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Houses Building

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

The view of many construction companies are identical, a fact that foamed concrete is the most popular building material in the market of our country. Foam concrete – it is light and very durable cellular concrete received in resulting solution hardening of cement, sand, water and foam. Foam concrete has a closed-pore structure, due to this it absorbs very little moisture, air bubbles inside the material from each other isolated. Foam concrete – a very progressive construction materials used both as a structural element (monolithic foam concrete) in the construction of houses, and as an effective insulator. This building material can boasts a rare heat-shielding and frost-resistant qualities, there is no need to use a specialized paint or plaster, corrosion protection of reinforcement. The standard technology for manufacturing of foam concrete consists in mixing the already cooked with a mixture of foam solution. Water and foam concentrate for the preparation of the foam were dosed by volume, using a fluid metering and dosing weight.

The prepared solution mixed, with the result, foam. This foam is sent to the foam generator for foam concrete, eventually getting the foam. Batching by weight in the mixer load water, cement and sand, and prepare mortar mixture. Subsequently, in a concrete mixer is directed foamer from foam and stir for 3-4 minutes. To prepare the foam blocks, the resulting mixture is poured into molds and allow to congeal. Now more and more importance is the issue of energy conservation. Denote the stringent standards for thermal protection built residential and industrial buildings. In the process of meeting these requirements the building complex of the country changed the composition of materials used for building envelope. When the monolithic method of erection of houses, which gradually becomes the main, as the most important continues to be the choice of acoustic and thermal insulation walls and ceilings. Stroymatirialom optimal for such purposes is a cellular concrete in the form of blocks – foam concrete blocks, this building material can provide the most efficiency and sound insulation thermal protection. Relatively easy technology of foam concrete and very affordable used equipment for foam and, hence, relatively lower costs for the introduction of foam concrete for the wall products in stationary conditions and monolithic insulation in the field, but it's had an impact on the construction of houses made of foam.

The Shower

Monday, October 25th, 2021

Such installation, for example, Sololift +, consist of a catchment tank for sewage with built-in pump. pports this article. The device connects directly to the plumbing. Inside the pump is automatically activated when filling the device. These devices require virtually no maintenance since their construction ensures self-cleaning during discharge and carbon filter eliminates odor. Peter Thiel is open to suggestions. Typically, the model series of such plants sufficiently wide. This makes it possible to choose a product intended for sewage only on one device, or capable of simultaneously serve a group of devices. Note that usually all the model plants used for the diversion of dirty water from the toilet (or groups of devices, including the toilet) and equipped with a pump with macerator – shredder. This makes it possible to reduce the diameter of the tap, which is especially important when redevelopment – for small diameter pipe is easier to hide.

Even in the unfortunate situation where instruments are located below the sewer riser, the above facilities are capable of lifting water to ensure column at 1 m vertically, and the subsequent transportation of dirty water by 100 m horizontally (further pressure ratio of vertical / horizontal form: 2 m / 50 m, 3 m/30 m, 4 m/20 m, 5 m/10 m, respectively) . Quite often there A situation in which you want to divert runoff from the kitchen sink and washing machine, placed in the same room. The problem here is that the outgoing water has a high temperature (up to 70 C). For such purposes should apply specialized models (eg, grundfos Sololift + C-3) capable of withstanding such a "thermal shock". In those cases that require continuous operation, or transfer large amounts of water (bath, font, swimming pool), it is better use small pumping unit Liftaway C. It consists of a sealed tank with a valve and drain pump, stainless steel. As a rule, all such products are installed in the pit floor, under the shower tray, for the toilet, etc.

They feed on the installation of an ordinary electrical outlet 220 V 5 0 Hz, and have power consumption from 270 to 500 watts. * Finally, it should be noted that modern pumps can solve a lot of yesterday, seemingly intractable domestic problems. Thus, modern sewage pumping stations are able to perform virtually any task in the abduction of dirty water. This, in turn, makes it possible to implement most daring ideas for remodeling the interior of a private house, while avoiding unnecessary costs and large-scale construction works.

