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Internet Platform EBay

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Again and again, German courts have dealt with the withdrawal for distance selling. Often, the decision to purchase the subject that have been spent on the online auction platform eBay. This is not surprising, since due to the high level of awareness and offer the wide reach of more and more entrepreneurs your goods on eBay for sale. This year, there has been a major decision of the Supreme Court in Berlin (decision of 18.07.2006 – Az 5W 156/06), which has apparently not yet reached every seller on eBay, because it came to the revocation in sales on the Internet. Prefix is that the distance selling rules generally cover only transactions between businesses and consumers. Especially with eBay, many sellers are not aware that they already appear as an entrepreneur, to understand oneself, but still a hobby shop. An interesting decision on this issue, there were only recently District Court of Coburg (Case, 19.10.2006 – Az 1 HK O 32/06 – hobby dealer orPowerSellers). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from incyte. Questions which may also be resolved by a lawyer online. In proceedings before the Supreme Court dealt with the revocation of an entrepreneur for its sales on the Internet auction platform eBay. Under his heading Auktionsabwicklung / terms he gave his clients include a right of withdrawal, which had to be performed within 2 weeks. A competitor objected that this instruction does not satisfy the legal requirements of the Act. The Supreme Court gave the competitors right. Although the instruction could be embedded in the terms and conditions, but that right is not just 2 weeks. Although the deadline is generally 2 weeks in § 355 paragraph 1 sentence 2 BGB, but notwithstanding this, but then one month must be notified in writing if the cancellation is communicated after signing the contract (§ 355 paragraph 2 sentence 2 BGB). Hardly understandable for the layman, the Supreme Court declared that the instruction is available on the Internet but before conclusion of the contract, but not as "writing" tois cheap. Text requires, inter alia, that the statement in a deed or otherwise, for the sustained reproduction in the appropriate characters, must be handed manner. Conclusion: Entrepreneurs should check your terms and if necessary change the withdrawal period to 1 month. In addition, you should have an audit of its website as part of a regular legal advice from a lawyer on legal pitfalls.

ECM At CeBIT 2013: Bpi Solutions Highlights Brand New Product

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

BPI solutions in Hall 3, booth D34/1 and J18 – data classification, archiving for SharePoint and mobile solutions sharing and sharing of knowledge, resources and experience as new forms of cooperation is in the focus of the CeBIT 2013. The motto of the CeBIT 2013 can be considered homage to the the documents and customer relationship management solutions. At the stand J18 OPTIMAL bpi solutions, tried and tested solutions around the ECM suite running shows systemECM with the theme email and document management, workflow, ERP and portal integration, contract and health management. At the joint stand of the VOI, D34/1, solutions for business process optimization on the basis of the DMS and Archiving Suite focuses on dg hyparchive. To effectively share knowledge and use, the structure of the data is increasingly important. Incyte has similar goals. Here the central enterprise data classification is dg classification, to significantly increase the efficiency of information management. The self-learning automated classification enables the optimal use and management of data and information on file servers in ECM-systems, SharePoint, E-Mail and others applications. Another aspect is the efficient management of the growing volume of data on SharePoint servers, which increasingly become the central information store.

DG office archives for SharePoint brings relief in your Microsoft SharePoint environment and allows any SharePoint objects based on individual rules for archiving. Inspire in conjunction with the Intelligent analysis software are rounded off by the DMS applications with workflow and process technology BPM smartFIX insiders. With the bpi sales performer mobile bpi solutions at CeBIT introduces 2013 a new highlight for mobile CRM. The bpi sales performer mobile provides solution iOS and Windows a mobile CRM for Android. The leading CRM application bpi sales performer simplified the internal cooperation between the individual functional areas, supports the continuous exchange of information with external partners and provides individual reports and detailed statistics for a optimized business planning.


Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

identity of a nation starts to become related it a series of elements that go of the language to the tradition, passing for myths, systems of government, belief, art, literature, etc., passed and present, exactly and another one, not being, therefore, a fixed and isolated phenomenon. It is the identity crisis that finishes placing the structures and the processes at risk central offices them society, shaking the old stability in the social world. In the last in this century, the phenomenon if repeats, literature, taken as symbolic expression, product of the culture and reinterveniente in the culture and history represents focus of resistance. For even more analysis, hear from doppler labs. It occurs, however, that the demography of the new times, the globalization, are the history of the migration after-colonial, the narratives of the cultural dispora and politics, the great social displacements. That is, each time more, the cultures ' ' nacionais' ' they are being produced from the perspective of destitute minorities, with the pluralizao of cultures and national identities linked. Being thus, it is intended to analyze the workmanship the Salesman of Pasts, of the Angolan writer Jose E. Get all the facts and insights with hilton family, another great source of information.

Agualusa, focusing the reconstruction of the identity through a memory, related with the question of the cultural representation African after-colonial. This study it is of utmost importance for understanding that good part of the Brazilian academic research if has come back toward problematic of the countries of culture and the language lusfonas, breaching with the old centramento, detainer of a iluminista cartesian thought of citizen, carrier of a fixed, ready and elaborated definition in a continuous process of the knowledge. From this rupture with the old paradigm, public laws and politics are implemented in diverse countries by means of the requirements of the Globalization, writers, theoreticians and romancistas, among others, start to ressignificar its speeches and start to produce new speeches, new inserted narratives in this new reality. d all the information.

Gifts For Halloween

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Any holiday – a perfect opportunity to have fun with all the heart, to present gifts to their friends and spend time with friends. Perhaps that is why we love birthdays, anniversaries of important events for us, New Year, 23 February and 8 March. These dates are marked literally all in this country, but experience shows that people of all ages with the greatest pleasure meet another reason to get together and celebrate something interesting. Especially if this You can not just gather around the table, but also to show imagination, ingenuity and flash briefly dip into childhood. And it gives us the possibility of such Halloween, an increasingly well-known and popular in Russia. Halloween celebrated on the last day of October, and since in our country it is not declared the weekend, many are looking forward to the end of the workday to go to visit or to a party at the club.

But before this necessarily need to go home to change, because the main "charm" Halloween is the costume – scary and funny at the same time. The holiday, which symbolizes the end of summer and beginning of winter, marked by the ancient Celts, who lived in Ireland, Northern France and England. It was believed that on the night of November 1 to open the border between the worlds of the living and the dead, and a lone passerby or a small company could attack the shadows of the dead. A the best way to introduce the ghosts astray, of course, to dress up in terrifying monster, which is actively used in animal heads and skins.

Repair Of Washing Machines

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Broken washing machine, water flows, and the pump is not working? Means required urgent repair washing machines. Unfortunately, a similar situation in our time, face, almost everything. Contact our studio, and we will solve your problem quickly and with a guarantee. Our workshop carries out repairs of washing machines and their connection (installing) in all districts of Moscow and Moscow region anywhere in any make and model. We also carry out urgent repair washing machine repair orders per day, which does not appear on its price.

Our master will come at a time that is most convenient for you. Do not trust the repair of washing machines for private masters who do not have any special tools, original spare no honor, no work experience. You may find that clinton family can contribute to your knowledge. We constantly see as broken washing machines, for various reasons. Of course, we can not say that the reason we become ourselves or improper use most often to blame should the water. Perform repair the washing machine with his hands better not, because it needs to have certain experiences, skills and knowledge, as well as specialized equipment. You should not look for the cause breakage in the first place, think of the repairing of his washing machine, resorting to the help of qualified professionals, repairmen. Agree, now can not imagine my life without this item of household appliances, because the owner is simply not enough time and effort. Brad Pitt has many thoughts on the issue. Of course, if the washing machine warranty period is not over yet, you should ask for repairs in Service Center.

