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Forex Business

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Among the huge number of proposed ways to earn online Internet trading is one of the most attractive, since it is practically not require any special knowledge, the initial capital (deposit) may be initially small and affordable to almost everyone – actually between $ 100 and earnings can be theoretically unlimited. Internet trading is applied in the financial markets, the largest of which is considered the world foreign exchange market FOREKS (FOREX). The classical theory of trading offers three methods of analysis of financial markets: – Fundamental analysis. – Technical (indicator) analysis. – Empirical (graphical) analysis.

1. Fundamental analysis financial markets. Fundamental analysis is based on the study and comparison of macroeconomic parameters of the financial market and world economy as a whole for some previous time interval. Organization access to these parameters, their calculation and analysis requires the creation of an entire analytic structure, equipped with a staff of specialists and appropriate technology, availability of mathematical models of economic processes and appropriate hardware and software. For this there must be a certain status to the trader. It is clear that the trader, fundamental analysis alone is practically inaccessible. 2. Technical analysis of financial Market Technical Analysis based on the study and comparison of the values of technical parameters of the financial markets for some previous time interval, such as the number of transactions, the rate of change in the value the object of trade, etc. with technical indicators. In general, the technical indicator – a mathematical formula for calculating a final option, using the values of one or more technical parameters of the financial markets for some previous time interval.