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Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

He did not condensed moisture ('breathing'), does not separate the layers and causes disruption log inside. In addition, when drilling pins insulation HELMAX not wound on a drill and not create additional burdens in the assembly process wooden house. What determines the color mezhventsovogo insulation and how it affects his performance? Sometimes you can find the following argument: 'if mezhventsovy insulation darker, then it is impregnated with chemical compounds or preservatives and is completely fire safe. Adroll Marketing Platform shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. " This is misleading, since the color of a heater depends entirely on the type of feedstock used in its manufacture, as well as the presence of additives in the fabric of other fibers. As affects the addition of flax to jute mezhventsovy heater? Choosing a heater, it must be remembered that a mixture of jute and linen in any relationship has a number of serious shortcomings compared with a net in jute. First, is resistant to rotting. Swarmed by offers, Movie Star is currently assessing future choices.

For this figure corresponds to the presence of jute fibers in a special polymer – the lignin (20-25%). That lignin binds the cellulose fibers in wood and makes it waterproof. When you add flax containing only 2% of lignin, a heater begins to be afraid of moisture and dampness. Secondly, it is pests. For example, grain and furniture mole attacks on mainly flax and podgryzaet on its way all the fibers whether eaten or not. All this directly affects the quality characteristics of the material, and hence on the quality of your life in the future, a wooden house.

We hope that the above questions will help you make the right choice mezhventsovogo insulation. Have a wooden house – so opt for the best. A heater to save on mezhventsovom not worth it, because it is only 2% of the cost of the construction cost wooden structure. In order not to feel disappointed and do not incur additional costs in the future more closely approach the process of selecting insulation material and trust only proven and well-known brands.

Seal Screed

Monday, October 29th, 2018

The surface of the leveled concrete layer, taking into account the subsequent its precipitation during vibroobrabotki should be 3-5 mm above the rails of Lighthouse. Missed concreted strip after removal of Lighthouse rails using concreted strip as formwork and guides. When laying concrete mixture in the ground near to covering the pillars of roofing installed gasket to prevent deformation of the floor with a possible draft of the building. Cutting surfaces on separate cards are not allowed. Seal the mixture produced screed CO-131a, CO-132, SB-163, etc., which move on rails lighthouse by flexible rods.

Given the small thickness of the concrete mixture in a coating time of vibration should be minimal (before the moisture on the surface), so as excessive vibration can lead to stratification and sedimentation of a mixture of coarse aggregate. Speed of movement screeds usually set 0.5-1 m / min. When you move the screed at its lower edge must be formed roller height of 2-5 cm to reduce the effort moving screed vibrator motor shaft rotation must be sent in the direction of screed. In places inaccessible to the screed (near-wall zones, areas between foundations and equipment, etc.), concrete mix is compacted rammers weighing not less than 10 kg. Before resuming the laying of concrete mix after the break, the vertical edge of the hardened coating is cleaned of dust and dirt and washed with water. In the field of working joints and smoothing concrete seal to spend as long as the seam will be invisible.

After compaction, concrete and setting it to the point where the surface while walking are It follows easily produce a primary treatment coverage smoothers and smoothing machines SB-103 SB-170, equipped with wheels smoothers. Formed during the initial processing finishing the horizon are corrected minor defects in laying and compacting concrete. At the end of 6.1 h after the initial processing of produce secondary processing machine with cover-135, SB-170, OM-700 as a working body which used blades.

Aggressive Media

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

The corrosion rate of metals and metal coatings in atmospheric conditions is determined by the combined action of several factors: the presence on the surface phase and adsorption films of moisture, air pollution korrozionnoagressivnymi substances, changes in air temperature and the metal, the formation of corrosion products and other assessment and calculation of the corrosion rate should be based on the length and material the corrosive effects of the metal the most aggressive factors. Depending on the factors influencing the rate of corrosion, it is appropriate following division of the operating conditions of metals subjected to atmospheric corrosion: 1. Enclosed with the internal sources of heat and moisture (heated rooms), 2. Enclosed with no internal sources of heat and moisture (unheated rooms), 3. The open atmosphere.

On degree of exposure to metals corrosion protection should be divided into non-aggressive, slightly aggressive, and sredneagressivnye silnoagressivnye. To determine the degree of aggressiveness in atmospheric corrosion Wednesday must take into account the operating conditions of metal structures and buildings. The degree of aggressiveness of the environment in relation to structures within the heated and unheated buildings, buildings without walls and constantly aerated buildings defined by the possibility of moisture condensation, as well as temperature and humidity conditions and the concentration of gas and dust inside the building. The degree of aggressiveness of the environment in relation to structures in the open air, not protected from direct contact with precipitation, the climate zone and the concentration of gases and dust in the air. Taking into account the influence of meteorological factors and aggressive gases developed classification of the degree of aggressiveness of media in relation to the structural metal, which are presented in Table 1. Thus, the protection of metallic structures from corrosion is determined by the aggressiveness conditions of their ekspluatatsiiyu. The most reliable protective systems of metal structures are aluminum and zinc coatings.