One shop where you bought a washing machine, must perform warranty repairs for free. But as a rule, such a service takes a lot veremeni. If you need urgent repair washing machine, it is easier to call our workshop, which will repair quality washing machines in Moscow on the day of order. Our experts are in touch with you agreeing to the time of arrival, go directly to the address of the order, to come to his client as soon as possible. All repairs to washing machine will be conducted right at home in order not to hinder you. Carry a washing machine in the shop, simply makes no sense. We can offer repair washing machines brands such as AEG / AEG, Ardo / Ardo, Ariston / Ariston, Asko / Asko, Beko / Beko / eyelid, repair of washing machines Bosch / Bosh / Bosch, Candy / Candy, Electrolux / Electrolux, General Electric / General Electric, Gorenje / Combustion, Hansa / Hansa, Indesit / Indesit, Kaiser / Kaiser, LG / LV repair washing machines Miele / Miele / Miele, Samsung / Samsung, Siemens / Siemens, Silka / Silk, Whirlpool / Whirlpool, Zanussi / Zanussi / Zanusi. Replacement tena and drainage pump made by our craftsmen in the washing machine of any model directly, the home of the customers. With extensive experience working with clients in Moscow and Moscow suburbs, our service offers you the very best conditions for washing machine repairs – nezavyshennaya price and short deadlines. If the machine hit you a sharp set of drum rotations, as in the spin cycle in the "washing", or a washing machine does not drain, do not hesitate to call our experts. Rely on your washing machine repairs by our professional craftsmen!

Stone Crushing Equipment

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

YGE series coarse crushing movable crushing station is the new stone crushing equipment which is designed and promoted by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. This machine greatly of the coarse crushing field videos. Its design principle is that regard eliminating the barrier caused by the crushing jobsite and environment as the first important case and supplying the high-efficiency and low-cost hardware facilities. In order for satisfying different demands, the manufacturer provides buyers with all sorts of crushers including cone crusher, ball mill, crusher, hammer crusher impact crusher and roller. Every of them has its own functions. Do you know the mobile crusher? It really is a new sort of crusher. Incyte has plenty of information regarding this issue.

It has lots of positive aspects: (1) Its convenience and flexibility. It could move freely like a car in spot function. Its greater and smaller turning radius make it safely in highway drive chassis. Specifically for driving in rugged road. To a certain extent, it saves the transportation expenditures and time. (2) By adopting the two levels of crushing, its work efficiency is higher. The majority of crushers just crush a single time.

It cannot promise that all the supplies are totally crushed. In particular for crushing the challenging rock. The mobile crusher can stay away from that difficulty, for it chug two occasions. It prevents crushing more than and more than once again. It also implies that it saves the cost again. Its perform efficiency is going to be improved at the same time. So we will get far better impact. Moreover, it may do the fine crushing or coarse breaking based on distinctive requests.china dryer: mineral sand washer: (3) Compared using the regular oil injection, the central system is priming more hassle-free. Worker can add the oil without stopping the cone crusher. Hence, it doesn t operate the impact. (4) It s suitable for crushing the material with greater water ratio. And there is certainly no screen cloth, so it doesn t lead to blocking very easily. (five) It is equipped with some useful systems. Firstly, magnetic separation program can separate the metal from the concrete or asphalt. The second one could be the hydraulic dust removal program. So it keeps operate spot clean. Furthermore, it s equipped having a generator set. So it is able to function for a long time. (6) Its specific structure. It consists of feeding device, mobile rack, impact crusher, screening machine, power installation, etc. It forms a total broken stone production program. (7) There are other benefits. For instance: it really is simple to control and preserve; It really is an energy-saving gear; It nevertheless can work well even in rainy day. At present, it is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical along with other industries. Its characteristics unquestionably make us save a great deal of cash and time. Inside a word, it’s handy and practical. And I consider it’s going to take you a great deal of earnings. Deciding upon appropriate particular one among a lot of possibilities isn t an uncomplicated thing.


Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Each option is applicable to various solutions, and depends on the capacity of power supply, and on a number of opportunities arising from applying an appropriate drive. If the speed control range will not fall below 10% of the face, it fits almost any frequency converter, but if you want to slow down and continue to provide with the rated torque on the shaft, you need to ensure the ability of the frequency converter to provide the engine at frequencies close to zero. In addition, with a range of speed control is associated another question that needs to be addressed, – cooling the engine. Typically, induction motor (with a self venting) cooling fan attached to its shaft, so reducing the rate of cooling efficiency drops sharply. Some inverters are equipped with the function of monitoring the thermal regime with the help of feedback through a temperature sensor mounted on the engine itself.

