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Motorola KRZR

Monday, March 30th, 2015

The screen is placed just two lines: the main and status. The core contains the date and time, as well as information about the scrolls incoming calls and messages, the status displays battery indicator, signal strength, the icon of the received message, the arrow missed, and other service icons. Highlighting the external screen can change the phone settings, the owners will be available 7 colors backlight. They all look pretty nice, bright and spectacular. The main phone screen has a resolution of 176 x 220 pixel resolution, made on the TFT active matrix, and supports 262K colors and shades. The image is easily visible at different viewing angles and in contact with the screen bright sunlight. Built-in camera on the 1.3 Mpix allows you to capture resolution up to 1280×1024 pixels. However, phone does not have built-in flash so at night the quality of photos is not necessary to have.

Multishot camera allows, the matrix film and video in format 3gp, a powerful processor allows you to shoot fast moving objects. Another novelty from Samsung – "clamshell" Samsung SGH-E790 – remarkable mirror like surface finish Motorola KRZR. Mirror external panel looks very stylish and elegant. By external panel "cast" model has become more streamlined E790. As in the previous two updates to the external screen is OLED-technology, has 16 shades of blue.

In addition, to novelties include Samsung SGH-E480. 1.3 megapixel camera in this model is not strongly differs from its predecessors, but very pleased with its functionality. The camera has four shooting modes: normal, multisemka, the matrix and the night mode, and allows you to take pictures with the quality SXGA (1280×1024 pixels).. Except different modes can be applied and a variety of special effects: black and white, negative, sepia, emboss, sketch, orange, water, red focus, Yellow focus, Blue focus. To summarize all four new models Samsung (E480, E790, E490 and E870). All models belong to the class "clamshells." Immediately be noted that in all these models have Bluetooth, and at E490 and infrared (Irda). Models E480, E790 and E870 have a TFT display with 262K colors, E490 display supports 65k colors. E870 stands out on compared to other models that have built-in 1.3 megapixel camera, 2 megapixel camera. All devices are supported memory cards microSD. In the Samsung E790 internal memory of 80 MB, Samsung E870 – 88Mb. Each phone has a loudspeaker function, the ability to shoot video, MP3 player, supports these types of messages to be sent as SMS, EMS and E-mail.


Sunday, March 29th, 2015

All to this surrender universopara to try the great influence of its workmanships on the pblicoleitor or, simply, to be awarded for a ouvisita commentary that it of stimulaton for the composition of one another page. Pormeio of this tool of communication, Brazil if discloses as one pasde reading of poets, contistas and cronistas as much how much not to podamosimaginar. Taking care of to the new demand of literary and cintfica production, WEB oportuniza arrived of great talentos at the global sphere almost queimediatamente. Gwyneth Paltrow has firm opinions on the matter. New writers and new writers, having very queaprender, but dividing, democratically, the same inclusion space. Yes, because he this way has those that are giving to the first steps literary naproduo; they say: ' ' Bruno, gives one looked at and aqui says if this to me a poem mesmo' ' ; another one: ' ' It is a chronicle what I wrote or a story? ' ' ; ' ' This text serves to the New Coletnea? ' ' Optimum it is that all we are learning with this new reality.

I believe that an error would be an immense precipitation to judge the virtual processes deproduo, aculturalizao, a banalizaocultural. It wanted to see Brazil reading and today I see it going more beyond. um Brazil that reads and that it writes more. I speak exactly for me, agoraescrevo more, much more As professor of the public net, cujosalrio abens of consumption would hinder the access to any book at the cost of the extremely necessary abstinence, the eliterria digital inclusion propitiated for the net it has me fact, despite still algumaslimitaes, a happyer person and a renewed professional more. Amolivros, I love the text, I believe that much we have to improve, however, I recognize in these new times the great chance to serevolucionar the agreement and to form beneficial alliances for the futuroeducacional of the country.

How To Create Your Image

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Now it is often possible to hear the word "image". And in a certain context: "image politics", "image businessman," "the image of the star." One gets the impression that the concept of "image" has nothing to us, ordinary citizens, no relations. Image – it is something from the life of the rich and famous. But is it really? Let's face it. Indeed, what is "image" for a manager to the organization, university lecturer, newspaper journalist, engineer, IT technology or, say, a doctor and a marketer? In short, those who today are called "middle class". To answer this question, you probably need to define: what is the meaning of this notorious "image"? What is it? It is possible that this would be a good thing, it is suitable not only for "life at the top," but for our practical everyday life. Image – the word is not Russian.

