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Wedding TaliBoelt

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Bridal and evening wear for Munich and surroundings TaliBoelt design jewellery collections are designed by Natalia Boelt in the own design studio and produced in the own factory. The pieces are made from various materials. Combinations of dissimilar metals, semi-precious stones, polished glass and plastic, semi-precious stones and beads in many colors and forms, artfully Handmade flowers, Rhinestones, ribbons and feathers offer possibilities to carry out various designs and styles. The future bearers of the exclusive jewellery can choose from a selection of already manufactured unique pieces of jewellery, selected pieces of jewelry in form and color again on their personality to adapt or complete design jewelry for yourself and make. The trend in the sophisticated and upscale area towards individuality and luxury. Couture and the associated exclusivity is in demand again in connection with personal advice and individual Service, which arrives on the wishes and ideas of the customer”. Natalia Boelt, TaliBoelt design TaliBoelt design jewelry: Handmade with love jewelry collection from TaliBoelt design tiaras, Curlis, combs or Fascinator, hair chains belong to detail with matching veil, earrings, neck – and arm chains, bracelets and pins.

The high-quality hand-crafted unique pieces of TaliBoelt design collections give wedding dresses and party gowns a special touch that highlights the personality of the wearer. TaliBoelt design Accessories: that certain some accessories such as handbags, gloves, ring pillows for the wedding, stoles and hats can be fit to the dress designed and made. The selected shoes can be also individually tailored and adapted to the clothes. Depending on the used details in the dress, these are continued in the shoes, and decorated with lace or crystals. A Recolor of the shoes or a covering with fabric is also possible due to the dress. Natalia Boelt from TaliBoelt design Natalia TaliBoelt design 2006 Boelt established its young fashion label. Their idea: the bride and the women their desire for the perfect dream dress – for a wedding or for any other festive occasion – to meet.

LurTech Europe Gmb

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Create the first action, the participants will be the whitepaper PDF/A in health care”. In this, the PDF/A format and the requirements for a secure long-term archiving in the healthcare sector are described. In addition, the reader application examples and PDF/A solutions for healthcare can inform. We have taken from many conversations, that the PDF/A format is gaining acceptance at the CIO in clinics and hospitals”, explains Bernd Wild, Executive Board member of the Association of the PDF. “With our special interest group PDF / A in health care’ we want to take this trend and fully informed participants about the advantages and benefits of PDF/A.” PDF/A, PDF / A is the ISO standard 19005 for long-term archiving in PDF format. It represents a restricted version of PDF, a standardized profile for the use of PDF in long-term archiving. The standard writes detailed above, which contents are allowed and which are not. Through these and other provisions, a long term readability of documents should be guaranteed regardless of which application software and on what operating system they were originally created.

The benefits of PDF/A, such as for example the ability to full-text search, make it a preferred archiving format that has now displaced the TIFF format at numerous international authorities and companies. Within the Association of PDF, the PDF/A competence center is central contact point for the PDF/A format. Founded in 2006, competence center emerged in the autumn of 2011 from the PDF/A PDF Association. The PDF/A competence center is the first and currently the largest area of competence the PDF Association. About the PDF Association pursues the objective to promote PDF applications for digital documents, open standards based on the PDF Association.

This continues the International Association for an active knowledge transfer and the exchange of know-how and experience a world for all stakeholders. Currently, Member of the Association of the PDF are about 100 companies and numerous experts from more than 20 countries. The Board of Directors of PDF Association is composed of executives of the companies callas software GmbH, compart AG, Crawford Technologies Inc., intarsys consulting GmbH, LurTech Europe GmbH, and NetCentric US along. Chairman of the Board is Managing Director of callas software GmbH. Duff Johnson, President of NetCentric US Olaf Drummer, is Deputy Chairman. Editorial Contacts: PDF Association Thomas cell man new Kant str. 14 D-14057 Berlin phone: + 49 30 394050-0 fax: + 49 30 394050-99 PR agency good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

