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September 5th, 2014 by Rosemary
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Used for all types of facade and landscaping, as well as for interior decoration. Face brick has a low moisture absorption and, consequently, a high resistance to frost. Different quality front surface. It is characterized by diversity of shapes, colors, and even pictures. Quality facing bricks does not depend on its color, so you can safely choose any color you like. But we need to bear in mind that all of the necessary bricks of one color (the standard) must be purchased at once, as even a small difference between the hue is not noticeable when you buy, be clearly seen later in the construction. To the building was erected the same strength, facing brick to choose the same brand as a private.

It should be facing brick to order more ordinary. Special brick. Designed for use in special conditions. To him is especially true firebrick. Most often it is used for the construction of stoves, chimneys, fireplaces, etc. and is made from heat-resistant chamotte clay.

Acid-resistant brick is different high resistance to acids and alkalis. The technology of its creation is more complicated, but the charge is composed of a mixture of white clay and various silicates. Clinker brick clinker or just has a high resistance to wear, so used in the construction areas, steps, ramps, etc. It is produced by compressing the dry red clay and then firing at 1100OS. It should be noted that all types of brick has a convenient size. It is convenient to take with one hand. Bricks stacked along the length of two bricks in width, taking into account the 1 cm seam. But depending on the thickness of the bricks have a wider range and can be: 1. Single, size 250 x 120 x 65 mm. 2. Sesquioxides, or thick, size 250 x 120 x 88 mm. Save time and expense of the solution construction.

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