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Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Each option is applicable to various solutions, and depends on the capacity of power supply, and on a number of opportunities arising from applying an appropriate drive. If the speed control range will not fall below 10% of the face, it fits almost any frequency converter, but if you want to slow down and continue to provide with the rated torque on the shaft, you need to ensure the ability of the frequency converter to provide the engine at frequencies close to zero. In addition, with a range of speed control is associated another question that needs to be addressed, – cooling the engine. Typically, induction motor (with a self venting) cooling fan attached to its shaft, so reducing the rate of cooling efficiency drops sharply. Some inverters are equipped with the function of monitoring the thermal regime with the help of feedback through a temperature sensor mounted on the engine itself.

There are other options to address this issue, but without the use of the frequency converter. Mode Coasting (inertial braking), similar to engine shut-off from the mains, while the process may take some time. Especially if it's high inertial mechanisms. With the frequency converter can be made stopping or deceleration of the motor with the transition to a lower speed in a shorter period of time. Perhaps several options: – to give the network electricity (regenerative braking mode) – do stop serving stator voltage at a lower frequency or dc voltage, then the excess stored kinetic energy to stand out in the form of heat through the radiators of the frequency converter and motor (braking mode DC) – run a stop or braking with brake chopper and a set of brake application of a method is considered primarily in terms of economic benefits.

Sorption Technology For Treating Industrial And Surfactant

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Currently, treatment of industrial wastewater using different technologies. The most common is the reactant, in which heavy metal ions (Cr3 +, Ni2 +, Cu2 +, Zn2 +, Cd2 +, Fe3 +, etc.) with an alkaline reagent converted into practically insoluble hydroxides of these metals and are excreted from the water by settling and filtration. As an alkaline reagent introduced into purified stock used soda (soda or caustic) or slaked lime Ca (OH) 2 (lime milk). Reagent technology has several drawbacks. First, the concentration of heavy metal ions and pH value (pH) in wastewater is constantly changing. Technology adjusting the pH rather inertial and can not ensure the timely change of the required dosage of alkaline reagent. This leads to an incomplete transfer of heavy metal ions in their hydroxide and breakthrough of these ions outside treatment facilities in the treated wastewater. Moreover, concentrations of heavy metals during their break-through in the form of ions can be ten times higher than the mpc.

Secondly, when using reagents increases the already high salt content of treated wastewater, which can serve as an additional obstacle for re-using them in technological operations. Translation of heavy metal ions in their hydroxide itself Technology by itself a good way, but implementing it by adding an alkaline reagent, followed by sedimentation and filtration through a conventional sand filters significantly reduces the efficiency and reliability purification. As a rule, treated wastewater reuse can not be due to low quality. The problem of providing high-quality purification of contaminated wastewater must be solved by simplifying flowsheet, constructive design and operation of wastewater treatment plants while improving purity, versatility, reliability and environmental safety technology process as possible, and even fully automate it.

HDTV Induction

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

There are two types of induction heaters – tube and thyristor. Thyristor units have the following advantages over the tube: they have higher efficiency, smaller size, and hence occupy less space; it takes less time to prepare for work; life lamp units are much smaller than the period of the thyristor. This line of thermal processing is rapidly developing and using induction heaters in many areas of production, such as: hdtv hardening metals smelting of metals, including precious, just for melting alloys (iron, etc.), annealing, brazing and welding of HDTV; machining of metals; heating and tempering of girth welds of pipe joints of main pipelines; hardening drill rods and other cylindrical products, heat treatment of welds hdtv high-pressure pipes, and other benefits and characteristics of our induction HEATERS: Induction heaters can operate continuously (conducted numerous tests, including those in foreign srtanah) Induction heaters are lightweight and compact, ensures High quality heating, reliable in operation; great time operation without significant changes in the characteristics, can be serviced semi-skilled personnel; induction heater is safer for personnel; induction heaters have a high fire and electrical safety; Induction heaters are high efficiency, induction heater quickly heats the necessary details. how it works Induction Heaters. Induction heater has a similar structure on the device with a transformer, which consists of two loops. primary – the magnetic system, the secondary – heat exchange device. The induction heater includes two main components, a generator, as well as the induction coil – inductor. Loop induction coil the optimum size for this part is brought to the treated surface.

The alternating current flowing through this loop, creates eddy currents in the workpiece. The magnitude of eddy currents can be programmed and controlled. Induction heaters operate without contact. Be aware that the only metal parts are heat-treated parts. The advantage of induction heating is that the energy of the heated surface without heat loss. In induction heaters You can adjust the depth of penetration of induced currents.

At the depth of penetration affects the operating frequency setting hd than it is, the higher current density at the surface, which handles the installation. and respectively, the lower the operating frequency, the greater the depth of penetration of hdtv. Installation hdtv has an internal cooling system. Power electronics, cabling, the induction coil is cooled by circulating water.