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The Engineer

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

Inspection constant the last passage of this protocol of the security, and perhaps most important, is the inspection that an engineer realises whenever the attraction mounts again. This test, that it costs between 80 and 150 Euros, consists of to verify that the assembly is correct and stable, that the operation in movement of the apparatus is optimal, that the electrical system is safe and that, therefore, is prepared abrir itself to the public. " Now we are asking that this inspection is again made two or three days from its installation &quot past; , it announces Oil mill. It is not necessary that the people in charge of the assembly have some type of accreditation. If one is a small attraction, the sum his proprietor and other members of his family; if he is a great one, like a hunting, they install specialists, but as much as others only receive a short course that offers the manufacturing company.

Permissiveness in the small towns " The security that is probably requested in Saragossa is major that the one that is requested in a small town, where they are more permissive because less normally older attractions go and " , it confesses Oil mill. The apparatuses of second hand on sale must have to the day their revisions and inspection and its certificate of manufacture. Although lapsing of the attractions depends on the fashions and of if they make ticket office, those that have more years usually they mount in small localities where there is less supply. The installation injured in had bought it to Villacaas did about four years. That model, the Extrem or Telaraa, is in the market for eight years and it had never given no problem, assures Oil mill. " We mount the attractions each 10 or 15 days, we coexisted with them, are a member more of our families. We notice if they make some noise diferente" , it affirms. Chain dumps in mires Oil mill complaint of which some city councils to them continue offering " opens of terrain, that become barrizale s when it rains to mount instalaciones".

For this reason, from CEIF they raclaman to the local administrations that " they put pilas" because they command to them to mount to any site. " They pass a little the subject, they are to us throwing to the outskirts and an attraction of 50 tons cannot settle in a field because if it rains it sinks until cogote" , criticism Oil mill. The feriantes ask that, at least, the land it is asphalted because if &quot are unevennesses; we must begin to wear the installation with tacos" , it explains. Source of the news: What safety measures have the attractions of fair?


Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

The present chapter is divided in: Beginning of the cenografia; Palco as cenogrfico place; Scene in the TV; Cenografia in the age digital.1.2. Beginning of cenografiPrimeiramente, before treading for the trails of the study of the virtual cenografia, becomes necessary one brief chronological analysis of the development of the cenografia throughout the millenia. In including way one sees that the cenografia was born together with the spectacle, not only with the purpose to fill a space or to decorate an environment, but with the power to communicate in set with the other elements. The first spectacles with the use of scenes had been carried through in old Roman and Greek theaters e, later, in the classic presentations of ballet and opera, amongst others. ' ' The term cenografia (skenographie, that it is the made up of sken, scene and graphein, to write, to draw, to paint, to color) if finds in the texts gregos' ' (MANTOVANI, 1989, p.13).

To cover a line of referring reasoning to the origin of the cenografia and its development until the current days, he is imperious to perceive its use in the theater. For Cogniat (in REDONDO, 1964), to locate itself as apreciador of the cenogrficas productions it is to follow the development of the arts and, even though, of the technology, understanding the innovations in accordance with the effective time. ' ' In the domain of that we occupy in them, the cenografia of the Theater falls, therefore, it enters the hands of skillful manufacturers, but not knowing to renew itself for itself, nor, over all, to enveredarem for a revolutionary, analogous way to the covered one for the other arts, which, however, were closely ligados' '. (COGNIAT, in REDONDO 1964, p.88) Of the above-mentioned words of Cogniat, it is verified that the forceful one affirmation not if distance of the reality, therefore the cenografia in the theater passed for a delicate process due to renewal lack technique of the theatrical designers of this time.

REHAU Furniture

Monday, February 17th, 2014

A collection of furniture edges and blind system REHAU Glass – a symbol of clarity, openness and spaciousness. Its use as manifold as the variety of options for colors. In the form of raw material, or simulations based on polymer glass is still one of the leading themes in contemporary furniture design. Making modern kitchen is almost impossible to imagine without clear or depolished glass surfaces. Developing range of original furniture shutters RAUVOLET VETRO-LINE, the firm REHAU offers an innovative solution for wall cupboards, to combine the first and incompatible: this glass and smoothness inherent in the system furniture blinds brands RAUVOLET.

