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Krista Fashion

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

A jewelry designer from passion and passion is a jewelry designer from enthusiasm Marjana von Berlepsch. As no second, it combines in its collections of style and class, coupled with the right feeling for trends and current developments. Each of their collections shows her intuition for the right mix of materials, stylish shapes and colors. It can be inspired Marjana von Berlepsch by the latest fashion trends. This puts them repeatedly the femininity skilfully. To read more click here: Peter Thiel. Her professional career Mariana von Berlepsch began her career at the German and Spanish vogue. There, she worked a long time as fashion editor, until she decided to make independently and to bring out her own line of jewellery. During their work in the publishing your very own distinctive style arose from the diverse and colourful impressions.

Already with the first jewelry collection, which brought out Krista von Berlepsch, she achieved international attention. This was nine years ago now now and since then several successful collections have been published by her. While Krista von Berlepsch brings out a new jewelry collection each season. Krista von Berlepsch has high demands on themselves and their collections. Her wish is that her clients with the jewelry pieces underscore her own fashionable style.

The target group Marjana von Berlepsch speaks fashion-conscious customers with their collections, who wish to dress stylishly and discreetly. The jewels of Krista von Berlepsch are non-intrusive, but enter into a wonderful symbiosis with the fashion of the wearer. Only through the jewelry by Marjana von Berlepsch, designer fashion is properly noble. The extravagant pieces of their collections are the ideal accessory for the fashion of designer and Couto Uriers. While her jewelry pieces are understated highlight of fashion, without attracting too much attention. Trend-conscious customers belong to your target group, buy fashion and accessories like preferred by providers of designer fashion online in the Internet.

Piercing Jewelry

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

A story about the piercing of the natives in the piercing Studio from verunzierten Bank employees… What once was considered extinct in the civilized world, has now become, phenomenon where exactly the mass. Even as a protest symbol, a piercing is no longer good. A consideration of the piercing on the way in the big city. In his book, the customs of the peoples “of the Ethnologist Georg Bargo wrote already in 1922:, ears and nose are pierced widely and in a more adventurous way and verunziert with washers and washers”. Around the world, found researchers and explorers for examples in the research and discover. While they believed a this type of jewelry is finally been eradicated in the civilized Western world, others, the hippies that brought mid-1960s, from their journeys from Africa and India on ears and noses back him in the Western cities. Naveen Selvadurai is the source for more interesting facts.

Until then the wearing of earrings was reserved only women and carpenters on the rolling (and maybe even the gay left ear). Der1980er started over years a youth culture the jewelry in nose and ears. The punks. The late of 1980s was followed the techno scene. Meanwhile, the jewelry was bigger, more colorful, fancy and had suddenly also a name: body piercing jewelry. (piercing, only the hole is in itself not the jewelry for the same) And also what previously only in the sadomasochistic Maso scene, genital piercing namely, was becoming increasingly popular. Today, simple, much worn piece of jewelry has become of the protest symbol of the past. The people pilgrimage in well-equipped piercing studios with highly modern equipment, present in almost every small town, and you can use finest jewelry from expensive precious metals.

And who is that doesn’t trust, which uses just the fake piercing. Infinite painlessly and deceptively real. But a little bit embarrassing. However, there are still places where a facial piercing is undesirable. Some people had to waive his jewelry in the face after his career choice. Or have you ever seen a bank teller with lip piercing? The question remains: , All just a fashion phenomenon? “. Is humanity of later time with her head shaking or can you see are then also people with metal in the face behind the bank counter? SID Kroker

Mother Country

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

The break of my Mother country. " The mother country is happiness, pain and sky of all and not feudo nor chaplaincy of nadie." (Jose Mart) the word " Patria" it does not mean ground, nor laboratory of social experiments impelled by a dominant country. The word mother country agglutinates two basic representativenesses: first it aims inwards, that is to say: towards its settlers, the common coexistence under the inheritances, the customs, traditions, history, assumed from the childhood. Second evidently it is towards outside, that is to say the concert of the international community. Foursquare is actively involved in the matter. Then in a global world, already nobody is small barren island.

