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The Advantages Of Laminated Veneer Lumber

Monday, December 9th, 2019

Glued laminated timber is considered one of the best materials for building houses. Thanks to the technological features of its production, we have at the output of a unique mother, preserving the advantages of wood such as high insulation and low thermal conductivity. At the same time and add their own individual benefits: the minimum rate of shrinkage (1%). Achieving such a measure is possible only because production of laminated veneer lumber made by gluing dried thoroughly slats. Number of lamellae in a single rod can be different: from 2 to 6. The minimum size of the cross section of the laminated board is 160 mm, the maximum is about 280 mm. This thickness of the material allows, in some cases not to use extra insulation. However, professional builders are still advised not to abandon it when building a house for a permanent year-round residence.

In this case, the recommended size of the cross section of laminated veneer lumber for these houses should be no less than 200 mm. Source: Linkedin. In the case of the construction of summer homes, lateral section may not be less than 160 mm. Glued laminated timber – a material that does not require an additional trim. Beautiful polished smooth surface of the wooden beams will create a unique individual interior of your home. Log houses – one of the most advanced areas of construction in recent years. It is experiencing rapid growth and development. And, despite the high cost of material, quantity constructed from the his house is constantly increasing.

Laying Laminate

Friday, July 12th, 2019

Laying laminate by bonding plates Some parquet and laminate are joined together by means of grooves, scallops and glue. Recommended by the manufacturer of a continuous layer of adhesive is applied to the entire surface of the sidewalls and at the ends of the boards. Ways of applying the adhesive may be several, depending on the type of coverage. Glue is applied to the upper groove wood flooring planks or the groove laminate, which consists of chipboard. If parquet made of hardboard, glue is applied to the comb or on the upper side of the groove.

Usually use vinyl glue. Boards have as in other types of packing. The first plate is placed groove to the wall. The following boards combined with Combs has already put plates. Rotational movement forward and simultaneously push the left join boards. Then tapped with a hammer through the impact plate to secure the connection. Excess adhesive in the seam is removed with a spatula, then seal with a damp sponge and dry with a cloth. Clay should not be too much. At the time of the adjournment of the boards of tightening the clamp or strap. Parquet floor must dry for 12 hours, but thereafter it can be walk.

Construction Of Houses From Glued Beams

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

The main thing he wants to get people in my life – it is confidence and stability. Typically, in our modern lives – the notion is almost unattainable. Therefore, coming home, people want to get maximum comfort and security, which he lacked during the day. It is difficult to achieve in the apartment, but quite capable of – in his own house. This is supported by the fact that the construction of their homes is becoming increasingly popular. Reflecting on how to build a house, you need the right approach to the choice of building material. On this will depend on the characteristics of your home during the operation: heat, humidity, etc., and of course, the cost of the entire building. Today is the optimal construction of houses from glued beams.

A wooden building has always attracted the Russians, and many attribute this unfathomable bond that exists between man and tree. But traditional building made of logs fades into the background, and the construction of houses from glued beams continues to gain momentum. Why glued laminated wood? Glued laminated timber manufactured by a specific technology: wood cleared of all deficiencies, and then glued together under pressure. Bars fitted to one size and are subject to special treatment, which increases the refractory properties of laminated veneer lumber. This technology allows us to speak about that the construction of houses from glued beams – a promising area, because homes are distinguished by reliability, durability, fire resistance and are relatively inexpensive. And the point that the construction of houses from laminated veneer lumber passes without the use of special equipment, said the ease and speed of assembly. Become the full owner of your own home you can have one month after construction began. Yet to be note the time that the houses made of glued timber clean. Wood has a beneficial effect on the human body, suppressing the allergens and enhancing immunity. In addition, the tree creates the most comfortable microclimate in the house, which creates that unique and welcome comfort in the house.

Trenchless Construction

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

There are many methods of trenchless: horizontal drilling, piercing, sanitation, etc. buroshnek All these methods are designed for laying pipes under the ground. gnb method takes a leading place among all the trenchless technologies as possible, and on prevalence. Advantages of hdd as compared with traditional methods of engineering communications are obvious: speed, less financial and labor costs, the possibility laying in places inaccessible to other methods, environmental friendliness, safety. Basically Horizontal Directional Drilling is used for transitions, which for one reason or another can not be performed openly. For example, under natural and man-made obstacles (rivers, wetlands, roads, houses, ecological zones, etc.) More and more horizontal drilling is used for economic reasons: because of the speed of installation, lack of need for improvement, filling, bringing substantial resources of technology and manpower. The preparatory process precedes full organization of the work requires a team of at least 3 professionals (excluding laborers): the operator on the locator, the operator of the installation of hdd and operator mixing plants, mixing bentonite slurry.

Preliminary training involves a comprehensive analysis and exploration of the jobsite. Analysis of soil, abundance of communication and other barriers in the land, planning and calculation of the trajectory of drilling. Prior to the drilling installation brought in the place of work on the vehicle corresponding to its size and weight (trawl, semi-trailer or truck). The vehicle must be equipped similar to a certain angle of the Congress (usually 17-20 degrees). Next to the installation of the system to training of specialized drilling mud is mixed water, bentonite and polymers.