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Evil Students

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

6% say that the best way to achieve a good visit, and most importantly the benefit could be a little validation work after each lecture on the materials provided on it, it will cause Students listen to and understand a lecture, as well as help in getting the automatic test, 5% are in favor of establishing the schedule daily at one time, and 2% of respondents did not even realize that you need to do to Students attended classes. 1% of students believe that teachers should be kinder to them 1% of freshmen say that if they give free lunches, the attendance will be 100%. 4. 34% of respondents replied that there is nothing that they interfere with learning (these students do not pass and no debt). Many students (45%) admit that the blame for their poor training is laziness. According to 7%, to blame teachers: Denied assistance in their subject Tickets issued late for the exam Evil teachers toward students quiet lecture (these students have debts on their studies, but there are also those who have no debts) 9% prevents personal life, which takes time from studying (Attend classes regularly, no debt, or debt, 1-2) 5% – not enough books 5. Basically all the students happy now active learning process, there are only minor observations: The largest number of claims it was relatively inconvenient class schedules, alternating training shifts. I would like the classes were held at the same time, the working students in this case will have the opportunity to combine work and the learning process without the express prejudice to both.

Electronic Invoices

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Put a stop to have hundreds of boxes in your home or Office to keep invoices, goodbye to the time spent in waiting for the confirmation of received invoices and above all say hello to your productivity and money saved. All this and more is what you’ll get to change you from the traditional system to electronic billing system. From the first day of this year is already obligatory to taxpayers who stated in the 2009 income equal or greater than 4 million weight, change to this system. Do not see it as something that you have to do only because it is in the law, Veil pro side that it was time for you to do more productive your business and more to the forefront in new technologies. Electronic invoicing will make you save thousands of dollars since before you gastabas much in little things, so to speak, but spending hacias constantly e.g.: ink cartridges, sheets, boxes for storing invoices, shipping and some other things. With this modern system the only thing you spend will be a couple of minutes in what you type for your invoice data and give it to send. To acquire the electronic billing system you have to contact a company that can sell you the software, systems that are sold from 580 pesos.

Smartphone Jailbreak Iphone

Monday, July 21st, 2014

According to well-known magazine 'PCWorld', which is published in the pages of information about innovations in the field of information technology in 2007, Iphone was recognized as one of the most useful development corporation Apple. It is absolutely surprising, because the Iphone – this is, in essence, modified smartphone that combines a PDA, the player iPod, and Internet tablet. The idea of creating iPhone belongs to no one else, as director of Apple's Steve Jobs. Initially, Jobs was not covered by the idea of creating 'smart' phone, and a tablet with which to print his hands directly on the screen without a keyboard. When he presented the very first 'rough' models Internet tablet, it is understood that they are worthy only of your smartphone. All of the following years, the work was dedicated to the creation of Jobs' phone, which would combine in himself all the gadgets we are used to working alone: mobile phone, PDA and player. But we can not say that the process of creating the latest generation smartphone ever to succeed. All the subsequent stages of development were iPhone in secrecy – even engineers working on the technical and programming of the phone, had no right to communicate with each other.

The result of this secrecy has appeared on store shelves in 2007, first-generation iPhone, with an aluminum back part and 4-8 GB of memory. Buy iPhone in this series could be over $ 500. As expected, iPhone combines the functionality of phone, PDA and iPod. But at this stage, the novelty will have another difficulty. These were identified users of imperfections, such as the lack of 3G technology, inhibiting work on the Internet. Also, Apple Inc., anticipated problems with the brand iPhone, right on which belonged to the company Cisco Systems. After Apple's release of the first generation iPhone, Cisco Systems filed a lawsuit. As a result of litigation, details of which remain secret, both corporations came to possess the right to use the trademark iPhone.

Soon the phone developers presented to the consumer an enhanced version of iPhone – iPhone 3G. The new smartphone has a huge advantage over the previous version – network support 3G, the modified design, as well as the new operating system iPhone OS 2.0. More addition, the cost of the new phone has been greatly reduced, and the iPhone 3G purchase could total $ 300. The new version of iPhone was accepted 'with enthusiasm', and soon the company – the manufacturer, one after the other, has released a new version – iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, one Winners of the first of which our country was Dmitry Medvedev. Despite the increasing popularity of this smartphone, the iPhone completely replace the computer failed due to lack of opportunities to work with embedded files phone. However, the craftsmen were able to overcome this mistake, and manufacturers have developed unique software operation called 'Jailbreak'. Jailbreak iPhone provides free access to mobile, that gives users the ability to install third-party device unlicensed applications. Jailbreak iPhone allows you to compensate for the inconvenience that, one way or another connected with the use of licensed software. But if once unlock the iPhone, then return back to its original state it would be impossible.