Doubt does not fit that, in a place where there is mother country, elements emphasize like: freedom, cooperating towards the communal property with loyalty and spirit on watch, everyone in the place that the destiny provided to him. The best mother country, without doubt is the one that respects the values morals, the one that it sustains to you, educates to you, gives health with quality, the one you that takes care of and guards by the surroundings, motivates to you towards the creativity and the critical thought, provides to you with stable-right sources of work and it lets to you live with the fruit of your effort. Mother country is not, to implement the theories of the chaos to benefit mine. Mother country is not to impose the brute force of villains who you envilece pester, you of taxes so that others are distributed gladly what you have won and of dessert they urge your children and costumary daughters to practice the perversion. Mother country is to prevail neither to run over all a nation, nor to say: " here control I and is made what I say cruel antojo". Mother country is not that the blood runs and is lightened, every day with deaths of women, men, children or adults all innocents or of people who raise their voices like flags.

Evil Students

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

6% say that the best way to achieve a good visit, and most importantly the benefit could be a little validation work after each lecture on the materials provided on it, it will cause Students listen to and understand a lecture, as well as help in getting the automatic test, 5% are in favor of establishing the schedule daily at one time, and 2% of respondents did not even realize that you need to do to Students attended classes. 1% of students believe that teachers should be kinder to them 1% of freshmen say that if they give free lunches, the attendance will be 100%. 4. 34% of respondents replied that there is nothing that they interfere with learning (these students do not pass and no debt). Many students (45%) admit that the blame for their poor training is laziness. According to 7%, to blame teachers: Denied assistance in their subject Tickets issued late for the exam Evil teachers toward students quiet lecture (these students have debts on their studies, but there are also those who have no debts) 9% prevents personal life, which takes time from studying (Attend classes regularly, no debt, or debt, 1-2) 5% – not enough books 5. Basically all the students happy now active learning process, there are only minor observations: The largest number of claims it was relatively inconvenient class schedules, alternating training shifts. I would like the classes were held at the same time, the working students in this case will have the opportunity to combine work and the learning process without the express prejudice to both.

Technological Processes Repair

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Electrification and mechanization of housework transform daily life, increase productivity of household labor, improve the sanitary conditions of the home. The use of modern machines and appliances such as air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, food processor, and more, contributes to an increase in free time man. In order to best meet our needs for goods and cultural and community purpose and household appliances every day increasing their production, expanding the range and improving the quality of the product itself. The main direction in the restructuring of the household is a shift to public forms of service by expanding and improving enterprise public utilities. Also important are the use of appliances and machines that have personal property taken or rent.

Under these conditions, significantly increases the role of the service repair appliances. Constant renewal of household appliances, the complexity of their designs and a wide variety of purposes cause need for continuous improvement of technical knowledge workers services and amenities offering maintenance and repair of household appliances. More info: Peter Thiel. To satisfy public demand for services repair of household equipment, increase productivity and improve the quality of repairs being introduced rational processes of repair of household appliances and machines, modern equipment, mechanization, instrumentation. In order to further improve the organization of repair and the introduction of new services and forms of service, creating facilities to the population when the demands for repair of household appliances needed: to achieve a radical improvement of service quality and reduce delivery time, improve utilization of existing capacity and develop the newly introduced domestic businesses, repair technology, to carry out further expansion and strengthening material-technical base, expertise and concentration repair household appliances due to the reconstruction of existing enterprises and technical re-equipment of, installation of modern processing equipment, test equipment, tools and technical diagnostics, the mechanization of the main and auxiliary manual operation, installation sets a new special technical equipment, the development of advanced technological processes carried out within the firm specialize in repair and restoration of individual products, develop an Internet connection, through which you can organize the collection of orders, arrange for the fullest satisfaction of parts and saving material resources specialist workshops in the restoration hladoagregatov, evaporators, condensers, electric motors for household appliances on an industrial basis, strengthen the culture of public service based on the further development and introduction of progressive forms of service and new services by providing the following activities: extending the subscription service domestic refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, window air conditioners, mobile air conditioners and other products, exchange of household appliances in the pre-renovated, receiving orders for the repair of household appliances by telephone and via the Internet; prompt fulfillment of orders in the presence of the customer; organization of reception of orders automatic settings, execute orders at home at a convenient time population; introduced in the comprehensive quality control system repairs household appliances.

Wooden Houses Construction

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

The domestic market of wooden house today is rapidly growing. This not only promotes the attractiveness of environmentally friendly natural materials that have many advantages, but also actively advanced technologies. Wooden house of the XXI century gives its residents a unique atmosphere of unity with nature and at the same time meets all current safety requirements, durability and comfort. Traditions wooden house reborn, not only in Russia but also in Europe. Construction of wooden houses in Russia during the centuries contributed to the presence of high-quality and inexpensive wood of any species. How could it be otherwise, while almost a third of the country is dominated by forests? Today, the construction of wooden houses and cottages is experiencing the peak of its popularity.

