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Monologue LuraTech Invites

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Participants discuss with experts on ‘PDF/A Pro & contra’ Berlin, 25 October 2013. The LurTech Europe GmbH performs a Web table titled PDF/A or PDF/A? Decision criteria in practice”. In contrast to the classical Webinar can participants actively engage, ask questions and discuss. To be provocative Pro & contra “arguments to the ISO certified long term archiving format presented, then discuss with each other or with the LurTech-expert participants. The Web table takes place on 12th November 2013 from 15:00 and will be moderated by Carsten Heiermann, CEO, LurTech and Board member of the Association of the PDF, as well as Thomas Zellmann, sales and partner LurTech and PDF Association Managing Director. Attendance is by prior arrangement, free of charge. Thomas Zellmann explains: while PDF/A has meanwhile established itself on the market, still myths that we want to openly discuss with the participants in the context of the Web tables exist. We have the three most important For PDF/A, or against the format arguments which, briefly summarized in the form of theses, which are the basis for discussion in the online forum.” The need for long-term archiving, the synchronization of the format Zoo is on the pro side”and the PDF/A will ensure technically high-quality PDF documents.

In contrast, are statements that some ECM systems include only TIFF viewer, TIFF is sufficient as such and PDF/A would cost extra money. We are excited as our new event format will be accepted, and look forward to a lively discussion”, Carsten Heiermann added. LurTech: LurTech provides production software and document and data conversion solutions accompanied by customized services and outstanding support. Service and other companies and organizations get the most out of all means of production with LurTech as a partner. LurTech’s solutions achieve the same level of automation and integration level in document processing, as there other industries in their Production have done successfully.

Technology Makeup

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

wonderful way to emphasize, highlight your strengths, to make you brighter and more attractive. Knowing how to properly apply makeup, you already get half victories for the beauty of your face! In this section of the site we talk about how to properly apply makeup. After all, makeup has its stages and its machinery, be aware that just need to get your make-up turned out beautiful. So, applying make-up technique involves the following steps: 1) Application of the basic tone face, glare, powder and rouge 2) Technique of performance eye makeup: shading for the eyes, eyeliner, mascara 3) Appliances Makeup Lip: lip contour, applying lipstick, And now in more detail. 1. Any makeup begins with applying the basic tone face (make-up must begin within 5-10 minutes after completing the procedures for day care for a person to a day cream managed to penetrate the skin). The tone will even out complexion, hide small skin defects.

Begin to shape the tone of the person using the tonal framework, its color should match your natural skin color, or be a little lighter, but not darker. Tonal basis point inflict on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, then use the sponge to feather the tone from the center of the face. Pay particular attention to the lines of growth of hair, eyebrows, nostrils, and the contour of the chin. Also apply a little tonal framework for upper neck. After a tonal framework, we use the masking agent. Apply concealer on problem areas (pimples, dark circles, etc.) and gently blend, patting the skin fingertip.

Developing New Technologies

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

But no one can question that the analysis of the causes of an undesirable situation that was already made, you can gain experience to avoid a recurrence. The cause analysis is essential for improvement. Questions like these seem to bother the authorities, but must do: Why are so dependent on oil revenues? Why not at the time was spent more investment in exploration and development of technology? Why are investments that have been made over the last seven years have been financed through bond issues in the financial markets? Why does no research and development alternative energy and are exploited because they exist? Why is imported gasoline, natural gas and LP gas?. b) Furthermore the focus of the proposal to address the challenge is based on the “accompaniment”, “support” of others. Stands out both this approach, it is precisely the cause of suspicion by the left-wing political sectors.

And their suspicions are not so unfounded. Definitely, collaboration with other companies or related entities is inevitable and in today’s global world is difficult and unaffordable, in general, develop all the technology alone and /or an entire production process. However, the way they are raised by this “accompaniment” is not by itself, the great solution to the problem of resource exploitation in the “deep water.” As mentioned in the same document the diagnosis: “There are challenges in terms of the assimilation process, selection, adaptation, implementation and management of knowledge and new technologies, for the purposes to be achieved successfully develop projects for Pemex and they are performed in the time demanded by the national needs. Moreover, it is necessary to have the capabilities to develop new technologies as they face unexpected conditions in the development of projects. In such projects, uncertainty levels are high and often requires the development of new technologies as they arise and geological technical challenges. “If the black wire was invented and not have to spend to develop it.

But if it requires a new development, what is best ‘, “hire third parties to develop, or develop it yourself, if you have the means to do so? Anyway, the third party is to recover the costs of developing technology and it will be with the patent. Perhaps it is best developed together and share the risks and benefits, and the patent if it is the case. Furthermore, as a reference for the convenience of the schemes of “accompaniment”, currently PEMEX may be associated, and in fact is associated with companies to produce gasoline. However, as mentioned, this has not represented a solution to the supply of gasoline and what at the time was a viable proposition in the short term, is now a drag on the economy, as it is imported international prices and in the process, the net result is inefficient, since it is equivalent to exchange low-quality crude and very cheap luxury gasoline (premium) and also with the extra cost of paying the “maquila” of the same, although it is only 50%. Thus, the urgency of change is questionable if they are, the premises upon which seek to justify some aspects of the model solution to the problem and above all, is questionable origin of the situation and the intention to hide it, and is that, as expected, the situation seems caused on purpose, so that ultimately there is no other alternative solution, rather than proposing.

