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European Union

Monday, September 12th, 2022

Welcome to the blog of entrepreneurs. Starts an eminently practical blog for entrepreneurs. Learn more at: Rebecca Parents. I make an introduction to the topics will be addressed in which you hope to be a long and fruitful first stage addressed to the world of entrepreneurs. Two will be the topics that I’ll be developing. Very special topics for those who feel, or want to be, or are entrepreneurs. I’ll go combining posts in the blog with video. The first of these major issues cover from conception of the idea, its development, its implementation and its subsequent management and survival in the global world that surrounds us. I will try to be always more practical as possible, leaving long, boring and rhetorical theories which many already know or which can be known through books, courses and internet.

We go into social networks, marketing, internationalisation, growth and decrease, investments, resources, opportunities, decision-making, human capital, the presence and positioning on the internet, the alliances, purchases, sales, and an endless number of topics related to entrepreneurship but always away, far away from the books and manuals that abound in bookstores and on the internet and that as friends are all those who like to boast of his business wisdom and the immense which are their business and their companies. On the other hand, and as putting your finger on the sore spot I will go gradually shredding a myriad of business ideas, some of them from other countries that in some cases are directly applicable and in others must adapt to the reality of our nearest market. Other ideas come from my development and personal observation of needs and others find them around us, while we will try to improve them. This is an issue that I always attracted much and I think it will appeal to all those who follow me. I’m going to try to get away, wherever possible, of those ideas that require capital in excess or have a high technological component. I intend, therefore, which are ideas for the man in the foot, ideas that will allow close my eyes and see directly involved in them. For technological ideas or those that require large capital already there are specialized blogs and numerous grants from funds of the European Union and business angels. Business ideas that we’ll see anything have to do with start ups, big companies or business angels.

They have to do with the reality of hundreds of thousands of people that they want to undertake and must begin with a grain of sand. Because nobody remind you today it is easier to never start from scratch. Start from scratch is not an excuse to not undertake rather is an excuse for all those who spend their lives daydreaming and do not reach never port lost in the immensity of the ocean. From today, this thought, dear followers, must be banished from our minds. Start from scratch is a real business opportunity and so we’ll see. The concept that I follow when submitting videos is that they are not too long and that focus on something really interesting and practical: to give key ideas and that clarify possible doubts. I am convinced that it will be impossible to resolve all doubts with my explanations, either through the videos or the own blog. However, I put at the disposal of all the email that you will find on the blog so that you can contact me directly. I wish you to have a spectacular day.

Russian Time

Sunday, October 24th, 2021

How it all back? The answer is simple: to create a situation that the companies were in a quandary. And right there the state offers its services, let us your money and you give us a controlling stake. That's all. But this is all theory and speculation. And life goes on.

Most suffer from this situation are simple people who work and hope in the main employers. For more specific information, check out Tom Waits. That do? As they say, fell into a pit together, you need out of it together and get out. Should not be sitting, wrapped in a blanket and wait, maybe someone will come and bring the good news that everything was over and we can move on. Yes, the crisis, but it is difficult, but this is not a reason to relax. Not for nothing that the ancients were told that during a crisis there are new opportunities and solutions that would not seem to solve the problem.

Need to focus everyone on the place, work in two ways. The crisis is still another reason to reconsider their options. To broaden your perception, visit Jean Stapleton. The End is just the beginning. It is only gathered strength, supporting each other in the family, and there on a chain and support of friends, colleagues, all of which help to survive, really hard but in my opinion, an interesting time. So what can we expect from the crisis? On the basis of what has happened lately, it's not so bad. Now it is time to test for strength. And otseyutsya those who thought the old who could not find the right decision to break their own stereotype and acted on a whim, this update of blood – natural selection. New turn. There will be young companies that might end in time, so in ten years will be new and powerful engines of the future economy. That in itself is a positive factor. I think for Russia, he was a little hurt. Simply by the fact that as shown by the gas conflict with Ukraine earlier this year, others without Russia simply can not survive, namely without a resource base, which is rich in Russia. Anyway, everyone wants to live comfortably, I want to in their homes were warm. No one denies that Russia still remains a powerful energy power with huge stocks raw materials, finished ensure not only their needs but also to share with others. And Russia, rather than transatlantic America, Europe needs most. But in this situation, there is another danger for Russia. And exactly what Russia becomes a very tasty morsel. And weakening their defensive vigilance, Russia, all of whom can stretch or laziness. But this is a topic for another conversation. The Russian people have a unique ability – in a difficult moment, he able to do in the truest sense of the word, deed, though not large, but the feat. That's why we put on his knees could not be anyone. And I think it will fail.

