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Rockwool Heater

Thursday, August 11th, 2022

Which to choose a heater – a question that becomes relevant as with the full construction and during repairs of a small country house or cottage. It seems that the deal in the range of grades and producers is difficult – but only if you do not know the technical and operational characteristics inherent in a heater from a manufacturer. In this sense, the more products available, the better to solve the problem of choice of insulation. On the Web site 'Heat Bargaining', with all the variety of heaters and brands to choose the right product easier at times – for every problem there is a heater or a group. On the contrary, if we have to choose insulation of a small range, the limitation of choice may lead to what use will not mark those who really need: parkas, designed for the roof, though able to protect against heat the walls, but will last for long.

Among the products of global brands and leaders in the manufacture of heaters, the most famous four. A related site: Shaw Family mentions similar findings. This parkas, Rockwool, Knauf and, of course, Urs. All the products of these brands are made of mineral fibers, which may be better to just slabs of polystyrene foam. However, if the heaters are Ursa universal, meaning they can be used for any work (insulation of facades, internal walls and ceilings), the same parkas focuses almost exclusively on light ceiling insulation and thermal insulation materials for roofs. Choosing a heater, keep in mind that it is desirable to use construction of a facility of production of the same brand. That is, if we chose a heater, for example, Urs for the facade (the mineral wool, characterized by high density and strength), then ceiling construction and interior walls should equip with products Urs. Typically, the technical characteristics of the product of any brand can do it.

Aggressive Media

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

The corrosion rate of metals and metal coatings in atmospheric conditions is determined by the combined action of several factors: the presence on the surface phase and adsorption films of moisture, air pollution korrozionnoagressivnymi substances, changes in air temperature and the metal, the formation of corrosion products and other assessment and calculation of the corrosion rate should be based on the length and material the corrosive effects of the metal the most aggressive factors. Depending on the factors influencing the rate of corrosion, it is appropriate following division of the operating conditions of metals subjected to atmospheric corrosion: 1. Enclosed with the internal sources of heat and moisture (heated rooms), 2. Enclosed with no internal sources of heat and moisture (unheated rooms), 3. The open atmosphere.

On degree of exposure to metals corrosion protection should be divided into non-aggressive, slightly aggressive, and sredneagressivnye silnoagressivnye. To determine the degree of aggressiveness in atmospheric corrosion Wednesday must take into account the operating conditions of metal structures and buildings. The degree of aggressiveness of the environment in relation to structures within the heated and unheated buildings, buildings without walls and constantly aerated buildings defined by the possibility of moisture condensation, as well as temperature and humidity conditions and the concentration of gas and dust inside the building. The degree of aggressiveness of the environment in relation to structures in the open air, not protected from direct contact with precipitation, the climate zone and the concentration of gases and dust in the air. Taking into account the influence of meteorological factors and aggressive gases developed classification of the degree of aggressiveness of media in relation to the structural metal, which are presented in Table 1. Thus, the protection of metallic structures from corrosion is determined by the aggressiveness conditions of their ekspluatatsiiyu. The most reliable protective systems of metal structures are aluminum and zinc coatings.

Repair Services

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

If the house is owned by you are in need of repair, most trusted adviser and assistant in this matter will make the repair and construction company "Union". Priority construction and repair services which provides the organization for the restoration of this house: a variety of facade work, for example repair of the facade and insulation of the facade, roofing and roof repair, and much more. In our company you will be able to order works that require the use of such a complex type of work as industrial climbing. For such work to include insulation and sealing the joints between the panels, cleaning the roof surface of ice and snow, heat insulation of facades, and finally installation of outdoor advertising. On multi-story buildings in the panel the gradual shrinkage of the building located between the panels joints can lose their integrity and impermeability, resulting in summer season in such joints will leak water, and in winter – cold. On the system "insulated joint" our employees professionally and efficiently insulated and sealed seams interpanel that much reduce heat loss, and and hence the cost of heating the room. Repair of facade and insulation of the facade by means of technology 'wet front' and 'ventilated facades "that can ensure reliable safety heat indoors.

