Employer Rights

September 26th, 2012 by Rosemary
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Employer Rights 1) The right to organize and lead the company. ” “The employer is empowered enough media to organize economically and technically the company, holding or establishment” “The powers of direction attending the employer must be exercised with a functional, serving the purposes of the company, the requirements of the production, without prejudice to the preservation and enhancement of personal and property rights of the worker. “” The employer is entitled to introduce all these changes on the form and means of providing employment, while these changes do not matter unreasonable exercise of that power, nor alter the essential terms of the contract, do not cause material or moral LIMITING the worker. ” In addition, the employer must exercise this power according to the TBI, professional statutes, collective agreements work and internal regulations of the company. 2) disciplinary law.”The employer may take disciplinary action proportionate to the faults or deficiencies shown by the worker.” “No disciplinary sanctions may be applied to constitute a modification of the employment contract.” 3) control law. “Personal control systems of worker protection for the employer’s property should always safeguard the dignity of the worker and shall be carried out with discretion and shall be made through automatic selection for all staff. Controls female staff should be reserved for persons of the same sex. ” The systems shall be made known to the enforcement authority, which is empowered to pandora that they do not afectem worker’s dignity. 4) The right of preference over of certain discoveries and inventions of the employee.”The employer shall be chosen equal to third, if the worker decides the assignment of rights to the invention or discovery.

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