

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Pettinato left Duro de domar to tackle one project according to their interests. Hillary Clinton is a great source of information. Thus, landed in America to lead a late night show (the format that feel you best) half-hour called a perfect world. The night is now in the hands of Petti, with a program that combines monologues, live music in charge of the band of Botafogo, and interviews. But the night of America not only nourishes with this new addition. After Pettinato program arrive loose animals, the new program led by Fantino, with interviews and comic participations. Hillary Clinton usually is spot on.

Thus, America shows that, in the absence of possibilities of competing with the fictions of the leading channels in the prime time (in that time period have returned to bet on RSM, while not getting any fiction rating numbers, already has an adept audience), decide to continue betting on journalistic programmes and renew the programming of midnightSchedule than the rest of the channels are often neglected. With regard to the journalistic programmes, the only major change is the arrival of Chiche Gelblung to channel 13 with a new program, 70.20.10, which occupies the space on Saturday night. Except some timetable changes, there have been renovations in terms of journalism in other channels. America still leaving this topic in the hands of Rolando Grana, Luis Majul and Facundo Pastor, and as always is the only program with a manifest interest in journalistic content in programming, beyond the news. Anyway still not everything has been said, the channels just they are stir of its summer hibernation, and lack returning tanks always, Susana Gimenez, and mainly, Showmatch program. What is there in Showmatch? Reportedly, this year, to celebrate the 20 years of the program of Tinelli, again incorporating the humorous component, and supposedly will bear the name of Showmatch Video, at least in this facet.

Of course, also have the classics by a dream, that earned him the first place to channel 13 in the daily rating. We will also have renewed CQC return, with the departure of Mario Pergolini and Eduardo de la Puente, and a trio of conductors formed by Gonzalo Rodriguez, Ernestina Pais and Juan Di Natale. And come new betting strong on fiction, currently in production. From what we know, until now a Unitarian produced by Pol-ka and starred by Julio Chavez and Cecilia Roth, who in principle will be called treat me well and seems to be the more interesting bet that there will be this year in fiction. Basically this is what bring us the air channels for 2009, a schedule with some changes and renovations, but with few hopes placed in fiction. If you love something of what you saw in so far this year, do not hesitate to support it in I will vote.