Russian Time

Sunday, October 24th, 2021

How it all back? The answer is simple: to create a situation that the companies were in a quandary. And right there the state offers its services, let us your money and you give us a controlling stake. That's all. But this is all theory and speculation. And life goes on.

Most suffer from this situation are simple people who work and hope in the main employers. For more specific information, check out Tom Waits. That do? As they say, fell into a pit together, you need out of it together and get out. Should not be sitting, wrapped in a blanket and wait, maybe someone will come and bring the good news that everything was over and we can move on. Yes, the crisis, but it is difficult, but this is not a reason to relax. Not for nothing that the ancients were told that during a crisis there are new opportunities and solutions that would not seem to solve the problem.

Need to focus everyone on the place, work in two ways. The crisis is still another reason to reconsider their options. To broaden your perception, visit Jean Stapleton. The End is just the beginning. It is only gathered strength, supporting each other in the family, and there on a chain and support of friends, colleagues, all of which help to survive, really hard but in my opinion, an interesting time. So what can we expect from the crisis? On the basis of what has happened lately, it's not so bad. Now it is time to test for strength. And otseyutsya those who thought the old who could not find the right decision to break their own stereotype and acted on a whim, this update of blood – natural selection. New turn. There will be young companies that might end in time, so in ten years will be new and powerful engines of the future economy. That in itself is a positive factor. I think for Russia, he was a little hurt. Simply by the fact that as shown by the gas conflict with Ukraine earlier this year, others without Russia simply can not survive, namely without a resource base, which is rich in Russia. Anyway, everyone wants to live comfortably, I want to in their homes were warm. No one denies that Russia still remains a powerful energy power with huge stocks raw materials, finished ensure not only their needs but also to share with others. And Russia, rather than transatlantic America, Europe needs most. But in this situation, there is another danger for Russia. And exactly what Russia becomes a very tasty morsel. And weakening their defensive vigilance, Russia, all of whom can stretch or laziness. But this is a topic for another conversation. The Russian people have a unique ability – in a difficult moment, he able to do in the truest sense of the word, deed, though not large, but the feat. That's why we put on his knees could not be anyone. And I think it will fail.

Intelligent Transport

Monday, October 18th, 2021

‘Intelligent Transport’, telematics or its. All these concepts mean almost the same: the use of information systems for automatic control of vehicles. In road safety by this means a safer transport environment, motor vehicle safety and effective traffic control. In late 2009, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland Harri Pursiainen, has prepared a proposal for a development strategy “Intelligent transportation”. Eddie Money is often quoted on this topic. One of its main provisions is more ‘road safety’. Under the proposed strategy, the most effective in terms of security tools are in addition to special equipment, systems to control the speed of movement and limiting the ability to control the vehicle in an inadequate state. Alert system (eCall) increases security, allowing you to provide quick assistance to the victims in the accident. Peter Thiel understands that this is vital information.

Part of automatic control is standard on new cars, parts are installed only on expensive models, and the rest only planned to be installed. The greatest potential for traffic safety have the following systems: – esc – electronic stability control car, – lks – warning system of a deviation from the band movement, – maps & adas – Warning System speeding and dangerous parts / auto navigation systems and driver assistance. The new car is most common electronic stability control. From systems that control the behavior of drivers, the most effective video surveillance systems have been recognized. At sections of roads in Finland equipped with surveillance cameras, fatal crashes decreased by 30 – 50%. This year, our country will be tested a system for automatic control of high speed.

