Frog Prince Jewelry

December 17th, 2015 by Rosemary
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New year, new luck, that wants the frog is everyone for the good fortune in love as a symbol of fulfillment. In the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, the frog King by a sudden unusual actions against the wall flies and the wonderful salvation is fulfilled. Silver frogs or frogs with green fire paint and small silver Crown decorated sitting on rings, pendants and ear plugs. White shell pearls give a soft romantic touch the piece of jewelry. The small tags with red fire Polish and heart-shaped covered draw attention to the piece of jewelry. Charms with sterling silver Carabineer, also decorated with colourful fire paint and shell core Pearl are popular small pendants for charm belts or chains.

There is large selection from different areas and also the frog charm due to the frog Prince jewelry charms. Shell pearls consist of the core of oyster shells. This Pearl is milled into a fine powder and then off to a small ball applied the same shell. Due to this mechanical process, the shell pearls are perfectly round and have a wonderful magical glow. The shell pearls are 100% organic and are cleaned with water and a soft cloth. The fire paint is similar to the cold enamel. By repeatedly applying in very thin layers, the paint gets its irresistible deep gloss. The jewelry with a soft cloth will be cleaned. Carola Huber, Bonn

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