Handmade Jewelry

November 9th, 2015 by Rosemary
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In this article I want to tell a little about how to make accessories and jewelry handmade from felt. Anyone who has tried working with wool by making handcrafted, never thought about how wonderful it can really be, as it is contagious. This material, ie felt, is environmentally friendly, durable and breathable, and most importantly has a curative effect. The more I go ahead from the wool handmade work, the more I fall in love with this stuff. And every time open new possibilities for the wool itself.

Just try to pick up the wool for felting, soap, water or special needles for felting and start creating. I assure you, you get an indescribable pleasure! The Internet can not only assess the handmade products made of wool, but also to learn about this process in more detail. To begin, we need to drag a little bit of desire, the patience (and without the patience not to get high-quality felts), wool, warm water, soap, pens and our love for handmade products. Book, buy, create.

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