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Monday, January 12th, 2015

Forum E-Government on the Xinnovations 2009 discussed weaknesses in communication with citizens and businesses, and calls for more participation offers Berlin, 07.09.2009: the German E-Government is well progressed when the acceleration of management processes, providing high-quality information and safe access routes. So far, efforts to the participation of citizens and the economy are less successful. In the E-Government Forum of Xinnovations 2009 scientists, entrepreneurs, and management experts to discuss new perspectives: E-Government should be no more than pure approval-Government understood, but have an integrated focus and provide in particular the interaction between citizens and economic management more into focus. UN and EU have already made provisions, mark the new terminology and next stages with their benchmarks: ubiquitous E-Government, E-inclusion and E-participation. Therefore, the E-Government Forum of the Xinnovations treats the central question of how to proceed: we need after the election to the German Bundestag a new approach for citizen portals in Germany? What can you learn from the experience from the T-city? How can business models of participation look like? Is the time ripe for mobile Government in Germany? Answers can be found how do know Karl-Heinz Loper, head of IT competence trums of the Berlin Senate Department for Home Affairs and sport, to report on an international level. Current E-government projects give an idea of Korea, Paris and Barcelona, so LAH, what you described already before more than 20 years under the heading of \”Ubiquitous computing – towards the Internet of things\” in a study in Germany. As so often is a further response in the United States. Prof. Dr. Jorn by Lucke of the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen not only introduces in the event the new open government approach of the Federal Government of the United States, but the question is: \”how, we can exploit the potential of this new culture of innovation initiated by the open-government approach also in Germany.