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September 20th, 2012 by Rosemary
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Let me tell you then you already are an expert tooodo Global Marketing, which is not fun ! The toys that you play every day, are sold to kids like you in over 150 countries, this means that at this moment in America or in Spain, a boy your age is asking their daddies any handouts one of these fantastic games. This could mean that people, even though we live in different countries, speak different languages, or we are super far, we are not entirely distinct from each other: we like the same toys, we like the same Coca-Cola or even your sister uses the same Huggies that a baby in Japan. And from this we deal in global marketing, how can we make a product can be sold anywhere in the world. How about if we play a little !——–> now click here NOW YOU KNOW SOMETHING OF GLOBAL MARKETING.

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