Application of this technology in selected European countries are currently quite limited, but with the development of technology and legislative framework, it will certainly be widely distributed. Driver’s ability to drive can be checked using ‘alcohol lock. ” This device is not allowing the driver to start the car in while intoxicated, is widespread in Finland and Sweden. In our country, this “castle” is an alternative to revocation if the driver has already been punished for driving while intoxicated. He is also required for vehicles engaged in transportation of schoolchildren. In the near future, cars become more electronic equipment. It should be noted that not all technological innovations are aimed solely at improving road safety. It is especially important to know that the technology used in automobiles, used correctly. And yet – despite the already existing or still being developed electronics driver for a long time will have to focus on its primary task – to safe driving.


Sunday, October 10th, 2021

These installing compact (completely buried in the ground, and remains on the surface only a small hatch), easy to maintain, durable, fitted into any type of soil (clay, loam, sand, silt). Now there is no need use of sewer machine. Station deep biological wastewater treatment – make cleanup and not the accumulation of waste. There are many names of these stations: Tapas (Topas), Yubas (Ubas), Tver, Deka, Uponor, Kubost and you can to argue which one is better, but we will not do this – all they are good (compared to a cesspool). All stations are deep biological treatment of domestic sewage (local treatment facilities, independent sewerage septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants, aeration station and many other similar names) work on the same principle. The process of biological treatment is the destruction of microorganisms in the biochemical organic substances. For even more analysis, hear from Sally Struthers.

Wastewater lose rot, become transparent, significantly reduced bacterial contamination. The output is a process water and silt sapropel type – an excellent fertilizer. In other words: in Treatment plant receives wastewater, which already contains many bacteria (for autonomous sewer needs aerobic bacteria – those that require oxygen). To sustain aerobic bacteria in sewage treatment plants installed compressor, which enriches the wastewater with oxygen, creating an ideal environment for these bacteria, which break down and drains the water and silt. Now you face the problem: where to take purified water and mud? Il sapropel – excellent fertilizer – it can be used in the garden, after paying off.

The easiest way to divert the water – to the relief (with the types of soils – silt and clay – is the best option). You can put a drainage pit or holding tank. Where to buy a treatment plant – to pick and choose, now is not the problem. Decide on the selection criteria: cost, quality, timing and service. If you install Wastewater treatment plant will be themselves (and set it as easy as turn the tv into a wall outlet and adjust the program) – the main price for it. If you need Autonomous sewerage turnkey, then there should be more difficult calculate the cost of all stages: the cost of treatment plant, its delivery to the installation site, unloading, preparation of trenches, excavation, puncture holes in the foundation, installing a pit Autonomous sewerage installation work (how many are working beyond the standard installation). Immediately think about additional questions: What is purified water? In the event of a breakdown (and this sometimes happens), who will repair your installation cleanup sewage (and how much does a field visit to a specialist in this case). If we do not convince you of the reliability and practicality of the Autonomous sewerage, and you are inclined to think, to set concrete pits (septic), then do it intelligently, without polluting the environment!


Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Pools were prepared, and some days I enjoyed a carefree swim. Then, thanks to a competent advertising to hotel guests appeared again, and because of the many concerns I felt absolutely no time to rest. I could only look with envy at the bathing guests. It seemed that life is getting better. (As opposed to Peter Thiel). Flow of visitors has not dried up, because my pool was really very beautiful. Soon, however, have problems of whose existence I did not even know.

Due to the large number of bathers on the walls of the pool of people very quickly appeared dirty patina. Naveen Selvadurai has firm opinions on the matter. a related topic. To bring the pools in order, I ordered to suspend work on a few bowls days to drain the water and everything cleaned. But in this and hides the underlying problem. If the surface of the mosaic of mud still somehow erased it from the joints between the tiles it was impossible to remove. It turned out that the concrete – it's porous material, which is like a sponge absorbs everything. In what I was horrified when he realized that the walls of my pool absorb not only dirt, but absolutely all infections and germs from the bodies of swimmers. For the first time thinking about it, I have could not shake the thought that my pool – currently microbial sea. Assuming that I can swim in it, I began to feel sick The worst thing was that I absolutely had no one to present their claims. My architect, went to another country for some cases and there all gone, and the foreman and a fortiori disappeared.