Monologue LuraTech Invites

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Participants discuss with experts on ‘PDF/A Pro & contra’ Berlin, 25 October 2013. The LurTech Europe GmbH performs a Web table titled PDF/A or PDF/A? Decision criteria in practice”. In contrast to the classical Webinar can participants actively engage, ask questions and discuss. To be provocative Pro & contra “arguments to the ISO certified long term archiving format presented, then discuss with each other or with the LurTech-expert participants. The Web table takes place on 12th November 2013 from 15:00 and will be moderated by Carsten Heiermann, CEO, LurTech and Board member of the Association of the PDF, as well as Thomas Zellmann, sales and partner LurTech and PDF Association Managing Director. Attendance is by prior arrangement, free of charge. Thomas Zellmann explains: while PDF/A has meanwhile established itself on the market, still myths that we want to openly discuss with the participants in the context of the Web tables exist. We have the three most important For PDF/A, or against the format arguments which, briefly summarized in the form of theses, which are the basis for discussion in the online forum.” The need for long-term archiving, the synchronization of the format Zoo is on the pro side”and the PDF/A will ensure technically high-quality PDF documents.

In contrast, are statements that some ECM systems include only TIFF viewer, TIFF is sufficient as such and PDF/A would cost extra money. We are excited as our new event format will be accepted, and look forward to a lively discussion”, Carsten Heiermann added. LurTech: LurTech provides production software and document and data conversion solutions accompanied by customized services and outstanding support. Service and other companies and organizations get the most out of all means of production with LurTech as a partner. LurTech’s solutions achieve the same level of automation and integration level in document processing, as there other industries in their Production have done successfully.

Heinze Kunststofftechnik

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Process optimization of manufacturing, the company was founded in 1931 by Richard Heinze in Herford and initially manufactured furniture hinges and metal fittings. In the 1950s, the area of plastic injection molding the portfolio expanded. The scope of services is consistently developed through targeted acquisitions. In addition, the regions expanded research and development, tooling and fixtures, as well as introduced new interface technologies. Peter Thiel shines more light on the discussion. Today the area offers a depth of value creation plastic engineering and surface technologies at Heinze Kunststofftechnik GmbH & co. KG, which is unique in Germany.

Heinze Kunststofftechnik successfully deploys the archive solution of dg hyparchive for years. The generated documents such as delivery notes, Warenbegleitscheine and forwarding orders via autoconnect are automatically generated from the ERP system Baan. Then, the relevant fields are read out, enriched with additional index values from the database, and archived. Now, the company has decided its existing strain gauge and To expand archive solution and includes the E-mail communication in information management. Heinze Kunststofftechnik uses Outlook Exchange Enterprise-wide as E-mail solution. The good experiences with dg hyparchive and the longtime, trustful cooperation with bpi solutions have resulted in the positive decision for dg mail when Heinze Kunststofftechnik in addition to the functional requirements. Get more background information with materials from Naveen Selvadurai. The introduction of E-mail archiving solution to relieve the MS Exchange Server, as well as significantly reduce the mailbox size for the respective user. Thanks to the real single instancing, the volume is reduced on average by 80%, attachments of emails that have been sent to multiple recipients, for example, be archived only once.

Predefined E-Mail Archiving policies, as well as the uncomplicated archiving concept ensures a user-friendly handling. Both the incoming and outgoing messages and their attachments are tamper-proof archived in the company using rule-based criteria. Each email will be reduced on a link of 2 KB and unnecessary copies of attachments are removed. The stored information will be quickly recovered with intelligent full-text search and restored if necessary at your fingertips.

Eastern Wurttemberg

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

In a seminar by Kaltenbach training train technical seller, to focus their acquisition on the promising customers and inquiries. Many dealer, (technical) service providers and craft shops are today almost swamped by requests. What previously would have delighted the company ensures today sometimes worry. Because no real buying interest behind many customer requests in the Internet age. Those interested would rather just to inform, and explore the market. Or they want to have only a settlement offer.

