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European Union

Monday, September 12th, 2022

Welcome to the blog of entrepreneurs. Starts an eminently practical blog for entrepreneurs. Learn more at: Rebecca Parents. I make an introduction to the topics will be addressed in which you hope to be a long and fruitful first stage addressed to the world of entrepreneurs. Two will be the topics that I’ll be developing. Very special topics for those who feel, or want to be, or are entrepreneurs. I’ll go combining posts in the blog with video. The first of these major issues cover from conception of the idea, its development, its implementation and its subsequent management and survival in the global world that surrounds us. I will try to be always more practical as possible, leaving long, boring and rhetorical theories which many already know or which can be known through books, courses and internet.

We go into social networks, marketing, internationalisation, growth and decrease, investments, resources, opportunities, decision-making, human capital, the presence and positioning on the internet, the alliances, purchases, sales, and an endless number of topics related to entrepreneurship but always away, far away from the books and manuals that abound in bookstores and on the internet and that as friends are all those who like to boast of his business wisdom and the immense which are their business and their companies. On the other hand, and as putting your finger on the sore spot I will go gradually shredding a myriad of business ideas, some of them from other countries that in some cases are directly applicable and in others must adapt to the reality of our nearest market. Other ideas come from my development and personal observation of needs and others find them around us, while we will try to improve them. This is an issue that I always attracted much and I think it will appeal to all those who follow me. I’m going to try to get away, wherever possible, of those ideas that require capital in excess or have a high technological component. I intend, therefore, which are ideas for the man in the foot, ideas that will allow close my eyes and see directly involved in them. For technological ideas or those that require large capital already there are specialized blogs and numerous grants from funds of the European Union and business angels. Business ideas that we’ll see anything have to do with start ups, big companies or business angels.

They have to do with the reality of hundreds of thousands of people that they want to undertake and must begin with a grain of sand. Because nobody remind you today it is easier to never start from scratch. Start from scratch is not an excuse to not undertake rather is an excuse for all those who spend their lives daydreaming and do not reach never port lost in the immensity of the ocean. From today, this thought, dear followers, must be banished from our minds. Start from scratch is a real business opportunity and so we’ll see. The concept that I follow when submitting videos is that they are not too long and that focus on something really interesting and practical: to give key ideas and that clarify possible doubts. I am convinced that it will be impossible to resolve all doubts with my explanations, either through the videos or the own blog. However, I put at the disposal of all the email that you will find on the blog so that you can contact me directly. I wish you to have a spectacular day.

Earnings On Affiliate Programs

Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Many times on the Internet come across sites that are built as a directory of information goods. Is a list of courses on DVD or versions for download with a description and a link to 'More …', which leads to a site's course. When only began work on the Internet, could not understand the meaning, but now I know. The whole point is that reference 'More …', is a partnership and if a visitor to this link goes to the site of the course, which costs 1500 rubles for example, and Is it the owner of the site directory receives from 30% to 50% of the cost of the product. This is an interesting way to work immediately with all the info businessmen Internet.

Advantage is that placing an affiliate link once, you can forget about this page, and then only to check mail, follow the changes affiliate program and enter the account partner, check whether orders. All the work order processing fulfills the owner of the course, or assistants. Shaw dad wanted to know more. The downside can call volatility of some entrepreneurs. Some of the info-business, starting an information business online, create an information product, newsletter, sells beautiful page good text and design, received the first money and stop working. Thus, it may happen that you are free to link to this course, and a month later it already can not be! I remember at the beginning of its activities in Internet, itself created such a site.

I had free hosting and domain name. Unfortunately, after a while, bent and hosting all my work with him. Because, for your projects recommend a paid hosting and domain of the second level in the area of RU. You may want to visit Jake Paul to increase your knowledge. Personally, I can recommend hosting from RU-CENTER and register domains at For over two years been using their services and so far no comments. Here's a way of earning on the internet I have described today. Work very interesting and without much straining.


Saturday, November 27th, 2021

Average – sets the type of the newly created document. Third – allows to create a new document from a set of templates, standard. To create an html page you need to click in the middle column in html. Page opens with a window called main window. If you do this for the first time – get ready – it's not for the faint-hearted! A heap of buttons, menus, bars, windows – you can plunge into despair. Read more from technology investor to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

But do not worry! Understanding will come with time, especially if you almost start working on the website. Want to get more specific help? Welcome to website! Yes, but what is our main window? Let us explain briefly what it was, the main window is. Since we do not have open web page – we see a page called home. At the top is a menu called the principal. In the right pane, we see a whole group of panels for different purposes separate from the rest of the window, thick gray stripe.

This so-called docking. In the middle of the band features a bright rectangle with a triangle, clicking on which you can expand or collapse the dock. Of the panels proved to us, for the initial phase of work will need two panels Files and css. In bottom of the window is a panel called Properties (Properties). With it you can edit the properties of the generated page. In this panel is the same gray band with the same designation as the dock on the right. In the upper part of the window under the main menu shows two panels – called toolkits. Immediately under the main menu bar is visible tool called objects, which is designed for fast premises on Web-pages of different elements. Below is a panel called the tools of the document – you can use to perform various actions on open web page. Here's an editor Dreamweaver In general, if you look, no big deal. And we can help you! Where? And on the site listed above! Help really, see for yourself!

Technology Web

Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

After adding a new cart and all the calculations take place immediately without reloading the page. When you feel that the cost of delivery may be critical to making purchasing decisions, the cost of delivery, or must be specified in advance or after the addition of the first item in the cart, the system should ask the visitor's e-mail code and automatically calculate the final price of delivery. 2. New thinking and goods, which declined from a visitor in this case, unfortunately, you can make a little! Nevertheless, provided that your site will automatically saves the contents of the basket, there is a chance that a visitor to return and continue shopping. Analysis of the page where the visitor left, is also able to help you determine the cause of withdrawal. Implement auto-save baskets in their sites! 3. Compare products, or browse this website In addition to monitoring your competitors' sites, and aggressive advertising, you should also create a website that will have more functionality and quality the contents of which will be higher than your competitors.

