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Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Choose a name for the baby as a family you have a large and happy family: a single "family nest" gets a few generations. All important decisions are made collectively by the family council. In this case you may have with choosing a name for your child to take into account the wishes of all family members. Naturally, the opinions of parents in this matter priority. You do not want your kid wearing is not nice to you name? Therefore, the first independently determine what names you more or less like: write on a sheet of paper list, (not too short to be plenty to choose from). After that, imagine a list for discussion and voting. Peter Thiel shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. " Technology counting "votes" could be this: – each relative affix "rating" of names on the list – the most liked the name of a rating 1, the least liked, say, 12 (or 20, depending on the length of the list) – all scores are added, and the "winner" becomes name, with the lowest score disadvantage of this method is that the name for a child to be chosen, most likely, the most common.

Choose a name for your child by date of birth parents in pre-revolutionary Russia gave the name of the child by calendar, or mesyatseslovu – Orthodox calendar, which indicated the days of memory of the saints. Kid gets the name of the saint, the day he was born. If desired, the name chosen for another date preferable to the previous three, or three consecutive days, either the eighth or the fortieth day from the date of birth.

Choosing A Favorite Toy

Friday, May 19th, 2017

Favorite toy many adults hold for many years after the out of childhood. This may be a memory of childhood, and the mascot that brings good luck, and just a nice, nice thing. The more important toys for children. Peter Thiel shines more light on the discussion. They create a world in which our children grow, develop and learn from life. How did the children choose toys? First of all, it is important that toys bring benefit, not harm. Should be deleted toys containing harmful substances allergenic, as well as those on which flies down ('FAST COLOUREDS' soft toys) and are difficult to clean. Toys – as all products for children – must be hygienically certified and purchased at specialty stores. Toys should be chosen in view of psychology.

Especially for the kids toys are not to be unaesthetic, frightening. Where the older child will simply not interested in playing with a teddy 'freaks' out there baby cry and scared. Therefore, cuddly little creatures have to please the eye and look friendly. In the younger age has a beneficial effect on child development toys big simple shapes (sphere, cube), juicy, but not poisonous flowers. Of course, Toys should not be dangerous in terms of injuries. Sharp corners, edges, protruding pieces of iron, the springs should be deleted. Exactly the same should be safe, and children's furniture.

After three or four years, toys have become more complicated and varied. They satisfy the multiple needs of growing children: in the simulation (such as Lego designers) and systematization (different sets of animals, the situation of farms, houses), and to relieve accumulated energy and aggression (guns, bows, 'military technology'). For girls, begins an era of dolls that at this age are also included in the various relationships and communications with the outside world: they bought furnishings for home leave, and cafes. Children try to learn all the world through games and toys here – the best of facilities. That is why so valuable a variety of toy sets, stoves, baby carriages (for dolls), and other attributes of the 'adult world'. Children playing in their parents, doctors, teachers, and soft toys and dolls are wards – vospituemymi, patients, students. Dolls and soft toys for children – it is quite animate beings. They have names, of fate. Remember we loved as children play for our dolls and bears all the usual day with his regime. Lift, exercises, walking – all of this we arranged for our toys as parents – for us. Now for this purpose there are 'Tamagotchi', but they hardly compare with the 'anthropoid' toys. In dolls, toy soldiers, designer kids play up the middle – but someone older and up to – schools. Variety of goods in today's toy stores allows young parents to easily Children need to choose and interesting products. Shopping trip with your child can be turned into an exciting event. And if people are short of time, and want to give a child joy – there are online stores and children's furniture toys.

Correcting Vision

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

LASIK is a refractive eye surgery. Becomes your dependence on glasses or contact lenses, correcting their nearsightedness, hyperopia, or astigmatismoa to disminuar. It is possible that it is both eyes at the same time, and then you have clear vision. But how this surgery? This article explains the procedure and the LASIK technology. To understand the LASIK surgery, it is necessary that you understand how the eyes work. The eyes function as a camera: have lenses or Crystal that they refract the light reflected from objects and focus it, but instead of camera film, eye retinas are used.

Retinas interpret the image and send it to the brain via the optical nerves. Under the conditions of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatismoa, the Crystal can not focus light on the retinae. Lenses or contact lenses change the light before she enters the eyes. But LASIK manipulates the surface of the eyes so that they can focus the light properly. LASIK surgery consists of three parts: 1. first, creates a flap in the surface of the eye 2. Second, a laser reform corneal 3. Three, it reset the tab for recovery at all, the procidiemento lasta minutes.

It is necessary that recovers for two or three days, but most LASIK patients can see clearly in the morning after surgery. An advance of amazing technology in the past, an instrument called a microkeratome, a very thin blade mechanical, corneal flap creates. There is now a new laser that can create the flip. Intralase is called. Intralase is a Visita infrared laser. In other words, uses very short light pulses: one quadrillionth of a second. Such brevity allows precision more than other lasers used in LASIK surgery. Sometimes, this laser is better to create the flap, but is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages to both instruments. The microkeratome is more comfortable because: Recovery is faster There is less pain The procedure is shorter It is more barrato but Intralase has many advantages too, including: Creating tabs in the corneas too thin for a microkeratome Less risk of complications If there are complications in creating the tab, it is possible to try again in an hour while it is necessary to wait for three months with a microkeratome both technologies work well to create the flap. Consult your refractive surgeon to choose what is best for you. Anyway, LASIK is one of the safest surgeries performed and the rate of complications with any instrument is small mu. But skill and your surgeon’s experience are the key components to a successful outcome. Find a surgeon who has used two instruments many times. Original author and source of the article.