In addition, the blinds RAUVOLET VETRO-LINE can be quickly installed in the cabinet body, which is another attractive feature for furniture. The company also REHAU is proud to present a new collection of furniture edges RAUKANTEX VISIONS. Furniture edge REHAU RAUKANTEX VISIONS – an innovative furniture edges, in which the perfect look perfectly natural glass combined with the unique characteristics of advanced polymers that can open new opportunities for creativity in the design of furniture edges. Edge REHAU (‘decor and storage program PVC edge REHAU’) from the new collection is presented in designs that imitate milk and bottle glass. The most interesting is a spectacular combination of imitation translucent frosted glass with aluminum or steel surface.

All of these variations futuristic edge REHAU RAUKANTEX VISIONS on glass surfaces, with their unique effect of depth achieved through the play of light on the radii and chamfered edges allow you to create original designs furniture designs. When using the edge of the REHAU RAUKANTEX VISIONS processing furniture parts look past the surface of the end as if their own parts are made of monolithic glass plate of large thickness, which gives the furniture a special solidity and originality. Special polymers used in the manufacture of edge REHAU, in combination with original pigments refract and distribute incident light at the edge material in such a way that gives the impression of internal illumination around Cantu details. In addition, trends in kitchen design is increasing demands for furniture parts, particularly the end surfaces countertops. In addition to multi-system solutions and innovative concepts of storage, which allows optimal use of available space, quality and durability of furniture, as well as first-class style, are now of paramount importance. As ever, focuses on the needs of individual decisions in the design furniture edges.

Serengeti National Park

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Plans to build a highway through the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania, will destroy one of the last major African wildlife sanctuaries and the world. In the journal Nature, 27 scientists have asked that I replantee is proposal for 50 kilometers (31 miles) of highway that they say will cause a major environmental disaster. According to the plans approved by the Government of Tanzania earlier this year, the trade route would divide into two the northern part of the Park, which is part of the Arusha Musoma road 170 kilometers in length, which is planned to start from the Tanzanian coast in Lake Victoria by Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Construction is expected to begin in 2012. Naturalist and many scientists warn that passing a road through the Park and the region would be altering patterns of annual migration of tens of thousands of zebras, Gazelles, 1.3 million wildebeest and species under threat. Using simulations by computer the Scientists estimate that if access to the nus to the Mara River in Kenya, blocked their number is reduced to less than 300,000. This would also lead to producrise more fires in grasslands, which would reduce even more the quality of pastures and their minerals, in this way the ecosystem can become a source of carbon dioxide in the environment and in the atmosphere. Scientists say that a different route could be carried out South of the Serengeti, this should be considered to preserve an area of 1,200,000 hectares that are world heritage of UNESCO.This alternative route could use an existing network of gravel roads and only 50 kilometres longer than the route proposed in the North. While they recognize that Tanzania needs better infrastructure to facilitate economic development, they argue that the road could harm wildlife tourism one of the main sources of income for this African country. Original author and source of the article


Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

We use a service already existing without paying for what could have been cheaper if not for the speculators. and you call us criminals. We explore … and you call us criminals. … We seek after knowledge and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias … and you call us offenders. build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat mentis country and making us believe we are good, yet recruiter we’re the criminals. ” “.” Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and what they think, not what it seems. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that never forgive me. I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You can stop some of recruiting us, but not all. “Manifesto of Mentorhttp: / / / pandemonium / articles / mentor.htm THE JARGON Hacker. Someone who enjoys exploring as force systems and capabilities, an expert in a particular program or code that writes enthusiastically, sometimes obsessive. It can also be a passion for issues not related to computing, such as a hacker of astronomy and, in general, who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creation and the ring of limitations. Phreaker. “Phone freak” (monster telefonico). Those who practice the art of walking by telephone networks, for example to make free international calls. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is can define the exact right guy for the job At one time it was a semi-respectable activity, an intellectual sales jobs game and a form of exploration, where the serious theft of services was taboo. Any change in the mid-’80s, when their techniques became popular. Cracker. Whoever breaks the protection of a system, whether a program or a machine. Term created in 1985 to defend the journalistic misuse the word hacker. Crackers groups tend to be small and secret. Is expected of a hacker who has practiced the “cracking” in a playful manner, for reasons of speed or benign. Script-kiddie. The lowest form of cracker. People of limited technical expertise using recruiting easy preconfigured tools to carry out destructive activities against the networks. Rim. Terms emerge recruitment from the world of BBS. Loser, copion ignorant. Someone who limps but does not give much information, which breaks a system or annoying to users.