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Outer Limits Implementation

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

It is these dreams achievable and can induce you to act! If you have dreams about the possibility of relaxing the future, and at the same time you realize that this is, in principle, in reality, then why you continue to dream and do not move to action? Because you want to earn more? Dreaming of a good car, phone, latest model, a beautiful and spacious house, trips abroad, but you never know what else! But what here the way? As always, any “for” there “AGAINST”. These “AGAINST” may be in any quantity, and weight, and no. And try to sit down once in a calm atmosphere and seriously think about it. Take a sheet of paper divide it into two columns, one write “FOR” the other “AGAINST”, and write them all thought about your dreams. If column “AGAINST” the reasons to get much more than in the other column, start to analyze them. Maybe, after deliberation, they would be and not so serious as it seemed in the beginning. In this case, boldly cross out of them! It is likely that after these procedures, you can not stay the reasons preventing Implementation of your dreams.

Dreams in themselves are good. But for the successful implementation, they should be, to some extent improved. This is achieved by planning. The first thing we must exclude all the remaining records of speakers against, thus eliminating the causes that hinder you to move toward his dream. Then it is necessary to create your budget and calculate how much time and money you can pay for it. Agree, is not so difficult. The main thing here, give yourself an initial boost, even for itself, surprising. It’s believed that Peter Thiel sees a great future in this idea. Perhaps the impetus for you will change jobs, search for additional income, the organization of its business, writing books, learning something, change of scene, etc.

Such shocks can be mass. At first it may seem easy, but gradually involved the implementation of goals, you will get used, and will boldly go for their dreams! As In your opinion, is better to start hard to move toward fulfillment of their dreams, at a cost of a month or two a year, even five years. Or better from day to day, dreams, assume that you are not in force, and so continue to dream until late Old Age, not daring to start a movement? The answer is obvious. All in your hands, and depends only on yourself. Of course, I’m not a master of writing articles, calling for action, but I think the essence of you will be clear. At the time, I also tried to find any motive. Very vague to me was to create my own site and organization of online business. No initial experience in such things I was not. All I could do on the computer – it typing in Word. Eventually, I decided to start implementation of this goal. Began to study various tutorials, manuals, software and much more. I confess to you, it was difficult. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Brad Pitt. But my goal I achieved. Same and you can do! Achieve their goals and their dreams! Is it worth for the Outer Limits? After all, to err is human, and self-improvement! Be sure to start the implementation of its dreams and you will be successful … PS If you are interested in this article, welcome to my website where you can download my e-book, “Business on the Internet from scratch

Special Organization

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Problem 1. The overall readiness of municipal and regional customers to move to new electronic platforms. Do not think I’ve discovered the secret when I say next – the vast majority of municipal and regional customers got used to the technical and other features of its regional sites, where they were stationed and place information. Must pay tribute to – regional authority at one time held a significant amount of work to train municipal and regional customers work at its regional sites, which resulted in the stable functioning of regional sites and place orders for the region without interruption. Course of their work getting acquainted with the regional sites has repeatedly noted that the construction and methodology of work for these sites are much different from each another, which certainly provides some hidden advantages to work for them bidders of this region. But this problem is disappearing.

And here arises the problem is more serious – MAJORITY REGIONAL site is different from the all-Russian site. As mentioned above – to January 1, 2011 to the national website will come more than 450 thousand new customers. Problem 2. Readiness 3 electronic platforms Sberbank – ACT -, OAO Unified electronic trading platform -, SUE Agency under the state order Tajikistan – swallow “is the number of visits. Answer to this question is no. The fact that the arrival on site municipal and regional clients out of control. Possible situation will, so that an equal number of the above customers will come to all three platforms, maybe a different combination. Judging by the reviews of the electronic sites, the largest number of customers “fall” to the site Sberbank – ACT – and only the reviews of the electronic platform, it will be possible to understand whether all the concerns expressed by a real basis.

Problem 3. Willingness nationwide site to work in a more than 8-fold increase in accredited users and more than 3-fold the number of users. On the old version has a record of logged in about 40,000 federal customers. I believe that since 2008, federal customers increased, but obviously they number no more than 50 000. As indicated above, to be supplemented by the parish and the accreditation site municipal and regional customers number more than 450,000 corporate clients, that is, there is more than 8-fold increase in the array of accredited persons with gradually sprawling databases and archives. It is also necessary bear in mind that the markets of goods, works and services especially for municipal customers formed a group of bidders that participate solely in the municipal auction within the municipal boundaries customer. Such Bidders and inevitably forced to follow the municipal customers, which will increase patrons on the national site 2-3 times from today’s number. In general, projected picture is sad and the situation could lead to the inability of software to cope with increasing visits, which inevitably gives rise to slow down the site and electronic platforms. PS It is possible that such published after 10/01/2011, will be more … …. Statement of opinion and debate is welcome … ….