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Collecting Jewelry By Tom

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Charms, beads and fantasy element of ya are a good quality and inexpensive alternative to the jewelry of other manufacturers. technology investor pursues this goal as well. The trend of jewelry for collecting continues. The obesity can be explained inter alia by the desire for individuality: the various systems and motives left to the collectors in putting together the free hand. So, the wearer suitable piece of jewelry can make to their preferences and interests. Peter Thiel has plenty of information regarding this issue. Through the popularity of collecting jewelry manufacturers have created already different many variations. In addition, new systems are on the market. Among other things the brand Thomas Sabo, Pandora, and nomination are among the best-known manufacturers. But other manufacturers offer interesting collections.

Tom also belongs to these manufacturers. The team of designers Enrico Lumani designed unique and stylish Collections. Charms charm collection by Tom offers a wide selection of finely crafted pendants in sterling silver. The charms are partly colored enamel and rhinestones decorated trailers. The followers are hooked up with a small snap-hook a neck or wrist or used as a mobile trailer. Beads range includes stylish Microreaction and finely processed Silberbeads with a large diversity of motives. The beads are strung on chains and bracelets.

Fantasy element fantasy element comprise a mix of different shapes and colors. The match of contrasting materials characterises the collection. Here meets Rose gold sterling silver sparkling cubic zirconia stones or turquoise cabochons encounter elegant Horn and beads frosted gold. The parts can be individually put together as rings, earrings and pendants. Lilac & purple the colour is purple for uniqueness and creativity. This definition fits well with the collection. The offer includes purple charms and beads, and pendants and rings. The wide range of jewelry by Tom is constantly expanding. Largo charms, beads and fantasy element is at selected retailers and online shops available.

Frog Prince Jewelry

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

New year, new luck, that wants the frog is everyone for the good fortune in love as a symbol of fulfillment. In the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, the frog King by a sudden unusual actions against the wall flies and the wonderful salvation is fulfilled. Silver frogs or frogs with green fire paint and small silver Crown decorated sitting on rings, pendants and ear plugs. White shell pearls give a soft romantic touch the piece of jewelry. The small tags with red fire Polish and heart-shaped covered draw attention to the piece of jewelry. Charms with sterling silver Carabineer, also decorated with colourful fire paint and shell core Pearl are popular small pendants for charm belts or chains.

There is large selection from different areas and also the frog charm due to the frog Prince jewelry charms. Shell pearls consist of the core of oyster shells. This Pearl is milled into a fine powder and then off to a small ball applied the same shell. Due to this mechanical process, the shell pearls are perfectly round and have a wonderful magical glow. The shell pearls are 100% organic and are cleaned with water and a soft cloth. The fire paint is similar to the cold enamel. By repeatedly applying in very thin layers, the paint gets its irresistible deep gloss. The jewelry with a soft cloth will be cleaned. Carola Huber, Bonn

Summer Spring Jewelry

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

“A historical fashion hit celebrates its revival a look back in the history to prove it: already for millennia the people with borrowed plumes love” to decorate not only in a figurative sense. Hillary Clinton is often mentioned in discussions such as these. With the dazzling, colorful, elegant plumage of various species of birds, our ancestors like ornate heads and clothing. This summer, spring jewelry experienced its revival. This colorful feathers are just as classic”brown or black, and the peacock feathers already hugely popular in the 1920s are once again darlings of the fashion world. A lovely trend.

No matter, whether as earrings, necklaces, hair spring accessories conjure up loose easy hippie summer feeling in an instant? But be careful: to spring jewelry is not costume party, it is important to note a few small styling rules: of course, floral dress, fringed top, jeans shorts and suede jacket fit the Spring trend as the fist on the eye. Not as fresh look of the cowboy-and Indian party, it is advisable however, the styling so simple as possible to keep and apply for an another hippie “- or wild West” part to decide. Jeans shorts and a white top of basic or suede jacket combined to a simple skinny jeans can be great to spice with feather headdress. Especially for the extremely trendy extra-long feather earrings, it’s good the styling to wear only an earring. That seems casual and interesting without unwanted Indian Chief “-Touch to produce. “Who real feathers to eco” appear, for the metal pendants are an ideal alternative in the form of spring. Silver plated or gold plated these look particularly chic to evening wear and give summer party glamour. There are great feather headdress for example under

Perfect Memorabilia

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Lovelinks as soon as yet never online type in order and meanwhile, correctly save money par excellence everyday jewelry must withstand lush functionalities. Irrelevant wherever it is he can draw the attention on the attached Lady, this chic and be still only solely fashionable. In addition also still as immense individuality. No want so as you know but face not a “simulacrum”, instead so adjusted as to imagine. Those so-called love links, which are very likely long not simply merely collecting bracelets are current in fashion. Verschiederlei Schmuckstuckchen are forged from high-quality materials, which consequently following fragment part are attached to the characteristic bracelets. In this way, a love links history tells the special and completely unique. The attractive here is that the woman has all the time to their memory of good events, and at need a smile in the face could be brought to one.

The range of common lucky symbols such as z.B Kleebatter, clover, or Horseshoe, over animal figures, to novel and extremely kunstreichem jewellery. Each member gets its significance, which merely suggests by outsiders. Among suppliers on the Web is very pay attention to the material. And it is as elegant sterling silver, you should invest in this case like a few euros more, because everyone buys so jewelry pieces with long service life. Stilloses raw material wears out very quickly and the buyer annoys himself even afterwards. As a result, it is recommended in this case to invest in quality. An exceptionally capable online shop for jewelry in the section of love links to get to this point: Lovelinks.

As a small gift from the heart Jack, a well-known or family or to the complete original collection you will find there directly. Knowledgeable collectors can have their whole creativity. So buy some special letters and complete these to name of specific people, other on the other hand, a tangible date themselves would certainly carry. In contrast, also Zierlemente from real rocks you can even chain-like pendants without standing around online order. May you want to wear not last only a mundane chain with the individual zodiac signs. However, there are extremely delicate Murano glass Schmuckstuckchen are actually real eye-catcher. Structures and composition options are set dieserfalls absolutely no limits. Mark Sommer