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February 22nd, 2014 by Rosemary
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Inspection constant the last passage of this protocol of the security, and perhaps most important, is the inspection that an engineer realises whenever the attraction mounts again. This test, that it costs between 80 and 150 Euros, consists of to verify that the assembly is correct and stable, that the operation in movement of the apparatus is optimal, that the electrical system is safe and that, therefore, is prepared abrir itself to the public. " Now we are asking that this inspection is again made two or three days from its installation &quot past; , it announces Oil mill. It is not necessary that the people in charge of the assembly have some type of accreditation. If one is a small attraction, the sum his proprietor and other members of his family; if he is a great one, like a hunting, they install specialists, but as much as others only receive a short course that offers the manufacturing company.

Permissiveness in the small towns " The security that is probably requested in Saragossa is major that the one that is requested in a small town, where they are more permissive because less normally older attractions go and " , it confesses Oil mill. The apparatuses of second hand on sale must have to the day their revisions and inspection and its certificate of manufacture. Although lapsing of the attractions depends on the fashions and of if they make ticket office, those that have more years usually they mount in small localities where there is less supply. The installation injured in had bought it to Villacaas did about four years. That model, the Extrem or Telaraa, is in the market for eight years and it had never given no problem, assures Oil mill. " We mount the attractions each 10 or 15 days, we coexisted with them, are a member more of our families. We notice if they make some noise diferente" , it affirms. Chain dumps in mires Oil mill complaint of which some city councils to them continue offering " opens of terrain, that become barrizale s when it rains to mount instalaciones".

For this reason, from CEIF they raclaman to the local administrations that " they put pilas" because they command to them to mount to any site. " They pass a little the subject, they are to us throwing to the outskirts and an attraction of 50 tons cannot settle in a field because if it rains it sinks until cogote" , criticism Oil mill. The feriantes ask that, at least, the land it is asphalted because if &quot are unevennesses; we must begin to wear the installation with tacos" , it explains. Source of the news: What safety measures have the attractions of fair?

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