We will accomplish for you what you want, repair facade work, including cladding and stucco facade, the removal of salt build-up, painting the facade, and so forth, so that the safety and appearance from the outside of the building greatly benefit. In our organization, you also get the opportunity to make an order to install what you like outdoor advertising, including neon "glowing" advertising and banner advertising of any size and on whatever height above ground level. Cleaning the roof surface of icicles and snow, resulting in bodily injury to passers-by still quite dangerous for a man unaccustomed to this work and this work is also desirable to entrust the running for We specialists. In addition, the company "Union" is engaged in, including other roofing works, which include the installation of completely new roof from a variety of superkachestvennyh intended for mounting roofs and walking up to date technology, as well as roof repairs, which strengthens the roof waterproofing in other words, protects against penetration of precipitation: rain, snow, etc., and significantly increases durability and service life of the roof. Thus, in the case of your contacting us, you can get the entire set of construction and repair work performed by an extremely short time, with maximum quality and professionalism.

Duzhe Shvydko

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

Great klkst suchasnih materalv i tehnology znovu Well did give bagato varantv, ale optimal viglyada zastosuvannya m'yakih membrane roofing. Perevagi zastosuvannya armovanih the membrane ochevidn mtsny Tse, nadyny i dovgovchny materal – garantya virobnika vd 25 rokv membrane assembly is not vimaga trudomstkih pdgotovchih robt on the roof – yak maximum Tse pristry pdstilayuchih ball (OSB plywood abo at neobhdnost dodatkovogo insulation – uteplyuvach) Zvaryuvannya PVC membrane, to vdmnu vd bagatoh nshih roll materalv m'yakih for roofs, held spetsalnim povtryanim hair dryer, no whether yakogo vdkritogo Vaughn, scho robit robot povnstyu pozhezhobezpechnimi Vikoristovuvane zvaryuvannya to the membrane leading supplier of automatic and visokotehnologchne dozvolya dosyagati visoko shvidkost robots – up to 1,000 sq.m. per day; Practice pokazu mozhlivst vikoristannya the membrane is not tlki flat i malouklonnih dahah, ale i to dahah whether yako formation – napvkruglih (arch), kupolopodbnih, s great uhilami … Vikoristannya PVC membrane on the roof dozvolya nadyno gdrozolyuvati nayproblemnsh mstsya roofs – mstsya primikan to pipe i deflector lyukv, parapetv, krplennyam fence toscho Navt yakscho s membrane on the roof schos will, then vdremontuvati Duzhe Shvydko i awkwardly – privaryutsya patch, that the first god. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts by clicking through. Besides requires not zabuti podbati about those schob pslya installation zalishilasya small klkst membrane in yakost repair kit. Vartst pristroyu membrane roofing (s urahuvannyam vsh pdgotovchih suputnh robt i) is not something Duzhe perevischu vartst pristroyu nshih tipv roofs, and h i urahuvannyam dovgovchnost nizkih ekspluatatsynih vitrat roof s PVC membrane viyavlyayutsya slit th ekonomchnshe. Not kazhuchi vzhe about those scho s ts reasons tak roof slit i zblshuyut vartst samo neruhomost. Otzhe, repair roofs z zastosuvannyam armovanih the membrane in Duzhe bagatoh vipadkah bachitsya optimal rshennyam. Blsh optimal hba scho zastosuvannya PVC membrane vdrazu at pochatkovomu montazh Dahu.

Country House

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Big shiny surfaces that reflect the sky, the trees or the urban landscape – the first thing that draws the imagination with the words "modern facade." Nowadays, technology allows the construction incredible spatial and architectural effects. By the will of glass facades of the architect can take on fantastic shapes: pyramids, cones, polyhedra with acute angles, or vice versa, with soft and smooth transitions from one face to another. Several straight segments, or with the use of curved glass curved surfaces are resolved. Such designs fit perfectly, not only in new neighborhoods with fully modern buildings, but also in the city center and the background buildings buildings of past centuries. Among the large number of modern materials used in the design of buildings, the most important now is aluminum profile, which is almost indispensable in the manufacture of facade glazing. With the latest technology in glass facades with aluminum all the structural elements may be hidden, and only the surface of a special glass will reflect the world around us, completely merging with it. The latest architectural trends in the development of facade structures are such that the need for aluminum profiles the glazing of buildings is quite obvious. Determined that the following factors: The use of aluminum in the glass facade allows you to make virtually any shape object, realizing the most ambitious design ideas.