Repair Services

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

If the house is owned by you are in need of repair, most trusted adviser and assistant in this matter will make the repair and construction company "Union". Priority construction and repair services which provides the organization for the restoration of this house: a variety of facade work, for example repair of the facade and insulation of the facade, roofing and roof repair, and much more. In our company you will be able to order works that require the use of such a complex type of work as industrial climbing. For such work to include insulation and sealing the joints between the panels, cleaning the roof surface of ice and snow, heat insulation of facades, and finally installation of outdoor advertising. On multi-story buildings in the panel the gradual shrinkage of the building located between the panels joints can lose their integrity and impermeability, resulting in summer season in such joints will leak water, and in winter – cold. On the system "insulated joint" our employees professionally and efficiently insulated and sealed seams interpanel that much reduce heat loss, and and hence the cost of heating the room. Repair of facade and insulation of the facade by means of technology 'wet front' and 'ventilated facades "that can ensure reliable safety heat indoors.

We will accomplish for you what you want, repair facade work, including cladding and stucco facade, the removal of salt build-up, painting the facade, and so forth, so that the safety and appearance from the outside of the building greatly benefit. In our organization, you also get the opportunity to make an order to install what you like outdoor advertising, including neon "glowing" advertising and banner advertising of any size and on whatever height above ground level. Cleaning the roof surface of icicles and snow, resulting in bodily injury to passers-by still quite dangerous for a man unaccustomed to this work and this work is also desirable to entrust the running for We specialists. In addition, the company "Union" is engaged in, including other roofing works, which include the installation of completely new roof from a variety of superkachestvennyh intended for mounting roofs and walking up to date technology, as well as roof repairs, which strengthens the roof waterproofing in other words, protects against penetration of precipitation: rain, snow, etc., and significantly increases durability and service life of the roof. Thus, in the case of your contacting us, you can get the entire set of construction and repair work performed by an extremely short time, with maximum quality and professionalism.

Solvents For Paints And Varnishes

Friday, September 8th, 2017

In many industries, it is impossible to do without organic solvents. This hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters and others. Currently, the industry commonly used solvents, 646, 647, 649, 650, solvent R-4 or R-4A, solvents, R-5 or P-5A, solvent, turpentine, xylene, Nefras (white spirit), acetone and various washes, which are, in fact, are complex solvents. We remind you that when working with any type of solvent you need to know that there are certain safety requirements that must be followed when working with chemicals. Some solvents cause poisoning, lead to other skin diseases. Compliance with regulations safety when working with solvents – a prerequisite for any kind of work. Solvents for paints used in order to give the desired viscosity of paint materials. However, all coatings are subdivided into different groups: this is oil, bitumen, and pentaphthalic nitrocellulose lacquers and paints.

For each of these groups has developed a special solvent. Remover (SP-6 SP-7) – is the best solvent for varnishes. Also, these substances are used, when to remove old paint on the basis of oil (MA-15) or enamel (PF-115 PF-223) dye. White spirit is used for thinning oil paints (MA-15), enamels and varnishes, some other coatings, primers, varnishes and bitumen materials fillers, preservatives, auto, and manufacturing equipment for washing after using the oil, alkyd, enamel pentaphthalic. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Paul Craig Roberts or emailing the administrator. Solvent is generally suitable for dissolving oils and bitumen, rubber, melaminoalkidnyh paints (ML-165, ML-92 varnish). Xylene oil – used as a solvent for insulating enamels and varnishes, lacquers organosilicon materials based on epoxy resins (EP-0199). Xylol refers to the 3 (third) class of danger according to the degree of human exposure, in addition it is flammable and explosive material.

The structure of complex solvents, such as R-4 or R-4A R-5 or P-5A, 646, 647, 648 is acetone. Acetone used as a solvent to dissolve the separate resins, oils, epoxy resins, vinyl chloride, chlorinated rubber. Can also be used in technological process for coloring surfaces for degreasing. It should be keep in mind that acetone is included in the list of Russia's precursor – the components for the manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances – and requires no special rules governing the storage, transportation and sales. The combined solvents (as called "license" from number 645 to number 651, P-4, P 5, P-4A, P-5A) are produced for different household needs, in small packaging can be found in any specialty store. Perhaps the most well known is the solvent 646. Anyone who has ever dealt with the paint work, is aware of a solvent 646. His production has been established in accordance with recipes and more technology in the XX century. Cchitaetsya that he needed only as a diluent and nitroenamels nitro lacquer. Much later revealed his versatility. Solvent 646 is used for dilution of whole groups of paints to the desired viscosity, as well as for cleaning paint tools and equipment after paint work. As part of 646-present: toluene, ethanol, butyl acetate, butanol, acetone. Solvent 646 is used mostly for diluting nitroenamels (SC-132) and nitro lacquer (NC-218 NC-243). To dissolve the epoxy and glyptal formulations (eg, primers GF-021) is recommended solvent 649, 650, or solvent, although solvent 646 in rare cases, you can use too. After drying, the coating acquires an extra shine due to the solvent. P-4 is a mixture of solvents containing toluene and acetone (combined). Solvent R-4 is applicable to dilute the paints based on alkyd resins (AU), pentaphthalic, glyptal (PF, FB) or XB and XC trains. P – 5 A is applicable to dilute perchlorovinyl, epoxy and other coatings.