And the abundance of building materials can enter the untrained person in the state confusion. Construction of houses and cottages from logs, the construction of country houses using Canadian technology – why choose? The company “Kizhi” the architects and construction of houses, cottages, saunas. The company builds wooden winter and frame houses and cottages, summer cottages and saunas at home, both on individual projects, as well as offering standard designs of wooden houses and cottages. The construction company specializes in building wooden houses from logs to modern Swedish technology providing full services at any stage of construction, from creating the project wooden house with all the wishes of the customer and ending with installation of engineering systems and landscaping. During the construction of wooden houses, the company uses modern European developments (such as technology “thorn-groove”), which as a result ensure high strength and durability.

Advantages of houses made of logs is a unique property of the tree to “breathe” and thus preserve and maintain climate without air conditioning systems. Currently, the company “Kizhi” expanded the scope and besides building and designing houses made of logs, is engaged in construction log cabins manual felling, construction of cottages, as well as a full range of civil engineering works associated with low-rise building out of town. Today, construction of houses and cottages of wood – it is safe, accessible and reliably. One can not ignore the fact that the construction of wooden houses do not contain hazardous substances, and the tree itself – hi-tech material.

Electronic Invoices

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Put a stop to have hundreds of boxes in your home or Office to keep invoices, goodbye to the time spent in waiting for the confirmation of received invoices and above all say hello to your productivity and money saved. All this and more is what you’ll get to change you from the traditional system to electronic billing system. From the first day of this year is already obligatory to taxpayers who stated in the 2009 income equal or greater than 4 million weight, change to this system. Do not see it as something that you have to do only because it is in the law, Veil pro side that it was time for you to do more productive your business and more to the forefront in new technologies. Electronic invoicing will make you save thousands of dollars since before you gastabas much in little things, so to speak, but spending hacias constantly e.g.: ink cartridges, sheets, boxes for storing invoices, shipping and some other things. With this modern system the only thing you spend will be a couple of minutes in what you type for your invoice data and give it to send. To acquire the electronic billing system you have to contact a company that can sell you the software, systems that are sold from 580 pesos.

Smartphone Jailbreak Iphone

Monday, July 21st, 2014

According to well-known magazine 'PCWorld', which is published in the pages of information about innovations in the field of information technology in 2007, Iphone was recognized as one of the most useful development corporation Apple. It is absolutely surprising, because the Iphone – this is, in essence, modified smartphone that combines a PDA, the player iPod, and Internet tablet. The idea of creating iPhone belongs to no one else, as director of Apple's Steve Jobs. Initially, Jobs was not covered by the idea of creating 'smart' phone, and a tablet with which to print his hands directly on the screen without a keyboard. When he presented the very first 'rough' models Internet tablet, it is understood that they are worthy only of your smartphone. All of the following years, the work was dedicated to the creation of Jobs' phone, which would combine in himself all the gadgets we are used to working alone: mobile phone, PDA and player. But we can not say that the process of creating the latest generation smartphone ever to succeed. All the subsequent stages of development were iPhone in secrecy – even engineers working on the technical and programming of the phone, had no right to communicate with each other.

The result of this secrecy has appeared on store shelves in 2007, first-generation iPhone, with an aluminum back part and 4-8 GB of memory. Buy iPhone in this series could be over $ 500. As expected, iPhone combines the functionality of phone, PDA and iPod. But at this stage, the novelty will have another difficulty. These were identified users of imperfections, such as the lack of 3G technology, inhibiting work on the Internet. Also, Apple Inc., anticipated problems with the brand iPhone, right on which belonged to the company Cisco Systems. After Apple's release of the first generation iPhone, Cisco Systems filed a lawsuit. As a result of litigation, details of which remain secret, both corporations came to possess the right to use the trademark iPhone.