It is important that the sales and marketing staff can companies to determine how far behind requests a real buying interest. Otherwise, the danger is great that they are bogged down and have too little time for the really promising customers. How they avoid such a waste of time and resources and can relieve himself so, seller of technology products and services, as well as their superiors in a seminar of training and consultancy Kaltenbach experienced Training, Bobingen. “The title of the seminar held on February 18, 2013 in Bobingen (nearby Aalen, Eastern Wurttemberg): the Yes-No-Yes strategy secure way to more lucrative jobs”. In the day seminar, the participants will learn how they can discover for customer inquiries quickly, whether there is a real chance of order. Get to know several easily learnable – and applicable methods, to real prospects from those without to distinguish intent to purchase.

This enables customers to focus on their energy, which is a real job opportunity. Another focus of the seminar is: What should I do to interested parties, where there is no job opportunity? “” In this seminar block, seminar leader Walter Kaltenbach participants provides a brilliantly simple “Method before, how you can protect yourself from useless extra work, without hurting the requesting person or organization”, and is at the same time profiling as a potentially attractive partner in the future. This building, each participant developed its own strategy, as he or his company will respond to requests without a real job opportunity. Developing such strategies is becoming increasingly important, according to Walter Kaltenbach. Because in the age of Internet & co, private and corporate clients tend to request offers from potential suppliers for example via newsletters. The danger that sellers have customers less and less time for the really promising if they have not learned at those interested is great”their potential real buying interest to explore and, before they create, for example, a detailed quote or arrange an appointment for a presentation. Interested 390 euros (plus VAT) must invest for the participation in the seminar the Yes-No-Yes strategy secure way to more lucrative jobs”on February 18 in Bobingen. For more information contact interested persons and organizations in Kaltenbach training, Bobingen (Tel.: 07173/60 39;) Email:; Internet:). If desired Walter Kaltenbach conducts the seminar also within the company.


Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Places to which to restrict access, for example, a box for tools and trash container, close gates. Track in such a garden should be very broad and with a rough surface paving, to provide good traction soles to the surface, and it was convenient for him to move on a wheelchair. For such a garden are carefully chosen plants – no poisonous fruits, stems, leaves, juice, as well as sharp spines, needles or hard knots, on which you can get hurt. Another consideration, which is taken into account when selecting plants for planting – the bright color of leaves or flowers, as well as the ability to recover quickly if damaged. In this garden, must necessarily be present aqueous composition with the gently pulsing water. The upper edge of the fountain should be located at such a height that would have been nice to sit quietly and look at this stimulates mental activity of the aqueous composition. The word "garden for the blind for many causes in the minds of the image planted fragrant flowers raised beds with tablets on which are written in Braille titles plants.

Meanwhile, the blind and visually impaired people usually do not require special treatment and want to be treated like ordinary people. According to the statistics – 50 percent of blind people, 42 percent deaf and 41 percent opornikov consider themselves to be the same as other people. A disabled person wants not merely to have equal rights, it can and should live like other lyudi.Gorazdo correct to imagine a beautiful garden, which, thanks to the careful simple details of layout, design of buildings and thoughtful placement of plants suitable for any person, no matter good or bad in his eyes.

The SMB Systems Consulting

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Information Systems (IS) are the lifeblood of today's organizations, SI provides a good management decision-making and interacting with the departments of the company and the external environment when so designed, the way business computerization looking for consulting services and systems for the trained personnel to analyze the internal situation of the information as it flows in order to automate. This professional fund manager must know the situation of the company must understand the particular situation of the organization, financial resources, human, material and technology it offers, must consider both the cultural characteristics of the organization under study and the context operant in which it occurs, in this case the person conducting this study is known as System Consultant who understands the language is technical and nontechnical acting as a bridge between the organization and the software house so as to get information necessary to design team or finding the right solution for the computerization of the small or medium business that has not had contact with information systems. These professionals know programming languages, inter-connectivity protocols, operating systems and other fields of information technologies, but its primary objective is the relationship between the employer and the software house, is where is your occupational role, the systems consulting is responsible to the employer for good software design and its proper implementation, with this we can conclude that good will who Consulting Systems handholding SMEs to implement information systems that improve internal management This, strengthened so that it becomes a big business in the future, able to successfully face new knowledge and adapt to using new technologies.. Click Art Gallery to learn more..