To us it came from an English dictionary. In it, we take a look and. Article image can be counted more than 10 values. At first glance, quite unrelated: the mirror, and image, and reflection, and even an icon! How can you understand? However, in practice, communication developed a generally accepted meaning. Here it is: image – this is our way of eyes of others. Now tell me which of us is living a hermit and to any "other" does not communicate? I think the readers of these people find a little bit. Each of us as it looks in the eyes of others.

Passage De La Piedad

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

The passage De La Piedad, former name of the street that was renamed in 1901 as Bartolome Mitre, is located opposite the Church of La Piedad and is perhaps the best known and Moreover the most atypical by its plant in U. This plant allows to leverage the deep lots of 50 meters of Apple, through the generation of a parallel to Bartolome Mitre Street and that is attached to it by two perpendicular access. It is formed by two families of prototypes: those who are aligned to the facade with commercial premises on the ground floor, on the calle Bartolome Mitre and at both entrances, and those who have retirement of facade with porches that are located in the heart of the Apple. It was built by Arturo Gramajo, and desire for his wife Maria Adela Saraza of Atucha, between the years 1888-1900, on land inherited by her and which had been bought by his father, Jorge Atucha, fractions during the years 1853, 1854 and 1857. There was a long process of building, starting back – background – forward – front-; so far not be It has solved the problem of authorship of this project because of the location of the original plans.

Gramajo had acted in diplomacy, and during the Government of Victorino de la Plaza, took charge of the intendancy of Buenos Aires, from 1914 to 1916. In addition, he was President of the Commission administering funds, constituted in 1893, for the completion of the Temple of piety. The passage has several architectural styles of the era of late 19th century collecting Italian and French influence from the year 1880. Does this diversity not only responds to different moments of its construction but also to the own of the epoch and their inspirational eclecticism: La generacion del 80?, characterized especially inside the passage by the construction of typical gardens in front of building, its balconies and its bars. Access is vehicular, restricted by its small size. It works as interior Street. The constructed part is organized according to four apartment blocks, containing a total of 114 homes, of which 49 have access for the passage and the remaining on Bartolome Mitre, Montevideo and Parana streets.

Low plants, which give on these three latest, open to them in the form of premises. The units respond to a scheme practically similar, differing only those located in the corners of the blocks. Overlap grouped in pairs with a common vertical circulation and are turning towards the streets and a playground also common to light and air. At the end of last century Buenos Aires undergoes major transformations of its Hispanic layout, to acquire a distinctly cosmopolitan landscape. Incorporate large investments in buildings for rent and housing sets constructed for the same purpose, with internal streets which give you access. The phenomenon of the subdivision of land and its maximum utilization in urban areas makes up a reality to which architecture can not evade. The passage de la Piedad was enabled a party in 1888 and the rest of the construction around 1900, circumstance that he is noticeable in the styles of its architecture. In 1997 it was included within the Areas of historic protection of the city of Buenos Aires, rules created in 1989, which protects areas of equity such as San Telmo and Avenida de Mayo, for example, and that it will gradually incorporating new areas. Through a process of cataloguing the buildings are defined by their values equity, subject to protection levels and possibilities of intervention.

ATF Generation

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Promising fighter – are perfect systems of the future, members of which are already present in the U.S. armed forces and are at the stage of creation in our state. In the USSR and the U.S. image search Pperspektivnogo fighter began in 1970 when the fourth-generation aircraft – such as the MiG-29, Su-27, F-15s, F-14 – still held a baptism of fire. By implementing the program were invited to the most famous and Research Bureau. But at the moment, Raptor – the only the world put into service a promising vehicle. New aircraft must have a high combat capability than their predecessors. It is imperative multichannel firing at several targets simultaneously.

It is extremely important to ensure the visibility reduction Fighter 5 generations. Stealth technology include reduction in the infrared detection and radar ranges. They must be multifunctional and efficient for the simultaneous destruction of air, ground, surface and underwater targets. 5th generation fighter must have a high mobility and be easy to manage. They should have a circular field of information and be able to develop a supersonic speed.