Progressive architectural ideas include extensive use of translucent structures, windows, facades and vestibules – where a number of sparkling windows fused into a solid glass wall at the same time saving the cost of concrete, brick and stucco. With the recent lack of metal – a relatively high thermal conductivity and susceptibility to corrosion coped modern technology. The problem of condensation is practically solved by the use of insulated plastic (termovstavok) separating the inner and outer part of the profile and glass in the front glazing. In Europe and Russia have been certified by thermo characteristics translucent aluminum systems used in window and facade constructions. Aluminum is used throughout, and modern construction is unthinkable without him.

Panel Home

Monday, December 29th, 2014

Control Panel – the “brain” smart home. The central device that scans and interprets radio signals from all devices. Control Panel – the “brain” smart home. The central device that scans and interprets radio signals from all devices. Gas leak detectors.

Used to determine the leakage of gas. Usually has a siren and an automatic alarm at the termination of the gas concentration falls below a certain value. Sensor flooding. Used to determine the water leaking into the room. Often a delay to prevent false alarms caused by high humidity. Smoke detector.

Is used to detect smoke and has an internal siren. Acoustic glass break sensor. Device which determines the breaking of glass in a wide range of frequencies. Detects even breaking through the barriers. Wireless siren. Serves to alert is triggered or that sensor has a memory and anxiety. Passive infrared detector. A motion sensor with a high degree of protection from interference and control of the lower band. IR – detector “blind” to the analysis of motion vector. A device designed for motion control with a narrow zone of detection. For example, sending the sensor window, the user can easily move around. Interphone. A device designed to implement hands-free communication between rooms. Wireless repeater. Device to enhance the radio coverage area of the “smart home”. Single-channel transmitter. Keychain, performing one of the options. As a rule, is used as a panic button. Remote control. Used to perform basic system functions: arming, disarming, device control home automation, supply anxiety. Wireless keyboard. Device to control up to 16 modules of finite home automation, arming one button, disarm + function submitting an alarm. 4-channel transmitter. The device that performs 5 functions (3 modes of taking on the protection, control modules by end home automation and feed anxiety). Magnitokontakt. Switch with spring contacts of a ferromagnetic material, designed to monitor the status of doors and windows. Triggered by opening them.

Building Construction

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Used for all types of facade and landscaping, as well as for interior decoration. Face brick has a low moisture absorption and, consequently, a high resistance to frost. Different quality front surface. It is characterized by diversity of shapes, colors, and even pictures. Quality facing bricks does not depend on its color, so you can safely choose any color you like. But we need to bear in mind that all of the necessary bricks of one color (the standard) must be purchased at once, as even a small difference between the hue is not noticeable when you buy, be clearly seen later in the construction. To the building was erected the same strength, facing brick to choose the same brand as a private.

It should be facing brick to order more ordinary. Special brick. Designed for use in special conditions. To him is especially true firebrick. Most often it is used for the construction of stoves, chimneys, fireplaces, etc. and is made from heat-resistant chamotte clay.

Acid-resistant brick is different high resistance to acids and alkalis. The technology of its creation is more complicated, but the charge is composed of a mixture of white clay and various silicates. Clinker brick clinker or just has a high resistance to wear, so used in the construction areas, steps, ramps, etc. It is produced by compressing the dry red clay and then firing at 1100OS. It should be noted that all types of brick has a convenient size. It is convenient to take with one hand. Bricks stacked along the length of two bricks in width, taking into account the 1 cm seam. But depending on the thickness of the bricks have a wider range and can be: 1. Single, size 250 x 120 x 65 mm. 2. Sesquioxides, or thick, size 250 x 120 x 88 mm. Save time and expense of the solution construction.