Technical Committee

Friday, July 18th, 2014

With respect to the recruitment of personnel to occupy directive positions and confidence, one considers that it will be carried out through abiertas public calls (published in the Government reporter of the Government of the State of Sonant and in the modalities that the regulation will indicate, as they can be by means of Internet in a site specific) to occupy the places of the first level of entrance to the system. This process will depend on the institutional needs of the dependencies for each fiscal year in agreement with the authorized budget. The mechanism of selection to occupy the places that are not of first level of entrance will be developed by the Technical Committee of Professionalisation of each dependency. The committees will have to carry out the selection procedure to hold positions of new creation, by means of abiertas public calls. When one is to cover vacant places different from the first level of entrance, the committees will have to emit open public call. For the selection, besides the general requirements and profiles of the corresponding positions, the trajectory, experience and the results of the evaluations of the servants will have to be considered race public. With respect to the professional development, the Technical Committees of Professionalisation, in coordination with the Secretariat of the General Contralora, they will integrate the Subsystem of Professional Development and will have, from the catalogue of positions, to establish trajectories of ascent and promotion, as well as its respective rules to cover on the part of the servants public with race. The servants race public will be able to accede to a position of the System of the Professional Service of Race of greater responsibility or hierarchy, once fulfilled the procedures of contained recruitment and selection in the corresponding law. For these effects, the committees will have to take into account the puntaje granted to the public servant by virtue of their evaluations from the performance, promotions and the results of the qualification examinations, certification or other studies that had realised, as well as of the own examinations of selection in the terms of the lineamientos that emit the committees.

Correct Web Hosting

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Choosing the plan of correct Web hosting its site To choose the plan of correct Web hosting is a complicated task even for the described developers Web more. It seems that there are hundreds of lodging companies Web that way offering its special supply or characteristic unique technique, making the process of selection of a plan of still more confused lodging. One does not worry! This one analysis of lodging shared Web (shared servant), lodging of virtual servant deprived (VPS), and dedicated lodging (dedicated servant) must clarify any confusion and help him to take the correct way towards the selection from the best plan from lodging Web for their site. Then, what is the dedicated lodging, lodging VPS and the shared lodging, anyway? Before entering a comparison of the three main types of lodging plans Web, permtanme to give a brief description of them. Dedicated lodging, as its name indicates, means that it is essentially renting his own dedicated servant who does not share with any another company or personal Web site. A dedicated servant has his own operating system and software. Lodging VPS offers many of the same characteristics that the dedicated lodging, like its own operating system, directions IP, the data transfer of hundreds of thousands, even of GB and one apparently limitless allocation of dominions.

Nevertheless, a virtual private servant still shares the same physical surroundings with other systems. They are in favor separated only of virtual partitions. Finally, and in the other end of the phantom, the shared lodging means that the servant is shared and does not have virtual partitions. In his place, it has many Web sites located all in the same direction IP. Yield and Security the dedicated Web hosting are very powerful and offer more space for the personalisation. A certain level of technical knowledge is necessary to execute and to maintain the security of a dedicated servant, especially if you choose a lodging company that offers a minimum technical support.

NBIC Audiovisual Training

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Fundacion Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) is a Foundation related to the University world and training. The goal behind that is FUNIBER, affirm its members, is the constant search of disseminating and sharing knowledge Spanish and Portuguese with the Ibero-American. Train people with an international education without neglecting that each country contributes in its individuality, uniqueness and comparative advantages. Programs FUNIBER says projecting their lines of action based on that knowledge should be put within the reach of everyone, not only of who have completed a college degree. Under the premise that there are different groups of recipients of knowledge (depending on the degree of education previously achieved) and different levels of depth in each, Funiber says that everyone should be able to choose the way that suits you most in the materialization of their personal process of learning and cultural and intellectual formation. Currently, Funiber offers 100 academic programs of master and specializations in different areas of training. All programs are headed by Spanish and Latin American universities. Likewise, there are also doctoral program in the same mode in conjunction with the University of Leon (Spain), Universidad Tecnologica de Panama and Universidad Catolica (Nicaragua).

Areas of environmental health and nutrition sport technologies ICT training / NBIC Audiovisual training of teachers tourism projects, prevention, quality, engineering architecture, design and urbanism company, management development, RR.HH. Background since its founding in 1997 in Barcelona, FUNIBER has grown becoming today an academic network with presence in 25 countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Rep. Dominican, Uruguay, Venezuela, United States, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique). This network currently includes more than 45 European and Latin American universities and many companies and international agencies. FUNIBER claims to be guided by the conclusions present in the World Declaration on higher education in the twenty-first century: vision and action (UNESCO, Paris, 1998), which proclaims the necessity of a multicultural training based on the quality, relevance and supportive international cooperation through networks of universities. In that statement there is the main guideline which FUNIBER claims to be bound: lifelong learning throughout life. This includes all individuals can educate themselves in the place where he lives and works, be it whatever. Modern communication systems that enable, among other things, distance education, allow universities to complete its offer by placing within reach of students, through a University, all areas of knowledge that the institution you want, doing it with a level academic. The way to save these limits through the construction of networks of universities.