Soon the phone developers presented to the consumer an enhanced version of iPhone – iPhone 3G. The new smartphone has a huge advantage over the previous version – network support 3G, the modified design, as well as the new operating system iPhone OS 2.0. More addition, the cost of the new phone has been greatly reduced, and the iPhone 3G purchase could total $ 300. The new version of iPhone was accepted 'with enthusiasm', and soon the company – the manufacturer, one after the other, has released a new version – iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, one Winners of the first of which our country was Dmitry Medvedev. Despite the increasing popularity of this smartphone, the iPhone completely replace the computer failed due to lack of opportunities to work with embedded files phone. However, the craftsmen were able to overcome this mistake, and manufacturers have developed unique software operation called 'Jailbreak'. Jailbreak iPhone provides free access to mobile, that gives users the ability to install third-party device unlicensed applications. Jailbreak iPhone allows you to compensate for the inconvenience that, one way or another connected with the use of licensed software. But if once unlock the iPhone, then return back to its original state it would be impossible.

How You Can Benefit From Upload Videos To Your Blog

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Surely you’ve noticed how easy that is to put a video on your website or blog.In the past you had to count with the help of a professional producer to achieve even the video more simplistic in its place.That could cost several thousand dollars, and even then, most of the visitors were having difficulty watching your video. Fortunately this situation has changed.Current technology has taken a leap forward to make professional-looking video a reality for any site or blog. At present oneself can produce a video, and make it easily available to sites as you had with a simple digital camera. It is also possible to deliver video for iPod full of e-mails. Get all the facts and insights with Clinton Family, another great source of information. Imagine sending an email to a client that includes a video that shows you how to use your product or service.Their sales shoot the percentage of very altgo! Do you think that people will evaluate a video on your site?Yes of course! Create a video that shows how to do work such as opportunities for sales of your product or service, is something that is being done with much success, why invite that incorporate this almost new in show business.

Today the technology has made it possible to do it in a simple way, and very economical, as I said, with a digital camera, you can do it easily. and free sites as this is a huge opportunity to make money in a different way, which draws the attention of your reader, in other words that sells really! Here, down in my link propose you a business on facebook, another way, that coupled with the videos it will be a boom in its economy, most used social networks to make friends, I’ll show you to also use them to make money, don’t you think fantastic? Only takes a moment to remember how Instant Messaging has taken care to know your business, or that you propose.Now millions of people around the world visit AIM and other accounts of Instant Messaging throughout the day to see who is connected.Cell phone with text messaging has also picked up customers in schools and offices around the world. Consider how the big change will be when people can send personal videos to computers, iPods, and even cell phones.That technology is already available, and people around the world is starting to jump on board, i.e. to use them with enthusiasm, knowing that it is a good thing. You can now register to earn commissions when people start to use this technology.Just consider that MySpace has 62 million members and Friendster has 24 million members.The demand for technology that builds online communities has shown how useful and practical that is. Need to make money on the Internet?, Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way of winning, with the news that I have explained. Facebook is used by millions of people only to communicate with friends, here you will teach How can you earn money with this massive social network. Get more background information with materials from technology investor. You won’t have to worry about making video or another, since if you start you, you will have a page like mine, which will make you earn money from the comfort of your home.

Technical Committee

Friday, July 18th, 2014

With respect to the recruitment of personnel to occupy directive positions and confidence, one considers that it will be carried out through abiertas public calls (published in the Government reporter of the Government of the State of Sonant and in the modalities that the regulation will indicate, as they can be by means of Internet in a site specific) to occupy the places of the first level of entrance to the system. This process will depend on the institutional needs of the dependencies for each fiscal year in agreement with the authorized budget. The mechanism of selection to occupy the places that are not of first level of entrance will be developed by the Technical Committee of Professionalisation of each dependency. The committees will have to carry out the selection procedure to hold positions of new creation, by means of abiertas public calls. When one is to cover vacant places different from the first level of entrance, the committees will have to emit open public call. For the selection, besides the general requirements and profiles of the corresponding positions, the trajectory, experience and the results of the evaluations of the servants will have to be considered race public. With respect to the professional development, the Technical Committees of Professionalisation, in coordination with the Secretariat of the General Contralora, they will integrate the Subsystem of Professional Development and will have, from the catalogue of positions, to establish trajectories of ascent and promotion, as well as its respective rules to cover on the part of the servants public with race. The servants race public will be able to accede to a position of the System of the Professional Service of Race of greater responsibility or hierarchy, once fulfilled the procedures of contained recruitment and selection in the corresponding law. For these effects, the committees will have to take into account the puntaje granted to the public servant by virtue of their evaluations from the performance, promotions and the results of the qualification examinations, certification or other studies that had realised, as well as of the own examinations of selection in the terms of the lineamientos that emit the committees.