Duzhe Shvydko

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

Great klkst suchasnih materalv i tehnology znovu Well did give bagato varantv, ale optimal viglyada zastosuvannya m'yakih membrane roofing. Perevagi zastosuvannya armovanih the membrane ochevidn mtsny Tse, nadyny i dovgovchny materal – garantya virobnika vd 25 rokv membrane assembly is not vimaga trudomstkih pdgotovchih robt on the roof – yak maximum Tse pristry pdstilayuchih ball (OSB plywood abo at neobhdnost dodatkovogo insulation – uteplyuvach) Zvaryuvannya PVC membrane, to vdmnu vd bagatoh nshih roll materalv m'yakih for roofs, held spetsalnim povtryanim hair dryer, no whether yakogo vdkritogo Vaughn, scho robit robot povnstyu pozhezhobezpechnimi Vikoristovuvane zvaryuvannya to the membrane leading supplier of automatic and visokotehnologchne dozvolya dosyagati visoko shvidkost robots – up to 1,000 sq.m. per day; Practice pokazu mozhlivst vikoristannya the membrane is not tlki flat i malouklonnih dahah, ale i to dahah whether yako formation – napvkruglih (arch), kupolopodbnih, s great uhilami … Vikoristannya PVC membrane on the roof dozvolya nadyno gdrozolyuvati nayproblemnsh mstsya roofs – mstsya primikan to pipe i deflector lyukv, parapetv, krplennyam fence toscho Navt yakscho s membrane on the roof schos will, then vdremontuvati Duzhe Shvydko i awkwardly – privaryutsya patch, that the first god. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts by clicking through. Besides requires not zabuti podbati about those schob pslya installation zalishilasya small klkst membrane in yakost repair kit. Vartst pristroyu membrane roofing (s urahuvannyam vsh pdgotovchih suputnh robt i) is not something Duzhe perevischu vartst pristroyu nshih tipv roofs, and h i urahuvannyam dovgovchnost nizkih ekspluatatsynih vitrat roof s PVC membrane viyavlyayutsya slit th ekonomchnshe. Not kazhuchi vzhe about those scho s ts reasons tak roof slit i zblshuyut vartst samo neruhomost. Otzhe, repair roofs z zastosuvannyam armovanih the membrane in Duzhe bagatoh vipadkah bachitsya optimal rshennyam. Blsh optimal hba scho zastosuvannya PVC membrane vdrazu at pochatkovomu montazh Dahu.

Houses Wooden

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Today, along with everything known to us, coloristic log cabins, erected home from a bar, home made of logs, timber frame houses, which are no less comfort and convenience. And one can not but be glad that today we have armed with such modern technology that will extend the life of a wooden house, as well as by elements of decoration, give the interior a form more familiar ordinary man in the street: painted walls favorite color or wallpaper paste over, to make the lining of toilets tiles, as well as to install a hidden wiring. Wooden architecture – native folk tradition of our ancestors, and which today finds echoes in our hearts. Brick or block house not does not add the well-known sense of comfort humidity cold stone room, which appears in the case when the building was not heated and "damp" in the winter – in a wooden house, you do not feel, to the same cost Wooden houses are much lower. The walls are made of wood to breathe, without creating unnecessary obstacles to the evaporation of moisture.

Determined to start with the type of wooden houses, before making a decision. There are two kinds of wooden domovdomov. (As opposed to Clinton Family). In Some settlement is carried out immediately after their construction, the first type, the first vid.Eto panel, frame, wooden houses of unnatural dried logs or timber and profile of the house laminated veneer lumber, which the slats to be bonded and dried. Houses of this type have many advantages, and if not for their high cost and need considerable one-time investment of money, they would be very very attractive. The second category is attributed facilities, construction of which is carried out in two stages. This structure made of logs, processed timber and simple. Initially, the foundation is set box housing and is covered by a roof, often at least temporarily.

