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Netbook Remix Interface

Monday, January 27th, 2014

"Unstable" version of 2.1, has the status of the Alpha, the latest available at the time writing material, in fact, remained quite stable and reliable. After a 15-minute installation the OS detect all the hardware components of the test notebook was fully ready to go. Here is the architecture Moblin 2.1 The main feature of Moblin – its Internet-oriented: according to a set of applications and functions most efficiently the OS can use people who "live on the web." Initially, the system has the most Deep integration of different Web services, including social networking, instant messaging, etc. The system interface is equally easy to work on conventional and touchscreen, is implemented using tabs located in the horizontal menu at the top of the screen. His points are familiar labels "Media", by which you can go to find audio and video content on the Web and on disk, and "Applications", leading to a list programs – as has already been installed on the netbook, and available for immediate download. The other tabs are integrated interfaces for social networking and tracking activity users-"friends." The system has its own built-in browser and a technology-based Mozilla, and IM-client Empathy. In general, the system interface for all its convenience seemed to us not configurable: for example, customize the display of the active keyboard layout in the taskbar at the current version of the impossible. Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix Interface solutions Ubuntu Netbook Remix saves screen space use in the name of the OS instead of the word Remix usual for the production of Canonical Edition of the term is not accidental and suggests that significant differences from the version for the "full" of fixed and mobile PCs there are few – only the interface has undergone changes, in addition, added some interesting applets (special modules for the environment GNOME).

Photoshop Disasters

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Every day I spend in the gigs or in class, I meet more and more people using Diar El “Photoshop” wonderful tool that many control to perfection and is now almost part of our lives, to buy a magazine we have a photoshop little hands, movie posters, the thousands of images that are on the network. But sometimes, in a hurry or simply not knowing how to use the program as a whole, things are bad but very very bad.

Fuzzy Set

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

This fuzzy set Teodulo Lopez Melendez Venezuelan man still marked by his personal reality with past convictions yet understand emerging forms. The existence of others like him still still seems a strange Assembly and ignorance of its power takes you to fall into the amusement of a later politician clearly absurd. You must now join the novelty of a plurality pop-up with a networking system that will move horizontally and vertically, one where will be, by force, citizen and which must exercise a democracy in the process of invention. There will be no autarchic worlds as describing Fossaert, overturned inward, just processed by a slight influence gatopardiano. The Venezuelan situation does not support linear or simplistic readings. This Venezuela is what might be called a fuzzy set, one where would that make an analytical approach with concepts like chaos and Fractals. The logical reason always leads to the same results and in our If that seems to be the proverbial phrase of no output. It is necessary to pose to the country that there is a real virtuality which changes the concept of power and experience engender new realities.

We have lost the ability to multiply the approaches and act from a traditional look that presides over the leadership as the tale of the carrot ahead. The regime carries carrot and the donkey still meekly behind. You have to resort to a nonlinear dynamics, to the invocation of capable of splitting of a chaotic dynamics analysis, we must encourage an autogenous organizational system. This is not a linear succession of causes and effects. From this point of view we could reproduce the old story of the glass half full or half empty to ensure Venezuelans that this isn’t a disorder, but the genesis of a new order. The possibility is, therefore, in disrupting this form of thinking, twisting him arm, burst the usual language.