4. The total value of goods is too high again, when the basket is always before his eyes, and the final price is always considered automatically, the buyer will able to take a more informed decision. 5. Retention of information about products for later purchase in a time when the goods are added to the basket, he should automatically be saved without reloading the page. Provided the buyer is not logged in, ask him to sign as he leaves the site, using only the username and password, explaining that this will come back later and continue to make purchases on your site.

6. Too the long process of counting the final value, provided that you have this specific basket, all you need to make the buyer is click for the final count. This provides a simple form, which contains minimum required information for final counting. Filling in this form should be the last stage of the buying process. 7. Check availability of the goods during the final counting Function features described above, the basket will allow the buyer to find out if this product is in stock. 8. When calculating the final cost of the required too much personal information, e-commerce sites running on the basis of Technology Web 1.0, collect a lot of information about its customers, which presumably provides data for marketing research. Currently, those who buy goods over the Internet, do not want to just disclose too much information about yourself. Get rid of the temptation to ask questions not related to the final tally. All you need is a name, phone, mail and shipping address. That's it! 9. Inconvenient and navigation for a long time page load using the above technologies, you can increase the degree of interactivity, speed, and improve the quality of navigation many times. 10. Lack of information about a product or a contact phone number for contact should be always before your eyes! Use the form or add an interactive system of the goods. This will help you remember to add vital information about a product, if introduced into the database. Certainly, there are less significant reasons for visitors abandon shopping, but after the development of e-commerce site based on Web 2.0 technologies, many of these causes become relatively unimportant.

New Products

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Software catalog on! At this soft-portal you will find programs, games, music, movies, books, magazines and more vmozhestvo interesting section in which everything is available for download obsolyutno free! Under the program every day poyavlyayutya news and updates to existing ones. In the movies you will find the new film, and Section cartoons can be found for his importantly ialysha intereysneyshie and new cartoons, which will also be able download besplatno.Lyubite spending free time in the virtual world, in the Games section you will find new releases of popular games for PlayStation, XBox and your PC, inclusive. Bored with the monotony of your desktop, in Themes / Appearance You can find a variety of screensavers, themes, kotroye decorates your desktop to kompyutere.TAk, on you can share your news, and that is if you have something interesting you want to share with others, at this site there is a function dobovleniya news, which appear after validation for all users resursa.Demotrivatory-most popular on the Internet, and on you'll also find the best, which lift your mood and can even give something to think about to.Razdel demotivators, the best part for you! Love to read? Section Magazines / Books you'll find new, informative and interesting Chtivo.Obnovleniya every day and only the most interesting and available to download for free! Music is life, in the section Music are just new and popular collections of different genres of music, which, like everything in site, as available to you for free! Daily updates of software on the software portal Sofirus!

Google Tech

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

The users of smarthphones, iPads or proprietors of eReaders with connection to Internet, already have an entertainment more: the new social network of Google either has name, Google + or Google Extra, and or is in phase of tests. The expectation is much that is producing, and has waiting line. Ever since it the past made his appearance 6 of July has managed to catch the attention of means and users, becoming the social network with greater growth from the appearance of the first networks. Some of the main new features of the new social network are: Circles, Been left, Interests, its main bet is to order the contacts in groups, to delimit to the adressees of each message, that is to say, a platform based on social circles based on the criteria delimited by each user. It also includes the option to create thematic conversations, videoconferences and counts on an application for moving bodies for the Android systems. At the moment a few invitations have only been distributed, reason why everybody cannot accede to the new network, in the page Web of Google+ can be asked for the inscription in the list until new invitations are emitted, although will be necessary to hope to they send that them The vision that we have than means this new social network, at the moment, is little clear. We cannot venture the future, although it is clear that Google Extra comes very hard beating and that in days could only reach the number of the 20 million registered users.

How To Download Streaming (Live) Video

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Today, almost everyone is looking for online video sites like YouTube, Video Google, Break and VideoTube. Many visitors to these sites add their favorite video to his bookmarks (favourites). Many people want to download his video recording, but do not know how to do so and give birth to his account and store video to your bookmarks. But now I want to tell you how to download videos from these sites, you will learn how to download any streaming (online) video! Streaming (online) video streaming (Online) video – a relatively new technology, so let's discuss it before you start downloading. Streaming video – the video, which are successfully sold on the Internet. Video streaming allows you to view entries real-time. This means that any user can use video calls worldwide! Online video offers many benefits for Internet users.

With the introduction of this technology, a huge video video collection of bookmarks (video recordings) became available around the world. Also, online video provides easy viewing – you do not need to download software to view the video recording. Streaming video is played in any web browser! How to download online videos you think that video streaming is as easy as watching it in bookmarks? You're wrong! Downloading online video is much harder than watching it. When downloading online video you need to download it to your hard disk, which slows down the process a lot! But if you download streaming video then it will reduce the time required to search and view your favorite videos. Now you face a choice: to see video online or download it to your computer.

To download the video you need to copy the URL from the address bar of your browser. Next you need to find a site where you can download online video services like YouTube, VideoTube … Such a lot of sites, just type in the search for 'download videos from YouTube'! If you jump you will be prompted to choose the format in which you want to save the video clip. Most sites offer a wide variety of choice of formats: FLV, MPG, AVI, and WMV. The advantage of such sites is that you do not need to download additional software to download videos. Enough to have the Internet and a browser with support for Flash.