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Call Center Manager

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Dennis Schottler, known for his sharp tongue, the sales expertise of call center service providers has been under the magnifying glass. Marius Pana of the in an interview with the call center guru Dennis Schottler, founder of the RFQ-platform call center-Scout: (MP) you are known for your sharp tongue, in particular in relation to criticisms of the management staff at call centres. The sales expertise is criticized in the last report you taken and sharp of call center service providers under the magnifying glass. Why do you not own call center? First of all thank you for this compliment! Mean, as you call it, pointed tongue results from the experiences with polarizing press reports. To be heard, it must hurt here and there also.

To your question: We, the call-center Scout, have written the distribution of call center services on the flag. To operate a call center, a lot more than just sell requires however. Here we use even the outsourcing option. It is known that a former co-worker of me operates a call center and we realize our inbound. We are distributors with years of call center experience, but do not assume us to claim, we would be a good Call Center Manager. Also, the platform of call center Scout would be not so successful, if we out would be picking us for a private call center the tenders. Our claim is the loyalty of our customers.

There are enough supporters who use your platform as a sales tool for their own call center market the tender platforms. They represented not we think and distance ourselves too much of it! (MP) You have as leaders headed various call center as a Angestellteter. What was the motivator, to become self-employed? I’ve mentored several in-house call center for Coca-Cola and Siemens. 2006-2007 I’ve steered a CATI Studio and outsourcing service provider as a proxy.

Barracuda Message Archiver

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Current promotion: NFR appliances to special Schorndorf, August 18, 2009 the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG takes a Flash together with her partner of Barracuda Networks through promotion. In the context of registered resellers get the Barracuda appliances SSL/VPN 380, Message Archiver 150 and link balancer 230 for a one-off discounted price of 630,–euro net. It is here to NfR(Not-for-Resale)-Units, that an Energizer update (EU) for one year included. The promotion campaign runs until September 30, 2009. The focus of the current Flash \”promotion by sysob following three user friendly appliances from the manufacturer’s Barracuda Networks portfolio are: SSL/VPN 380, Message Archiver 150 and link balancer 230.\” The SSL/VPN 380 encrypted connections via SSL protocol. While the appliance provides an alternative to existing IPSec solutions, because it allows the user easy access using a Web browser on the company network. Robust security and auditing facilities can also custom Guidelines defined and user activity are controlled.

The Barracuda Message Archiver 150 is an archiving solution that has all the features, the businesses need to comply with the rules for the retention and disclosure of E-Mail messages. The integrated hardware and software solution, indexed and ensures fully any email content. Administrators, auditors and end users have thus quick access to any any email message in the archive. Using the link balancer 230, a managed routing of traffic across multiple Internet connections is possible. An automatic failover ensures a constant connection to the Internet.

Using parallel used Internet connections (DSL, E1s, E3s, standard fixed connections) must be no longer used on the most expensive offering. Installed at the network perimeter, the solution replaced an additional firewall or provides additional protection for the primary firewall. NFR Flash \”-promotion terms: can registered dealer for\” Draw a Barracuda SSL/VPN 380, a Message Archiver 150 or LinkBalancer 230 630,–euro net plus VAT and shipping.

Network Marketing

Monday, January 19th, 2015

(Online article) – a quarter of all millionaires have reached your goals thanks to network marketing! Incredible? No, you read. How does network – marketing and what is it anyway? It is a simple system, already commonplace operate, without even knowing it! You recommend you products or services, which themselves satisfied, of which you are convinced. You order diese(s) product (s) for your own use and talk about it in your circle of acquaintances. The recommendation in your environment and the commissions on sales made thanks to your recommendation, you will build a long-term stable (extra) income or one on pensions. It’s called passive income, not because one to do nothing would need for it (that would be too good to be true and not very realistic), but because the whole thing due to the duplication at some point becomes the self-perpetuating and – if you build properly at the beginning – your sales network keeps getting bigger. By helping another is a (secondary) deserve to build, you can also benefit yourself; a deeply democratic and fair system, where is placed on teamwork and cooperation. The system spits out again selfish and elbow types, because this is about communication and cooperation.

Quick and goal-oriented, you build your own distribution network with the help of your sponsor’s the faster you achieve a passive income growth. The second phase resulted in the first phase of network on the market that some rogue companies and now prohibited pyramid or Ponzi schemes under the guise of MLM (multilevel marketing) drove their mischief and thus affected the image of reputable network marketing. But there are bad apples everywhere, they help to make the differences clear, and meanwhile, the chaff has separated from the wheat, so this finally the recognition of its trendsetting industry receives in a rapidly changing labour market. Thanks to the natural selection, the serious and solid network marketing now contact companies a tremendous second growth phase one, which end in any way is in sight and which is regarded by specialists as the industry of the future.

