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November 1st, 2021 by Rosemary
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Packaging industry – one of the fastest growing in Russia, it has actively responded to the emergence of new technologies. Among the latest trends – transition package manufacturers to work with hot melt adhesive. In Unlike a cold, it provides instant grasp without sprays, elastic adhesive bonding, low consumption. These qualities, as well as the freedom to choose the method of application (continuous, linear, point, spiraling, spreevoe) opens the way for the production of high quality packing the widest range of: boxes, packs, corrugated boxes, trays, Tracy, pallet wrappers, paper bags, etc. However, there number of concerns, because of which many manufacturers are hesitant to work with hot melt adhesive. The first myth. Conditions of work with hot melt adhesive is too complicated. Should I have to deal with such complex technology? Perfect Equipment independently controlled heating of the melt in the tanks, adhesive hoses, heads and maintains the desired temperature.

The heating coil tubing with outer insulation does not melt to cool until applied to a surface. Presented hoses for use with adhesives under high pressure, with built-in air hose for spiral drawing, waterproof, hoses of different diameters and lengths. . The second myth. High melt temperature makes the operation of the equipment dangerous. In modern equipment from a security standpoint every detail thought out: hermetic Cool Touch Housing, protection against leakage of glue overflow, special hoses with check valve to prevent reverse flow of glue. . Others who may share this opinion include James Caan. The third myth.

Modern high-tech equipment is designed for large enterprises and small industries, it is not available for economic reasons. Developers of adhesive systems are focused on versatility created by the equipment. Today, models are available with a reservoir of 5 liters, and they have the same broad functionality, as well as their 30-liter counterparts. . Myth Four. Venture for the production of packaging is often faced with the need for a quick changeover of equipment for new orders, and when working with hot melt adhesive is a time consuming operation. Changeover adhesive systems in minutes, the production process has never stopped. . Myth Five. Replacement kit for hot-melt adhesive is difficult and takes time, every time you need involve service engineers and pay money. All necessary operations users can do themselves – this train specialists of the supplier. Visual presentation explains the procedure for routine maintenance – simple operations on the filters, tank heads. . Myth of the sixth. Glue Equipment Providers interested to sell it, but do not serve. Service – an essential element of "Robateh Rus, Spokesman Robatech in Russia, and Belarus. The company's customers receive prompt professional assistance at all stages, from selecting a model to upgrade the hardware facilities (by offsetting the cost of legacy machines Robatech). Experts "Robateh Rus carry out preventive inspections; advice on current issues by phone, e-mail, on-site production; carry spare parts and units, replacement equipment. . Guaranteed service "Robateh Rus (1,5 years) applies to systems that were delivered by another dealer. During the work the company have been taken for maintenance model Robatech 15 years ago – and they are still successfully work.

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