Technology Makeup

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

wonderful way to emphasize, highlight your strengths, to make you brighter and more attractive. Knowing how to properly apply makeup, you already get half victories for the beauty of your face! In this section of the site we talk about how to properly apply makeup. After all, makeup has its stages and its machinery, be aware that just need to get your make-up turned out beautiful. So, applying make-up technique involves the following steps: 1) Application of the basic tone face, glare, powder and rouge 2) Technique of performance eye makeup: shading for the eyes, eyeliner, mascara 3) Appliances Makeup Lip: lip contour, applying lipstick, And now in more detail. 1. Any makeup begins with applying the basic tone face (make-up must begin within 5-10 minutes after completing the procedures for day care for a person to a day cream managed to penetrate the skin). The tone will even out complexion, hide small skin defects.

Begin to shape the tone of the person using the tonal framework, its color should match your natural skin color, or be a little lighter, but not darker. Tonal basis point inflict on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, then use the sponge to feather the tone from the center of the face. Pay particular attention to the lines of growth of hair, eyebrows, nostrils, and the contour of the chin. Also apply a little tonal framework for upper neck. After a tonal framework, we use the masking agent. Apply concealer on problem areas (pimples, dark circles, etc.) and gently blend, patting the skin fingertip.


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Without a doubt, for whom we have a business in Mexico and want to design a web page for this, having a .mx domain brings us many benefits. These domains allow that your name or your company are related immediately with Mexico, which is important so that people who visit this site know that company or person on dealing site is in this country. However, not only the people will make this relationship, also do the search engines doing to appear better positioned in the search engines for terms related to Mexican sites. For example, if a person in our country want to find the website of a company that is dedicated to the design of web pages, the search engine will give priority to those sites that are hosted and registered in the zone in which the search was made. Clinton Family shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This will make your site more popular among your competitors to attract more audience of potential buyers, unlike the .com domains, for example, where You competiras with pages from around the world and by means of which it is possible to attract visitors from other countries who are likely to be interested in acquiring the goods or services you offer but not in our country. Remember, having a better position in search engines will result in a greater number of visitors, which means a greater chance of sales for your business.

On the other hand, given that both your site and your email accounts will have the termination .mx das to your website a professional image, generating the security be dealing with a serious and reliable company in your potential customers. Those sites whose web hosting found in free domains may seem of companies that just started or that can disappear from one moment to another, causing distrust. To hire the service of hosting in Mexico under this domain, you’re also protecting your brand name, because now nobody else can register it, you being the only one who can use this name in the network under such termination. Don’t forget, count with a domain .mx for your website is an excellent tool to ensure the success of your business.

Sleep Will Tell A Lot About A Person

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Long since people have tried to understand the meaning of your dreams. So initially, they realized that the dream should be translated into some kind of face reality. It is also known that during the Biblical Old Testament interpretation of dreams become increasingly popular. At the time, the Egyptian Pharaoh asked Joseph the Jew, that he was telling him about dreams. Remember the story of lean and full of cows? That dream has brought famine upon the land of Egypt, skinny cow were a symbol of this. Now, most people also realize that dream of something necessarily mean. After seeing a bad dream about loved ones, to our mind immediately sneak thought – "And if anything had happened to them?", "May now they need help? ". But in this age of high technology to the value of sleep as something not paid much attention.

This constant lack of time simply does not easily analyze their psychological state. But, now going into Internet and do not waste much time you can find the book dream book that will help you determine the value of any sleep. You do not need no prophet or a psychic. You can read the most elementary interpretation of the dream, analyze and understand what can you expect, or what has already happened. To some it gives some sense of life security, while others reject the contrary, and say in the direction of dream book "complete nonsense". Hard to say who is right in this situation, because this theme refers to the fact that a man not known in full, we just assume that we can promise this or that dream, but exactly when that interpretation be done and be done if at all – nobody knows. I think too close take to heart the interpretation of the dream book of sleep is not necessary, it is not certain life statute, it can be used only as a hint, but not as a complete guide.