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Employer Rights

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Employer Rights 1) The right to organize and lead the company. ” “The employer is empowered enough media to organize economically and technically the company, holding or establishment” “The powers of direction attending the employer must be exercised with a functional, serving the purposes of the company, the requirements of the production, without prejudice to the preservation and enhancement of personal and property rights of the worker. “” The employer is entitled to introduce all these changes on the form and means of providing employment, while these changes do not matter unreasonable exercise of that power, nor alter the essential terms of the contract, do not cause material or moral LIMITING the worker. ” In addition, the employer must exercise this power according to the TBI, professional statutes, collective agreements work and internal regulations of the company. 2) disciplinary law.”The employer may take disciplinary action proportionate to the faults or deficiencies shown by the worker.” “No disciplinary sanctions may be applied to constitute a modification of the employment contract.” 3) control law. “Personal control systems of worker protection for the employer’s property should always safeguard the dignity of the worker and shall be carried out with discretion and shall be made through automatic selection for all staff. Controls female staff should be reserved for persons of the same sex. ” The systems shall be made known to the enforcement authority, which is empowered to pandora that they do not afectem worker’s dignity. 4) The right of preference over of certain discoveries and inventions of the employee.”The employer shall be chosen equal to third, if the worker decides the assignment of rights to the invention or discovery.

Let me tell

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

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Laura Ingraham

Friday, September 14th, 2012

On five or six years I have listened to preservative speaker of radio Laura Ingraham asked insane rum economist to him what thought of gold like an investment. (like many other programs of preservative radio, a sponsor of Laura at the moment was a distributing gold). She smoothly laughed as he answered, ” by all means all must maintain some gold by side to bribe the border guards. Since then he has increased markedly gold in price and gold distributors execute announcements in several programs of radio. Many programs of call both people to listen financial advising are asked about gold. Stores of jewelry shop have signs of ” to buy oro” great in its windows.

Thanks to the financial crisis that began in the summer of 2007, many Americans and others of the world are worried about their future. The Americans in particular are worried about the enormous deficit – and still increasing – and because he probably appears will continue to reduce the value of the American dollar. After all, gold is traditionally people turn of safe refuges in difficult economic times. Its price often is closely related to the political instability and inversely correlated with yield of the stock market. It is impossible to underestimate attractive the emotional one of gold. It goes to any jewel store in Thailand.

It will see massive gold necklaces hung in the wall. In a sunny day the immense amount of shining metal in the walls is red brilliant like a shining brilliance in your eyes. Soon they realize of which many of the women whom they buy the necklaces are not to any other form of wealth or savings. Everybody, for thousands of million poor men, gold jewels is all the familiar wealth in screen. When it needs cash, happyhock necklaces, chains, ring, bracelets, narigueras and earrings in the local effort. What much people forget is gold has practical uses thus. Many people with bad teeth have fillings of gold or crowns in their mouths. Gold is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and is very malleable and ductile. It is used in the manufacture of semiconductors. Its paper traditional as a permanent warehouse of value is subject to the policy thus. Often in the last thirty years, as well as factors of increases of price of the supply and the normal demand, gold of the Central bank in Europe begin to return to reduce the sale price. Even Switzerland, the country that is more associated with the gold standard in the last years has sold some of its gold reserves. This uncertainty makes commercial gold like too dangerous merchandise. It reached his maximum of 800 dollars in 1980. Recently he has been more $ 1000 but it would have to reach the price of approximately $ 2100 in dollars of the now equal United States in 1980. Nobody can say that no, but that does not mean will do that it. It tripled in price five years in the last.

Wedding Dresses

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Therefore, to be prudent in the planning of a dress of wedding of the beautiful beach. Aside from the last tendency, suitability of the dress for a wedding in the local beach is important. Dresses of fianc2ee with sleeve until the knee are the tendency and to many they prefer them fianc2ees because they are very comfortable when walking on the sand. The color of the dress must be chosen after a careful consideration. It would be better if one goes away with the color of the sea and also agree with the accessories. The accessories are an important thing that it beforehand must be glided. You can go for special accessories of wedding of the beach that have elements of sea like the fish, chorales, shells, etc.

dolphins like pendants and other designs. The imitation diamond jewelry shop also is preferred by many fianc2ees who want that he is simple but exotic. It is important that you go for a dress that is done of a lighter material as sateen or a mixture of two materials that to reduce the cost. Outside shoulders or style to halter with neck in wedding dresses makes very elegant more in fashion and. If you have beautiful hands and soon to follow ahead and took to his arms. It adorns with beautiful bracelets that they make see you the princess that really is. Dresses of fianc2ee empire with braces or braces also hacerte can shine like a million dollars. You can go for a dress of fianc2ee fianc2ee dressed princess or siren, if you have a figure of sand clock and wants to make ostentation of her. If they dare and an excellent figure he can go to the wedding bikinis that do that the memorable day for your pair. At the time of buying a fianc2ee dress, he asegrese of which the dress can be transported and be worn as you do not want to be annoying after arriving at his destiny.