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July 21st, 2014 by Rosemary
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According to well-known magazine 'PCWorld', which is published in the pages of information about innovations in the field of information technology in 2007, Iphone was recognized as one of the most useful development corporation Apple. It is absolutely surprising, because the Iphone – this is, in essence, modified smartphone that combines a PDA, the player iPod, and Internet tablet. The idea of creating iPhone belongs to no one else, as director of Apple's Steve Jobs. Initially, Jobs was not covered by the idea of creating 'smart' phone, and a tablet with which to print his hands directly on the screen without a keyboard. When he presented the very first 'rough' models Internet tablet, it is understood that they are worthy only of your smartphone. All of the following years, the work was dedicated to the creation of Jobs' phone, which would combine in himself all the gadgets we are used to working alone: mobile phone, PDA and player. But we can not say that the process of creating the latest generation smartphone ever to succeed. All the subsequent stages of development were iPhone in secrecy – even engineers working on the technical and programming of the phone, had no right to communicate with each other.

The result of this secrecy has appeared on store shelves in 2007, first-generation iPhone, with an aluminum back part and 4-8 GB of memory. Buy iPhone in this series could be over $ 500. As expected, iPhone combines the functionality of phone, PDA and iPod. But at this stage, the novelty will have another difficulty. These were identified users of imperfections, such as the lack of 3G technology, inhibiting work on the Internet. Also, Apple Inc., anticipated problems with the brand iPhone, right on which belonged to the company Cisco Systems. After Apple's release of the first generation iPhone, Cisco Systems filed a lawsuit. As a result of litigation, details of which remain secret, both corporations came to possess the right to use the trademark iPhone.

Soon the phone developers presented to the consumer an enhanced version of iPhone – iPhone 3G. The new smartphone has a huge advantage over the previous version – network support 3G, the modified design, as well as the new operating system iPhone OS 2.0. More addition, the cost of the new phone has been greatly reduced, and the iPhone 3G purchase could total $ 300. The new version of iPhone was accepted 'with enthusiasm', and soon the company – the manufacturer, one after the other, has released a new version – iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, one Winners of the first of which our country was Dmitry Medvedev. Despite the increasing popularity of this smartphone, the iPhone completely replace the computer failed due to lack of opportunities to work with embedded files phone. However, the craftsmen were able to overcome this mistake, and manufacturers have developed unique software operation called 'Jailbreak'. Jailbreak iPhone provides free access to mobile, that gives users the ability to install third-party device unlicensed applications. Jailbreak iPhone allows you to compensate for the inconvenience that, one way or another connected with the use of licensed software. But if once unlock the iPhone, then return back to its original state it would be impossible.

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