An obligatory condition for the Russian letatelnou apparatus of the fifth generation was 'maneuverability' – a property to keep stability and control at right angles attacks and more. You can see that 'maneuverability' originally designated and the requirements of the American fighter of the 5th generation, created almost simultaneously with the domestic fighter program ATF. Later, however, Americans are faced with a formidable task lay in a fighter 'maneuverability', low visibility, a supersonic cruise speed, were forced to sacrifice the last (Maneuvering capabilities of American fighter ATF/F-22, probably only close to the level reached at the modernized Su-27 equipped with thrust vector control system). The refusal of the U.S. Air Force to achieve supermaneuverability motives, in particular, the rapid improvement of air armament: the creation of new homing, highly vserakursnyh missiles, helmet-mounted targeting systems allow refuse to necessarily go into the enemy's rear hemisphere. It was assumed that the war in the air will now be carried out at medium ranges with a transition to agile stage only as a last resort, "if something is done not so. "

Germans Floors

Monday, March 9th, 2015

As in many industries, the standard of quality designs for raised floors access floors are German (rised floor). German raised floors the most reliable and have the best performance. It is no secret that a number of manufacturers are buying raw materials from German manufacturers of raised floors. After that, bring to a semi-finished products and put their own logos. Failure to comply with production technology affects the quality of products. For example, the sulfate-calcium panels are produced only in Germany, and the manufacturers of other countries are purchasing these products from Germans and sell under its own name. Nothing illegal, but the price of products from the 'middlemen' will not hide this fact. Carry the raised floor design is also very important.

And on this quality depends, again the quality of raw materials (Methane) and compliance technology rolled metal. When a raised floor at the front, had brought from our nearest neighbor countries, notice the coincidence unpicked label with Chinese characters, then a smile on his face. And they say that the European money:). And they buy the bar, and rack they buy, and then what they are doing to yourself? Would also like to raise the issue of certification of products raised floors. Peter Thiel may also support this cause. Codes of Ukraine did not require compulsory certification raised floors.

But at the same time, to obtain permits and successful commissioning of the premises to be supplied to the object raised floors should have the test on the determination of flammability ('fire protocols'). Testing protocols for determining the extent of fire spread is desirable, but usually not necessary. But how many do not talk about product quality, but all the efforts of the manufacturer can be carried on the 'no' unskilled installation of raised floor. Service life, and all general impression of the raised floor depends on the installation of raised floor. By the first it may seem that nothing complex, but even such a convenient solution as a raised floor requires some knowledge to his Installation. As a result, proper installation of raised floor of the European quality must be no gap between the panels, the panel must lie in its cell density and did not 'slam', when it go, and all construction must create a perfect horizontal line. Recall that with the raised floor, regardless of the quality of the ground floor (concrete ties), the floor level can be aligned to an ideal condition.


Monday, March 9th, 2015

I understand your grief secular, Bialowieza Forest, Bialowieza Forest … The song – an excellent opportunity for yet another gift. After all, artists – the band "Pesnyary" – also Belarusians, and a CD with music of this ensemble will delight especially older generation. Good alcohol – traditionally masculine gift! Vineyards in Belarus does not have, but that's palatable and affordable fruit and berry wines with catchy names "Apple Honey", "Late love, "and others here do. You can please men, and health, by the way, it is useful, if used in moderation. But the traditional children's and women's gift – it's candy. Treat your child with sweets! There are many sweets, and similar to native sweets "Alenka", and quite Belarus – "Lyavonikha" and the famous Bobruisk marshmallows – it's just an exclusive.

Why Bobruisk? The fact that such a marshmallow made on Bobruisk plant "Red pischevik." Here believe that the marshmallows – exclusively Slavic treat. And it is worth noting that each year the plant increases the production of confectionery products. To complete the theme of "gourmet" gifts, it is worth mentioning, as a relative who visited Belarus, praised Belarus boiled rye bread "Narochanskiy", "Traetsk" and "Yublyarny." She argues that such a tasty, aromatic and healthy bread, it has never met. A Borisov, Minsk smoked sausage and jerked become the perfect complement for red wine. By the way, you can remember right now, what flowers intertwined with a wreath on the arms of the republic Belarus? Left – the flowers of clover on the right – flax. This is to ensure that county in the country really appreciate it. Also, remember that: According to many scientists, linen fabric, possibly the oldest in Mirela – a cold cloth and warm enough slaboLen is mixed with other fibers, but easily crumpled linen cloth So linen clothes for yourself, friends and her husband, fabric bags, embroidered, linen tablecloths and napkins decorated with traditional pattern, it is a real gift Belarus. But still so beautiful! You will have time to go? Do not despair! Bring home not only the wonderful gifts, but also a surge of emotion, good mood. Smile! Because the sun is in every man!

Dating Online

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

How to properly and correctly to meet on the Internet for free dating site! If a few years ago it was thought that the Internet ads are placed only old losers who could not find your soul mate real life, but now there is the fashion trend to get acquainted through the network, on free dating sites. Dating sites often hang out boys and girls who are too young to be recorded in the discharge rejected by loved ones. The reasons for the failure of online dating has a car and small truck. But the main thing – it is already mentioned above, the lack of seriousness in their approach to the process of dating. A lack of clear purpose dating.

