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October 28th, 2021 by Rosemary
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The view of many construction companies are identical, a fact that foamed concrete is the most popular building material in the market of our country. Foam concrete – it is light and very durable cellular concrete received in resulting solution hardening of cement, sand, water and foam. Foam concrete has a closed-pore structure, due to this it absorbs very little moisture, air bubbles inside the material from each other isolated. Foam concrete – a very progressive construction materials used both as a structural element (monolithic foam concrete) in the construction of houses, and as an effective insulator. This building material can boasts a rare heat-shielding and frost-resistant qualities, there is no need to use a specialized paint or plaster, corrosion protection of reinforcement. The standard technology for manufacturing of foam concrete consists in mixing the already cooked with a mixture of foam solution. Water and foam concentrate for the preparation of the foam were dosed by volume, using a fluid metering and dosing weight.

The prepared solution mixed, with the result, foam. This foam is sent to the foam generator for foam concrete, eventually getting the foam. Batching by weight in the mixer load water, cement and sand, and prepare mortar mixture. Subsequently, in a concrete mixer is directed foamer from foam and stir for 3-4 minutes. To prepare the foam blocks, the resulting mixture is poured into molds and allow to congeal. Now more and more importance is the issue of energy conservation. Denote the stringent standards for thermal protection built residential and industrial buildings. In the process of meeting these requirements the building complex of the country changed the composition of materials used for building envelope. When the monolithic method of erection of houses, which gradually becomes the main, as the most important continues to be the choice of acoustic and thermal insulation walls and ceilings. Stroymatirialom optimal for such purposes is a cellular concrete in the form of blocks – foam concrete blocks, this building material can provide the most efficiency and sound insulation thermal protection. Relatively easy technology of foam concrete and very affordable used equipment for foam and, hence, relatively lower costs for the introduction of foam concrete for the wall products in stationary conditions and monolithic insulation in the field, but it's had an impact on the construction of houses made of foam.

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