Google Reader

Sunday, July 4th, 2021

With the same success you can simply visit the site regularly, to create a bookmark. Now the RSS. Technology has also to “2 days”, but I wonder why she is still not so popular among ordinary person. Advanced users, of course, have long used RSS, but the majority of people quite inert, and, as I believe nothing. Because you clearer idea about the quality and usefulness of the site or a blog to which you subscribe. Subscribe and unsubscribe quickly and conveniently, are viewing more comfortable, the materials usually full, so more can be read and previous publications. In addition, no mess and chaos in your mailbox! To start subscribing to RSS.

Pre-select themselves to the RSS-reader. They are available online, the best, in my opinion – Google Reader, and as an attachment which is installed to your computer, such as FeedDemon. Once you have registered at some reader or install software on your computer, the subscription is made simple. On, you liked your blog or website you have to click on the icon RSS-subscription and specify the type of its reader. All you’ll get more posts and new content instantly, and for that you will not need to enter the site! In the end, if you have a tape reader 50, all new posts can be viewed in 15 minutes! Which is equivalent to what you would have gone to each interesting site. Without RSS technology is impossible. View internet marketer. From the standpoint of marketing, not so simple.

Because E-mail Marketing certainly, a useful thing. Of RSS, of course, also has a proc, but RSS, essentially duplicates the content of your site. For the most part, you simply makes life easier for your readers. For you and others is an indicator of the number of permanent readers and the credibility of your site or blog. Of course, everything that you play on the image and credibility necessarily bring money, but this effect is not direct but indirect. That is, of course, if your posts have any advertising links, they get your RSS-subscribers, but it’s no different than if people just came to your site through a bookmark. As I already mentioned, you just make it easier his life. I note that a service like Feedburner allows you to earn on its Rss-tape via integration with Adsense, but I’m honest, until it is experienced, and to review – in RuNet on that people do not earn … E-mail subscription in this regard gives more flexibility because you do not need to duplicate content with The primary site completely. You can carry out any policies that you need. Can attract additional visitors to the site, you can promote any product, you can still a lot of that. The main thing to subscribe carried benefit of the reader and was a good, harmonious complement to the site. In this case, it can significantly increase the income of any project. In conclusion, that any technology has its advantages and disadvantages, and of course, for Marketing necessarily need to use RSS, and E-mail subscription. Thus is obtained an excellent set that every day will bring all the great fruit. Well, if you’re just a reader, to choose you, my same choice – RSS. Another read: What does PR and how to define it? Ch

Google AdSense

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

I am most able to earn $ 2.5 for one viewing, Some say $ 4. AdSense code allows you to vary the parameters of the displayed advertisements in a wide range. You can change the size of the ad unit, the number of sponsored links in a block, color block, and so on. Manipulating these parameters, webmasters try to increase the number of clicks on advertising and, consequently, their earnings. This topic is covered in sufficient detail and discussed several times on different resources on the network, on the detail on it shall not dwell. The main task of the webmaster is posting on its website expensive ads with high price-per-view! And only then can encourage visitors to click ads. The fact that the code AdSense delivers ads on the page, depending on its contents. On the page of Garden Design will not be posted ads on consumer lending and vice versa.

