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Clothing Stone Island Brand

Friday, September 13th, 2019

Mark Stone Island appeared in 1982. Designer brands from the moment of trying to expand the boundaries of the use of unconventional materials in the production of casual wear. The result of these studies obtained are unique in design, process development and manufacturing of things. Raincoats, made of nylon monofilaments used in the process of water filtration. Nylon cloth, lightweight and durable, which by means of vacuum covered with microscopic steel foil used in the aviation industry. Diamond nylon with a polyurethane coating that is used for construction purposes. These are just some examples of how highly specialized industrial technology can be applied in the fashion industry. Designers Stone Island, not stopping at each season offers something new and unexpected! One element emphasizes unconditional belonging to the casual is that all products are made in strict, plain and muted tones. Unchanged insignia Stone Island is the brand logo – the compass, usually tabbed at his sleeve. Thus, despite the innovative nature of things under the brand Stone Island looks extremely calm and concise, though composed entirely of technological secrets. As pobodaet like clothing – from the idea in earnest.

Access Professor

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

In this process, the professor is the consultant, articulador, mediator and person who orientates of the development of the pupil. The creation of a reliable climate, respect to the differences and reciprocity encourages the pupil to recognize its conflicts to discover the potentiality to learn from the proper errors. In the same way, the professor will not have inhibitions in recognizing its limitations and searching its purification, in an attitude of partnership and humildade ahead of the knowledge that characterizes the position to interdisciplinar (Farm, 1994). Many are the possibilities of use of the TIC of innovative and creative form, as much on the part of the pupil, how much of the professor. It has a gamma of resources that can assist the process of education and learning, as for example: World Wide Web: The WWW is considered a virtual library and an excellent resource for the classroom; Wiki: it is a tool of colaborativa writing that stimulates the social interaction, allotment of information and construction and socialization of the knowledge.

Lists of quarrel and fruns: they serve for debate and quarrel of subjects or common subjects, sharing the interests; Webquest: investigativa activity using the Internet that guarantees to the learning the access to the authentic and brought up to date information of form colaborativa and to the educator chance to modernize the ways to make the education; Blog: It serves for register of individual research or register of the knowledge of a group, as well as of space for quarrel and reflection of pupils assisting them in the construction of the knowledge of independent and colaborativa form; Email: used for the sending of messages, exchange of information and experiences between professors, pupils and both. Hot Potatoes: formed for five tools that make possible exercises as: to complete crossed gaps, activities for short answers, words, to command phrases, association between columns. He is gratuitous for educative ends; Videoconferncia: it allows integration of geographically distant people, through the audiovisual resource. Very it is used in the study in the distance; Chat: it allows to the exchange of information and specific debates for the Internet, in real time through the rooms of beats papo. HQ: History in quadrinhos is plus a resource that can be constructed using the technology, serving of attractive for the development of the activities proposals. Beyond the cited resources above the educator still can consider the production of videos and periodicals, conceptual creation of educative radios, maps, use games of simulation, etc. Therefore, if the school will be able to reinventar and to become a learning environment where the task to argue, to analyze, to evaluate and to apply is not paper only of the professor, but of a group, where each one if alternating in the paper of professor and pupil, will be apt to satisfy most of the necessities of learning of the people.

Technology Web

Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

After adding a new cart and all the calculations take place immediately without reloading the page. When you feel that the cost of delivery may be critical to making purchasing decisions, the cost of delivery, or must be specified in advance or after the addition of the first item in the cart, the system should ask the visitor's e-mail code and automatically calculate the final price of delivery. 2. New thinking and goods, which declined from a visitor in this case, unfortunately, you can make a little! Nevertheless, provided that your site will automatically saves the contents of the basket, there is a chance that a visitor to return and continue shopping. Analysis of the page where the visitor left, is also able to help you determine the cause of withdrawal. Implement auto-save baskets in their sites! 3. Compare products, or browse this website In addition to monitoring your competitors' sites, and aggressive advertising, you should also create a website that will have more functionality and quality the contents of which will be higher than your competitors.

4. The total value of goods is too high again, when the basket is always before his eyes, and the final price is always considered automatically, the buyer will able to take a more informed decision. 5. Retention of information about products for later purchase in a time when the goods are added to the basket, he should automatically be saved without reloading the page. Provided the buyer is not logged in, ask him to sign as he leaves the site, using only the username and password, explaining that this will come back later and continue to make purchases on your site.

6. Too the long process of counting the final value, provided that you have this specific basket, all you need to make the buyer is click for the final count. This provides a simple form, which contains minimum required information for final counting. Filling in this form should be the last stage of the buying process. 7. Check availability of the goods during the final counting Function features described above, the basket will allow the buyer to find out if this product is in stock. 8. When calculating the final cost of the required too much personal information, e-commerce sites running on the basis of Technology Web 1.0, collect a lot of information about its customers, which presumably provides data for marketing research. Currently, those who buy goods over the Internet, do not want to just disclose too much information about yourself. Get rid of the temptation to ask questions not related to the final tally. All you need is a name, phone, mail and shipping address. That's it! 9. Inconvenient and navigation for a long time page load using the above technologies, you can increase the degree of interactivity, speed, and improve the quality of navigation many times. 10. Lack of information about a product or a contact phone number for contact should be always before your eyes! Use the form or add an interactive system of the goods. This will help you remember to add vital information about a product, if introduced into the database. Certainly, there are less significant reasons for visitors abandon shopping, but after the development of e-commerce site based on Web 2.0 technologies, many of these causes become relatively unimportant.

Technology And Triumphs

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

Humans have, self-destructive nature has led them to unleash nuclear world war. It should not surprise me, I know them since they appeared on Earth, from its origins. I've been through the time studying, learning as they are, how they think. I know them better than you think to do them. A species like yours, intelligent beings, rational, capable of extraordinary achievements, as they could have done. Have achieved monumental successes in science in all its branches, mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, all. The same philosophy, art … In many fields throughout history have made incredible discoveries and inventions, and even managed to leave the planet traveling through space.

But his greatest achievement to his disgrace and shame, which they learned to always do better, what they spent more ingenuity, time, resources and effort, was to create weapons to kill each other. If these conditions have gotten all the good he did, if they were dedicated solely for better than the destruction, what would have been able to do? Triumphs have reached unimaginable even superior intelligence like yours. Ni them with their incredible mental potential were able even to outline all the good he could have done. But his greatest anxiety was always weaponry to annihilate. This has been since the beginning of mankind, until finally created the ultimate weapon, the hydrogen bomb. And their selfishness and greed for power have unleashed nuclear world war. Of course, the ultimate weapon was not the hydrogen bomb, the ultimate weapon against it is they were always human.