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Supervisory Control

Monday, June 30th, 2014

The data collected in field are transferred and are available in a place centered. In this way they can be indicated, be registered, totalized, analyzed and alarmed. Beyond these characteristics she is necessary, also, that the operator of the system can to act in the process binding and disconnect motor and bombs, opening and closing motorized valves. Into this stage the digital signals of the system of acquisition of data are converted into analogical and applied signals some type of actuator of the process. So that everything this is carried through is necessary digital equipment that takes care of to these definitive tasks.

Such equipment associates the applicatory programs is called Supervisory Control and Acquisition of Dados (SCADA). The hardware (Equipment) the system of acquisition of data and supervisory control uses the computer as operation platform. By means of configurations in the screens it is possible that the different operator has vision of the process. Vision this that can be of an isolated mesh or the complete process (overview). The screen of the computer has for objective to substitute the conventional panels with botoeiras, visual pointers, annunciator of alarms. The keys bind and disconnect are substituted by keyboard keys or represented logical keys by means of graphical images in screens, and function as real keys. The display instruments also can be substituted by indications in the screen. The operator has the possibility to visualize the mesurada 0 variable to the side of the image of the associated equipment.

For example, the value of the outflow for one determined tubing can have its associated instantaneous value to the tubing. By means of configurations the virtual instruments can be looked like the conventional instruments (analogical, graphical graduation of bars). The pointers of alarms are substituted by alarms listed in the computer, being able still to exist the possibility of sonorous signal. Each category of alarm can assume different colors.

Communication Issues

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Therefore, the lack of communication in the office with malachite on the table will not be exact. Malachite is very beautiful, varied in pattern and intensity. It – a guarantee of uniqueness and originality of your gift. Choosing a gift of natural stone beloved woman, you know that choosing a gift to yourself. Speaking candidly Naveen Selvadurai told us the story. A unique opportunity to provide you with the magical properties of stones. Guided by the properties one or another mineral, you can make a nice gift, showing the woman that your relationship is as strong and durable as decoration. Educate yourself with thoughts from Naveen Selvadurai. And now using the power of the mineral to enhance those qualities in the beloved, that you would wanted to see it most:) Choosing decorations should not pick them up under the color of the clothes: the clothes are not as durable as stone. Variety of color palettes and originality of stone can decorate them with a sophisticated and casual attire.

Most often, jewelry made of natural stone as a gift women choose for themselves. In this situation, I want to give one piece of practical advice. Pick up your selected decoration and close their ears. Yes, yes, your ears! In this case, you save yourself from the seller compliments, comments about your eyes (that "they are perfectly match the color of this ornament"). There must be guided by one thing: your or not.

Stone should respond, "Talk" with you on your mysterious language. If this happens, then every time you want to put it on, it will respond (prislushaytes!) and becomes a guardian for that day. But if the contact has not happened, but today Your mate must be another gem. Look for it among his decorations. To save power stone, jewelry store each in a separate box. Then, your stones will not "interfere", but you build up strength in the assistance. Life of the mineral immensely long our lives. For many centuries, our ancestors cherished and revered by his power.

Tips For Writing A Feature-length Screenplay

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

“The Pitch” is a film written by Rafael Ruiz Jorge Florez and Pleguezuelos. For the construction of history I have followed the following process. Clinton Family has compatible beliefs. “Have you think? “As for the script my best experience is to begin making a” synopsis war “between the two. To put a deadline (next Friday, for example) to offer possible mail a synopsis of the history we have in mind. We choose then you really get to like them both and do a new term for treatment. The treatment at a rundown with all the scenes, and after that it really fun (that’s what I think, at least) is to talk and write really, dividing both scenes (including complete acts for each other, if we have more continuity in the work of each).

after all and we would assemble the final review the file from one to another until we were happy . I think it’s the most natural way to work in a shared script, because otherwise go shooting in the dark and after costs reach a whole lot of sense. You tell me what you think, what is your idea about it. 70% of the story has to happen in Asturias. It is the only condition. And we have a week to reshuffle ideas. Do you think? “This was the approach that Rafa and I decided to write together the task. To say that I live in Malaga and Barcelona and was an effective metdo of work. The truth is that I’m quite proud of the results and although the script not 100% in less than three months since we closed the first and second act and we are currently qualifying the final. I hope this article can help someone who wants to write but do not know how to make a partnership without having a prior history.

Housing Policy

Monday, June 16th, 2014

The draft law on emergency housing policy contemplates a series of measures which will tend to resolve in the medium and long term, the housing shortage that affects the vast majority of the Venezuelan population. Within the measures provided for include the following: occupation of urban land than for the construction of housing units on land suitable for the development of a housing policy that is for the benefit of the users of the system. The development and planning of self-construction, expansion and improvements to housing in combination with the communities. Regulation of the production of construction inputs as well as the regulation of the prices of the material raw material for the development of social interest housing. Stimulate small and medium-sized enterprises to allocate its resources to the mass production of housing units. Seek financing mechanisms in terms of accessibility to the most needy families. Policy for the award of free shaped housing for families who do not qualify for the credits of housing policy. This instrument seeks the involvement of non-productive urban or estate land or that they are being underutilized destined to the development of a massive housing policy.

The affected goods are as follows: buildings and land owned by the Republic, municipal land and Ejidos, estate private idle and land uncultivated. A series of fiscal stimulus establishes the draft law of VAT and tax on income for productive entities. The Presidency of the Republic will be commissioned to direct the rectory of this Act, creating the National Institute of urban land and housing. The law contemplates the possibility of total or partial subsidy for people in need of housing, which must claim the benefit taking into account the following requirements: identity card, RIF, affidavit of not having housing, hire purchase option sale, among others. Similarly, the project Bill envisaged a series of modifications to the contribution of the housing policy system to thus increase the amount of mortgage loans, thus adjusting appropriations to a changing reality that has been affecting users of the system who could not buy property with the amounts that are granted for the acquisition of main house so far due to inflation. This is how it is established that the amount of funding may be between one hundred and six hundred minimum wages. This way to settle for minimum wages, the amount of mortgage loans will be adjusted to the extent that change the value of the minimum wage. However the benefits of this law, it is necessary that all the productive sectors of society join so that the housing problem is resolved, taking into account the sectors of construction, the producers of inputs and raw materials, financial institutions and government bodies to bring about concerted action in the field of housing policy for so give a solution in the medium and long term and that the population sees satisfied the need for decent housing.

Director Club

Friday, June 6th, 2014

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