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New Products

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Software catalog on! At this soft-portal you will find programs, games, music, movies, books, magazines and more vmozhestvo interesting section in which everything is available for download obsolyutno free! Under the program every day poyavlyayutya news and updates to existing ones. In the movies you will find the new film, and Section cartoons can be found for his importantly ialysha intereysneyshie and new cartoons, which will also be able download besplatno.Lyubite spending free time in the virtual world, in the Games section you will find new releases of popular games for PlayStation, XBox and your PC, inclusive. Bored with the monotony of your desktop, in Themes / Appearance You can find a variety of screensavers, themes, kotroye decorates your desktop to kompyutere.TAk, on you can share your news, and that is if you have something interesting you want to share with others, at this site there is a function dobovleniya news, which appear after validation for all users resursa.Demotrivatory-most popular on the Internet, and on you'll also find the best, which lift your mood and can even give something to think about to.Razdel demotivators, the best part for you! Love to read? Section Magazines / Books you'll find new, informative and interesting Chtivo.Obnovleniya every day and only the most interesting and available to download for free! Music is life, in the section Music are just new and popular collections of different genres of music, which, like everything in site, as available to you for free! Daily updates of software on the software portal Sofirus!

Macromedia Dreamweaver

Monday, June 6th, 2016

To choose the programming language and html editors. All programming languages are used in the development of websites, can be divided into two groups. The first are those that code running on your computer visitor, ie, in their browser. This javascript, vbscript. The second group can include those languages whose programs run on that computer, where the vebserver.

Here in this group include the language of the advantages of php php.Odnim is the ability to easily work with database servers. There is a large selection of different HTML-editors. This is a Front Page 2000, Allaire Home Site, Macromedia Dreamweaver, 1st Page 2000, notebook, SWB, etc. If you're just a beginner web master, it is easy to start with Dreamweaver and then later move to more complex editors, such as Allaire Home Site. The difference between these editors is that the Front Page and DreamWeaver are very bulky and can not be downloaded from the Internet. Front Page 2000 can be purchased with Office 2000 Professional, or on CD-ROM. It is also available on DreamWeaver. Well Home site and 1st Page You can download from any site with the software.

A notebook you always have on hand. Choosing the right graphics editor. Here, leading Photoshop. Very easy to use and has everything you need to create high-quality graphics. But there are other editors. such as Macromedia FireWorks and Macromedia Flash. What to choose depends on you. To each his own. The choice of browser. We are popular in runet two browsers – it is Microsoft Internet Explorer and . Since these browsers are totally different, then the construction site you have expect, what to your site will be sent to users and users of Explorer and Netscape 'and build a site so that the two browsers look alike. But now the masters became much easier to build your site, because Netscape the company is not withstood the competition from Microsoft and ceased to exist. Still, our users do not stop using, preserved in the old CD ROM copies of the program. And still the most popular browser on it, I Opera.No I will not stop. Choosing Ftp-rockers. The last stage of creating a site, it uploads all the created information to the server. Thus it is necessary to use FTP-clients. This Far Manager, Web FTP, CuteFTP, Arisoft Direct FTP, Total Commander, and others. It is very easy to I think the use of Far. It suggested that the most necessary. Web site promotion. If you do not have to go, you have to do site promotion. There are different systems of promotion – click clubs, service promotion, banner exchange and links advertising in ezines. Click clubs – this is where you write your address, then open up different sites and post their discoveries on your site gets a place on the sheet, and the new prescribing raskrutchika his address, he sees your site. Service promotion, you just tell them your website address, they need to do something, you're doing and you make the promotion of the site. Exchange banners and links – if you find a site with a similar theme of your site, you can share with them a banner or link. This may contact the webmaster of the site. Advertising in newsletters – there is mailing to easily be placed on you can credit you just let them know about it and everything will be fine.