Down New

Monday, January 19th, 2015

The society needs an ample and continuous clarification in relation to the children with syndrome of Down, so that atitudinais changes happen fortifying the families and providing they conditions to interact with the deficiency. ONE TO LOOK AT PSICOPEDAGGICO AND COMPUTER SCIENCE According to Vygotsky (1982), the creative activity is an exclusive manifestation of the human being, therefore this only has the capacity to create something new from what already it exists. The human being is capable, of leaving of a real situation to create new future situations. Soon, the creative action goes to appear of the fact of it not to be accomodated in the present situation and to search balance in the new construction of something. It is important that the chance exists to develop this creative action. The paper of the computer is exactly to be auxiliador in the development of activities that help in the ordinance and coordination of its ideas intellectual manifestations. Softwares educational presents diverse chances of work with children of some etrias bands. They create a learning environment where the playful one, the solution of problems, the reflexiva activity and the capacity of decision are privileged.

They develop the active, controlled learning for the proper child, since they allow to represent ideas, to compare resulted, to reflect on its action and to take decisions, purifying the learning process. Seymour Papert, disciple of Piaget, enthusiastic with the construcionismo of this, started to deepen its research of the intellectual structures. For it, we motivates in them to learn the new when this has some linking with a previous or significant knowledge for us. I believe that with computer science he will be able to develop significant changes in the educational area. For this, doLogo becomes necessary to develop the language 2. With the language Soon it is obtained to give the commands and to perceive its obeyed orders being or not.


Monday, January 12th, 2015

Forum E-Government on the Xinnovations 2009 discussed weaknesses in communication with citizens and businesses, and calls for more participation offers Berlin, 07.09.2009: the German E-Government is well progressed when the acceleration of management processes, providing high-quality information and safe access routes. So far, efforts to the participation of citizens and the economy are less successful. In the E-Government Forum of Xinnovations 2009 scientists, entrepreneurs, and management experts to discuss new perspectives: E-Government should be no more than pure approval-Government understood, but have an integrated focus and provide in particular the interaction between citizens and economic management more into focus. UN and EU have already made provisions, mark the new terminology and next stages with their benchmarks: ubiquitous E-Government, E-inclusion and E-participation. Therefore, the E-Government Forum of the Xinnovations treats the central question of how to proceed: we need after the election to the German Bundestag a new approach for citizen portals in Germany? What can you learn from the experience from the T-city? How can business models of participation look like? Is the time ripe for mobile Government in Germany? Answers can be found how do know Karl-Heinz Loper, head of IT competence trums of the Berlin Senate Department for Home Affairs and sport, to report on an international level. Current E-government projects give an idea of Korea, Paris and Barcelona, so LAH, what you described already before more than 20 years under the heading of \”Ubiquitous computing – towards the Internet of things\” in a study in Germany. As so often is a further response in the United States. Prof. Dr. Jorn by Lucke of the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen not only introduces in the event the new open government approach of the Federal Government of the United States, but the question is: \”how, we can exploit the potential of this new culture of innovation initiated by the open-government approach also in Germany.

Robert Kiyosaki

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

The knowledge and the experience of others successfully use a plan or strategy is a very important ingredient for success in life. You must not only know where you want to go in life, but also as you get. You can every day visualize your goals and apply all possible motivation tips and you can be too much, but if you don’t have a plan, it can happen that you do not make progress. You need a way where you can achieve your goal. The easiest way to find one that is finding people who have already achieved your goal, and to do that, what they have done. This is logical. If someone is already a millionaire, you could do the same things, like this person, and even to a millionaire. You need to find not any new unusual way, but can build on the knowledge and the experience of other people and benefit.

Winston Churchill once said: “a wise man makes not all mistakes themselves. It can be a chance others.” You need the wheel don’t reinvent. Most of the targets that you can use, have already reached other people and you need to look around only to discover what works and what does not. However you should spend too much time to create plans and finding a suitable strategy, how to reach your target. “One of the most valuable things a person can learn, is to use the art of the knowledge and the experience of others.” Most people make Napoleon Hill for days on a plan to work the error and try to be aware of all the details. You can not predict the future and your plans are always a mirror of your current knowledge base, your current skills, your present beliefs, etc. can change plans and the path to the goal is rarely so how we imagine it. The action is more important than the plan, because only deeds bring results.

You can plan the way to your destination up in all the details, but you will not come closer to him until you don’t do anything. Is necessary not only the direction to know, in which it will run, but also the approximate way. Create a simple plan set up after, and find people who have already achieved your goal. Read their books, talk to them and learn from their experiences and mistakes. Success leaves traces. One millionaire, a good speaker is not by chance or learning how to lead a healthy life. It’s not by itself. All people who achieve these goals, do certain things in your life. They must begin to study them and to learn about your topic that you can find. “If you want somewhere, it is to find the best someone who was already there.” Robert Kiyosaki learn from the rich if you want to become rich. If you want to be healthy, you learn from the healthy, etc. By hope for improvement, it is not better. The success comes to you, not by waiting, but by going to it and take your life in your own hands. Good luck! Haris Hadi,