This is called contextual advertising. Registration in AdSense program is free. We turn to the principal. Objective: To create a website with unique content that will dynamically change, which will show you the way advertising is optimized for the maximum number display. (Unique content and its dynamic change affect the frequency of issuance of the site at the request of a search engine. These parameters are related to search engine optimization) is enough experienced webmaster with such a task deal, about a week.

After this, place a site on the Internet, will test the effectiveness of various options for ads and untwist the site. Gradually the site will be profitable. Long and complicated? Yes. Want quickly and easily? Yeah! Downloading free software, a few mouse clicks to configure the settings, wait 15 minutes and the site is ready. Now it remains to place it on the Internet. Fairy tale? Almost. What makes the program? You ask keywords, or let the program itself to pick them for you, ask a number of web pages, code pages (HTML or PHP), Page Setup, and press a button to "create". This program will automatically gather the Internet from open sources texts containing the keywords you enter and compile of them unique content that is not found anywhere else, with a given keyword density. Paste in the page of the site is dynamically changing variables (parameters of RSS and XML), which allows pages are regularly updated and ready. It remains to place the site on the Internet for data transfer protocol FTP. By doing so, one site and making sure it is working, you can clone sites, like on an assembly line, repeating the successful experience of, or use the new keywords. Each time will receive a new unique site. To complete the program included detailed instructions for the user, videos materials for installation and use, e-book with step by step guidance and examples of use, a set of templates, web sites optimized for AdSense, and most importantly – a list of 700 most profitable words and phrases, for which advertisers pay the maximum price. It has never earn money online was not so easy. I wonder how to react to this outrage Google AdSense? And yet responded, download for free program and earn Health!

Special Organization

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Problem 1. The overall readiness of municipal and regional customers to move to new electronic platforms. Do not think I’ve discovered the secret when I say next – the vast majority of municipal and regional customers got used to the technical and other features of its regional sites, where they were stationed and place information. Must pay tribute to – regional authority at one time held a significant amount of work to train municipal and regional customers work at its regional sites, which resulted in the stable functioning of regional sites and place orders for the region without interruption. Course of their work getting acquainted with the regional sites has repeatedly noted that the construction and methodology of work for these sites are much different from each another, which certainly provides some hidden advantages to work for them bidders of this region. But this problem is disappearing.

And here arises the problem is more serious – MAJORITY REGIONAL site is different from the all-Russian site. As mentioned above – to January 1, 2011 to the national website will come more than 450 thousand new customers. Problem 2. Readiness 3 electronic platforms Sberbank – ACT -, OAO Unified electronic trading platform -, SUE Agency under the state order Tajikistan – swallow “is the number of visits. Answer to this question is no. The fact that the arrival on site municipal and regional clients out of control. Possible situation will, so that an equal number of the above customers will come to all three platforms, maybe a different combination. Judging by the reviews of the electronic sites, the largest number of customers “fall” to the site Sberbank – ACT – and only the reviews of the electronic platform, it will be possible to understand whether all the concerns expressed by a real basis.

Problem 3. Willingness nationwide site to work in a more than 8-fold increase in accredited users and more than 3-fold the number of users. On the old version has a record of logged in about 40,000 federal customers. I believe that since 2008, federal customers increased, but obviously they number no more than 50 000. As indicated above, to be supplemented by the parish and the accreditation site municipal and regional customers number more than 450,000 corporate clients, that is, there is more than 8-fold increase in the array of accredited persons with gradually sprawling databases and archives. It is also necessary bear in mind that the markets of goods, works and services especially for municipal customers formed a group of bidders that participate solely in the municipal auction within the municipal boundaries customer. Such Bidders and inevitably forced to follow the municipal customers, which will increase patrons on the national site 2-3 times from today’s number. In general, projected picture is sad and the situation could lead to the inability of software to cope with increasing visits, which inevitably gives rise to slow down the site and electronic platforms. PS It is possible that such published after 10/01/2011, will be more … …. Statement of opinion and debate is welcome … ….