Google Tech

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

The users of smarthphones, iPads or proprietors of eReaders with connection to Internet, already have an entertainment more: the new social network of Google either has name, Google + or Google Extra, and or is in phase of tests. The expectation is much that is producing, and has waiting line. Ever since it the past made his appearance 6 of July has managed to catch the attention of means and users, becoming the social network with greater growth from the appearance of the first networks. Some of the main new features of the new social network are: Circles, Been left, Interests, its main bet is to order the contacts in groups, to delimit to the adressees of each message, that is to say, a platform based on social circles based on the criteria delimited by each user. It also includes the option to create thematic conversations, videoconferences and counts on an application for moving bodies for the Android systems. At the moment a few invitations have only been distributed, reason why everybody cannot accede to the new network, in the page Web of Google+ can be asked for the inscription in the list until new invitations are emitted, although will be necessary to hope to they send that them The vision that we have than means this new social network, at the moment, is little clear. We cannot venture the future, although it is clear that Google Extra comes very hard beating and that in days could only reach the number of the 20 million registered users.

Successful Marketing

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

3D without glasses is increasingly interesting for the advertising market. Reason enough to build this technology in kiosks and info pillars full clear information screens are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Everywhere where many people cavort, is a desirable place for advertising and information. There it is, that people hide from the intrusive flicker boxes and no longer perceive. Who wants to advertise today more successfully than any other, must involve playful the customers, to the staunen-and to the stop bring. AS3D advertising stelen in portrait and landscape format these requirements in really amazing Masse.Produkte to make 50-80 cm float freely before the screen borders on magic. Advertising is the talk of the town within a very short time.

Interactively advertise who believes here we go not more intensively, which is wrong. AS3D info terminals can act interactively with customers. Just for promotion stands an ideal partner to stay with a brand in the minds. Through a camera, hand movements and gestures are recorded and converted into movements. According to BIELE-MEDIA, this technique is suitable for use even in kiosk terminals. 3D displays in landscape and portrait mode together with the Swiss company 3D impact media and BRILAN can be offered innovative 3D displays as a stele, kiosk and wall screen, no 3D glasses needed. The auto-stereoscopic 3D monitors (AS-3D) work according to the following principle: a barrier filter on the TFT-display defined hides individual pixels of the Panel is applied via an optical measuring system. The eyes perceive different images, which in turn triggers the 3D effect in the brain. BIELE-MEDIA

Objective Excellence

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Excellence, according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, is the superior quality or goodness that makes worthy of singular appreciation and estimation. To achieve excellence in the actions of our life we must constantly bear in mind that we must do what we the best we are able. In this way our works will protrude in goodness, merit or estimation. Throughout the history of humanity, persons who have excelled in different areas of life are those that have always tried to develop their potential to the maximum. It is a virtue that must grow and develop. We know that virtue is strength, vigor, value; It is integrity of mind and goodness of life; It is the constant provision of the soul for actions in accordance with the moral law; It is a straight way of proceeding. With reason, according to historians, in the ancient Greece the word virtue must practically be confused with excellence.

Particularly in the field of academic institutions, business organizations, business, artistic and sport activities are It considers that excellence is a virtue and a goal to achieve. It is common to find in the exhibition’s mission and operations phrases such as: operational excellence, commitment to excellence, excellence in leadership, manufacturing excellence, academic excellence, our goal is excellence and many more. In universities and institutions of corporate training courses are related to excellence as: processes of excellence, excellence in risk control, the Series of excellence, excellence in management of the quality, excellence in marketing and others. In reality, what is obtain outstanding results in everything that an organization or individual to undertake. In everything we propose, in everything that we do we should try to be the best of what we can be. In this way in our actions, we will not accept mediocre or regular results. Aristotle said: we are what we repeatedly do.

Building Construction

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Used for all types of facade and landscaping, as well as for interior decoration. Face brick has a low moisture absorption and, consequently, a high resistance to frost. Different quality front surface. It is characterized by diversity of shapes, colors, and even pictures. Quality facing bricks does not depend on its color, so you can safely choose any color you like. But we need to bear in mind that all of the necessary bricks of one color (the standard) must be purchased at once, as even a small difference between the hue is not noticeable when you buy, be clearly seen later in the construction. To the building was erected the same strength, facing brick to choose the same brand as a private.

It should be facing brick to order more ordinary. Special brick. Designed for use in special conditions. To him is especially true firebrick. Most often it is used for the construction of stoves, chimneys, fireplaces, etc. and is made from heat-resistant chamotte clay.

Acid-resistant brick is different high resistance to acids and alkalis. The technology of its creation is more complicated, but the charge is composed of a mixture of white clay and various silicates. Clinker brick clinker or just has a high resistance to wear, so used in the construction areas, steps, ramps, etc. It is produced by compressing the dry red clay and then firing at 1100OS. It should be noted that all types of brick has a convenient size. It is convenient to take with one hand. Bricks stacked along the length of two bricks in width, taking into account the 1 cm seam. But depending on the thickness of the bricks have a wider range and can be: 1. Single, size 250 x 120 x 65 mm. 2. Sesquioxides, or thick, size 250 x 120 x 88 mm. Save time and expense of the solution construction.