There are other options to address this issue, but without the use of the frequency converter. Mode Coasting (inertial braking), similar to engine shut-off from the mains, while the process may take some time. Especially if it's high inertial mechanisms. With the frequency converter can be made stopping or deceleration of the motor with the transition to a lower speed in a shorter period of time. Perhaps several options: – to give the network electricity (regenerative braking mode) – do stop serving stator voltage at a lower frequency or dc voltage, then the excess stored kinetic energy to stand out in the form of heat through the radiators of the frequency converter and motor (braking mode DC) – run a stop or braking with brake chopper and a set of brake application of a method is considered primarily in terms of economic benefits.

Kenny Strikes Dack Mission

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

The chase runs relatively short, and a helicopter after landing on the roof of the house, mark the end of the mission. For her, you get $ 300. Mission number 22: Kenny Strikes Dack. Destine to a specified location on the map, it opens the gates: we kill all those present there and steal the truck. Mini truck to be delivered to the specified garage. During the execution of the mission you will get nothing.

On the map mark "K" disappears, there is a "H-Shield". Take the mission there. Mission 23: Weapons of mass distraction. Get into a car and go into battle. Advise stock up on weapons and ammunition.

The place of arrival, eliminate all aggressors, and float away from them by boat. During the mission, you again get nothing. Mission number 24: Street of Rage. At our place ment there. He sends us a sms with its coordinates: it fell into the trap and he needs your help. We are rushing through half the town to the place, join the company of three cops and start a fight with the enemy. For more information see incyte. Main task: quickly quickly conduct a special operation to free the cops. For mission you get into the hands of: Michigan with hundreds of patrons and $ 300 is not too pocket . On the map labels instead of "H-Shield" appears "K" – go there. Mission number 25: Missed The Boat? We go to the pier, they change to a boat and sail to the point.

Work Gloves, Also There

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

For all who are on the way… Roadie shop – free shipping work gloves cheap, even there. The roadie’s shop, for those who are traveling without shipping in December. You should use the opportunity and learn about the offers. ancial told us the story. It for example work gloves are offered, where the price – is right for money. These work gloves are specially designed for technicians and mechanics.

No matter whether in garages, industrial or handicraft businesses. Also, the special gloves in the event sector find rain usage. An optimal solution is free through the system your thumb and forefinger to the accessing offered without the glove must be pulled out. The materials offer an optimal mobility. Furthermore you can choose between different colors and an adjustment to the existing work clothing is optimally guaranteed.

Anyone looking for special equipment, such as Latthammer, of the highest quality will shop in the roadie find it. Who’s pages on roadie once on the road, can be Card at the same time inform the offer to the roadie. This card offers a good alternative it should have forgotten once his papers. Roadie-card – because it all fits: first name, surname and passport photo, birthday and place of birth passport number VAT number – only for self-employed tax identification number social security number… are health insurance and health insurance roadie-card number and date of issue with the roadie card you ideally equipped for authority checks on your job… avoid long waits and… your original documents can be safely kept. Hansch

Apache Greenstone

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

In the same way XML or some of their variant work with, as it is case XMLUI of DSpace, that it offers a controlled vocabulary that helps in index-linking, besides the freedom to choose most suitable, according to the institutional needs. It is possible to say, also, that as much Greenstone and DSpace, allow to create collections of different types from documents text eg:, in several formats, images, audio, et cetera. The information retrieval in all these managers it realises by means of the indices, generally author, title, matter and in the plaintext, as well as by means of navigation in lists or by all the collection, that can include the thematic one, authors, titles or other fields declared by the creators of the collection. The systems that support these managers are very similarities, Linux, Windows and Unix are the operating systems who all can use, or at least one of them, KOHA is most complete of all, since it allows to also work besides the previous ones with MacOs and Solaris. Financial technology often says this. Besides settling in Web servers like: IIS, PWS, Apache or Tomcat, like majority, with other options available. Once compared all the tools, it can affirm that Greenstone and DSpace, are those that present/display the immediate possibility on the interchange and the interoperability of software. In addition, although both tools have an ample community of creators around the world. Another advantage of Greenstone is that it uses east software for the creation of digital collections, and if to other they use it institutions, continuity is guaranteed and compatibility in the work of other units of information, then, Greenstone seems to be the option of election to create collections interoperable. Greenstone is highly interoperative because it uses contemporary standards, this it incorporates a servant that can offer services to any collection on protocol OAI-PMH, and can collect documents on this protocol and to include them in the collection, any collection can be exported to METS and can introduce documents in format METS.