Peel Plastering Surface

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

If the putty will help irregularities are small, less than five millimeters, boldly Use the putty. Peter Thiel can aid you in your search for knowledge. With the help of small defects are easily removed, and the wall surface is suitable for any decorating. We use a mix for that plastering well lay down and was solid after drying, its composition must necessarily be included in the required amount of binder. Keep in mind that between the solution for plastering and brick wall surface is chemical reaction that provides the strength of attachment of the solution. If you decide to use the plaster cast, keep in mind that it does not react with the brickwork and at constant mechanical stress ( such as slamming a door) may simply fall off. Be especially careful with this stuff and use it better for the drywall. Before choosing a mixture for plastering, carefully read the instructions and recommendations on the application.

Be wary of repeating mistakes, if improperly performed work on the plastering of the walls can not only eliminate the existing defects earlier, but finally ruin their surface. Despite the apparent simplicity of this type of finishing and the ease with which the characters of different schools and repairing plastered shpatlyuyut everything in real life, high quality wall surface is the result of a high professional level. Undoubtedly, if desired, try all the work yourself, but pay attention to possible errors and defects. What are the defects does not make sense to list all the possible defects and errors, rather say about the most common, which include a cracking one Peel 2 Change in size of the room because of the too thick layer of plaster eternal question: what to do? The exact answer to it knows this master. The fact is that many secrets of skill and master them in a short article is impossible. Here are a few examples. 1 In a warm dry area before starting to wet the walls of two upper, front layer of plaster, called a professional environment, "nakryvochnogo" should not be on its thickness to be more basic layer 3 If the plaster is applied in one layer, it is necessary to flatten immediately after application to the surface walls when manually carrying out the work, and after setting for a mechanized process.

Country House

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Big shiny surfaces that reflect the sky, the trees or the urban landscape – the first thing that draws the imagination with the words "modern facade." Nowadays, technology allows the construction incredible spatial and architectural effects. By the will of glass facades of the architect can take on fantastic shapes: pyramids, cones, polyhedra with acute angles, or vice versa, with soft and smooth transitions from one face to another. Several straight segments, or with the use of curved glass curved surfaces are resolved. Such designs fit perfectly, not only in new neighborhoods with fully modern buildings, but also in the city center and the background buildings buildings of past centuries. Among the large number of modern materials used in the design of buildings, the most important now is aluminum profile, which is almost indispensable in the manufacture of facade glazing. With the latest technology in glass facades with aluminum all the structural elements may be hidden, and only the surface of a special glass will reflect the world around us, completely merging with it. The latest architectural trends in the development of facade structures are such that the need for aluminum profiles the glazing of buildings is quite obvious. Determined that the following factors: The use of aluminum in the glass facade allows you to make virtually any shape object, realizing the most ambitious design ideas.

Progressive architectural ideas include extensive use of translucent structures, windows, facades and vestibules – where a number of sparkling windows fused into a solid glass wall at the same time saving the cost of concrete, brick and stucco. With the recent lack of metal – a relatively high thermal conductivity and susceptibility to corrosion coped modern technology. The problem of condensation is practically solved by the use of insulated plastic (termovstavok) separating the inner and outer part of the profile and glass in the front glazing. In Europe and Russia have been certified by thermo characteristics translucent aluminum systems used in window and facade constructions. Aluminum is used throughout, and modern construction is unthinkable without him.

Painting Art

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Recently, television programs, often in surprising us with their designers the ability to draw. On the walls there are amazing pictures – strange beasts and fabulous birds, Egyptian hieroglyphics and figures Maya civilizations, unusual and forgotten places of our planet. These figures surprise and amaze us with their beauty. It seems that the room was transformed and filled with an unusual atmosphere. If you would like to know more about Peter Thiel, then click here. It seems that the ability to drawing is given at birth, or after decades of hard work. But you can become an artist for their loved ones and a few hours. Want to impress friends with his talent? Then master the art of the stencil. How do stencil? This is a simple way to completely transform your apartment.

Stencil is used for virtually everything. It is used for pictures on the walls and furniture, glass and crockery, clothing, and just at the fabric, ceramic and paper. Y real expert in his field with the stencil on the walls there are amazing pictures and this is absolutely not necessary finish art school. If you already want to master this art, it is reasonable to question about it, where to take this same pattern and reflective paint for him. Theme colors will be discussed below, and about themselves stencils we talk now.

The easiest way – is to buy them. They are sold in art stores and even online retailers. But it is not always possible to find the picture you like and come to your interior. How to make a stencil? In this case, you can make yourself a stencil. And it is quite difficult and certainly exactly none of this will be no more. Thus, we learn to make their own stencils. Select your favorite picture. And while you're not a guru in stencils, it is best to start with a simple drawing. It can draw on their own, and can be transferred to a sheet of carbon paper with any book or magazine.