All other causes, in most cases, only the consequences of these two. Nothing could be easier for anyone, how to get acquainted with the Internet you liked person, but for some reason online dating cause strange problems for many people. How to make a nice first impression on a potential partner? How or in what way his interest? Where to start, once signed up for free dating site. The most important thing is your pictures, because they must be really good quality, not made on a simple mobile phone, but at least on a qualitative digital camera, ideally – in order professional photographer. You should not be photographed against the backdrop of steep machines (especially foreign) and in large companies to praznikah (I'm fifth from left in the third row).

Light Aviation

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Flowmeter (with the dispenser) is designed for installation in vehicles sprayed fields chemicals, ultra low volumes (ULV). In particular, can be installed on machines having a board voltage from 9 to 16 volts, ie, automotive power. In our time, a widespread technique which make ulv (ultra low volumes) is the als (Ultra Light Aviation), ultralights, aircraft and land vehicles (any kind of lunar rover):) Name device already speaks for itself and serves to calculate the actual instantaneous flow rate in liters per hectare as well as sumarnogo fluid flow. It’s all about flow! And finally the main function of the device – this dosage liquid, or chemical solutions per hectare for a given preset. As you work all the presets can be easily modified. In the presets you can set the speed at which it only needs leash for the shedding of chemical solutions while standing on one place when driving speed is taken from the testimony of a gps module built-in dispenser. Just not a few important parameter is preset width.

Dosage happening in two ways 1-d) The main method of control duty-cycle voltage applied to the himpompu (shown in a very good side), 2 nd) Managing electro-cock The panel has 5 buttons (design of the case and buttons may vary) 1 button – bust paging modes (for each button goes to the next mode) 2 button – up or (+); button 3 – or down (-), 4 button – to save the settings or simply (s), 5 button – reset (reset) . The flowmeter has 7 modes: one mode – this is main mode display instantaneous flow rate and total amount of liquid spills. 2 mode – this map is the engine speed and voltage on-board network. When you click ok, return to the main mode. 3 mode speeds.

Here exhibited the speed at which you process. In the future when connecting gps speed will be displayed automatically, or rather with the navigator. The ok button saves and then goes into basic mode. A reset button puts default speed of 90 km / h. 4 Select mode of capture. Everything is configured the same speed. 5 ecm flow. Suppose you have a dimensional capacity of 100 liters, having spent the 100 liters if flowmeter showed 95 then you can easily buttons to adjust up or down to the desired value in our case from 95 to 100. Accordingly, uc keeps resetting expose defaults. 6 modes of selection of liquid flow per hectare. In the regime of hoppers passes from the main mode simply pressing the up or down. It is convenient to change the flow on the fly. ok saves and returns to the core. 7 mode puts the power start the pump. And displays the percentage of pump power at the cost. When you press ok button saves the percentage to start the pump.

Set Up A Coyote Linux Router

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

The 4th screen (actually would be the fifth, as there is an initial information screen only …) asks you to decide which type of connection you are using. If you got Fibertel for example, have to put DHCP, since it assigns you an IP Fibertel that way. The most common is to PPPoE, and then have to fill out a form with username and password for your ADSL account. It also calls for two nameservers, try them before asking your supplier. Here in Argentina the supplier does not usually say them (never understood why) and less if they are told it is for a linux. The solution was to say it is for a Macintosh, and I gave them to the two DNS right away (it seems that the old Mac if they needed or if the DNSs) The Hostname and Domain can be filled with anything. The next screen (5th I think) asked if enabled the DHCP service on Linux, which makes the internal PCs to the network is configured automatically.

Put yes and he will help, but equally if you need to put a PC with a fixed IP on your network no problems, going to live with the PCs that are configured via DHCP. Then in the 6th put screen asks which or which are red.Esta plates may be the most cumbersome if you do not know exactly the model of network card installed. Should be fixed before and note the chipset. One plate is the most common RTL8139, which in the soft coyote linux needs to be put as 8139too. The display 7 calls which will be add the language to use and it is passed to the Windows diskette creator. If the disk is of good quality is not going to complain. Only have the PC is armed with two plates network and disk drive, a plate is the ‘modem’ ADSL, and in the other the rest of the network. Put the floppy disk and boot the PC. There are PCs that do not accept boot without keyboard and there are others that can set in the BIOS that allows booting without a keyboard. If you do not have a PC of these will have to leave a keyboard attached forever. If it is an arm linux for others, and do not want to be sloppy about having to have a keyboard hook, you can disarm and put an old keyboard into the PC keyboard insert and is more verbose. He who has a monitor or not is irrelevant, but is usually good to see the boot process. y. .. A router-linux put to work!