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The Muscle

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

The muscle belly is located on the central part of the muscle between his origin and insertion tendons. It is red, highly variable in length and volume (contraction/relaxation) and with large number of blood vessels. A muscle is composed of what is formed by the union of thousands to millions (depending on the muscle) of your basic cellular units, muscle fibers. They unite both lengthwise and crosswise, forming small groups of fibers called fascicles or you do muscle, at the same time also de-interleaved side by side to form the muscle itself. The fact of separating fibers in different fascicles is a preventive approach with regard to possible injury. If the muscle is formed by an only fascicle, in case of breakage would be totally disabled to perform their motor function. We can say that the muscle fiber is divided into still smaller functional structures, the mofibrillas. We will not go into detail, since we desviariamos us of our goal.

How a muscle contracts another actor, the nerve. A muscle contracts thanks to an electrical stimulus, a nerve impulse. The order of shrinkage comes from the central nervous system, consisting of the brain and spinal cord. This stimulus occurs on a voluntary basis, when we want to generate a movement, or involuntarily as a consequence of a reflection (usually defensive), but sometimes also due to malfunctioning nerve, causing what we call Contracture (involuntary contraction sustained over time). This anomaly can come from two sources. One physiological, in which the nerve has been irritated, injured, or compressed by any other structure of the body (a joint, muscle, inflammation).

Another emotional, as a way to escape from a nervous excessive activity, generating stimulation of contraction to various muscles of the body, usually close to the central nervous system (head, neck and back). The chemical balance of your cells is also transcendental in the contraction of the muscle. Both for contraction itself as for the transmission of the nervous impulse, the chemical composition of the muscle fiber has to be optimum, being especially significant the role played by water, as well as the elements calcium, sodium and potassium. Hence the importance of good nutrition and hydration to maintain good muscle health. A dysfunction linked to this chemical equilibrium is typical cramp or ramp, a momentary muscle spasm usually caused by fatigue and dehydration of the muscle. When the nerve is totally injured, muscle contraction is literally impossible. By its section (nerve has been broken) or by a disease (multiple sclerosis, poliomyelitis,), not neural activity over a muscle completely prevents its function. Then the only possible electrical activity on muscle is electrotherapy. Used in physiotherapy with the objective of maintaining the volume and tone of the muscle, usually not very effective, and unfortunately the muscle just by atrophy and virtually disappear. Missing something, the raison d ‘ etre of the muscle, movement. So, as you’ve already seen sometimes, muscle and movement go hand in hand. But, although that movement is the basic muscular function, there are other functions. Do you want to know what? He remains attentive to listen to your body.

The Modern Image Of The Front Optics Audi A5

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Extraordinary and unusual image of the new Audi A5 has given the development of a new trend of alternative optics, which is called "image A5. This type is characterized, first and foremost, the led strip along the bottom of the lights, inverted at the top of the edge from the middle. Also, the lens beam stylized cat's eye pupil. The initial company to develop a stylish optics, in the style of A5 was the company sonar, the main producing current best optics. Previously, the main image of the newly-minted front-optics has been the so-called form of 'Celestial Eyes', first created under the bmw E39. Advanced optics in the form of 'Angel Eyes' was characterized by glowing lights around optics. For the first time styling A5 covered almost the entire serial number of cars bmw E36, E34, E39.

Were subsequently developed and cars Volkswagen: vw Passat B5, Golf 2, Golf 3. Common representative of modern optics image of car Audi A5 are the lights of Audi A6 started as usual, in duplicate, with a shiny black and reflector. This image has been creating almost the entire line of cars Audi: A80V4, A3, A4, A6, to strong our disappointment, for except older models, Audi models and 80V3 100. Just absolutely have been created for the Audi A5 range and Volkswagen: Passat B5 stylish optics 1997, 2000, Passat B5 + 1.5. Started a new edition of the alternative models in the style of the front optics A5 Golf 3 Golf 4 91-97 and 98-04. Big Demand for these cars found that the image of Audi A5 is not only suitable for Audi, but today has grown into a unique image of tuning optics. Inspired by the success line Volkswagen employees sonar decided Doda some details this style to other cars. Was made under the new optics bmw E36, Skoda Octavia, Opel Astra, in it while preserving the original aspect of the scanned image of the car details Audi A5. Referred to cars newly-minted optics provided tuning shop AUTO-PA.

Virtual Language

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

INTRODUCTION In the last times, more constant the technological innovations have been each time in ours day-by-day. In this context, the universe appears of the Internet, that started in 1969, in the United States, with educational intention, where researchers if connected for exchange of information, it saw email, between great laboratories of research. Soon after in 1991 the Word Wibe Web is created, in the Switzerland, that if quickly propagated for which had the whole world its versatility and topographical espacialidade, characteristic of hipertexto, texts connected for links electronic, in which ' ' The electronic writing can in such a way be how much visual a verbal representation, without limits for its desenvolvimento' '. (ARAJO, 2005, apud BOLTER, 2001, P. 36).

This innovation brings obtains each time more adepts, and in way the adequacies and improvements that start to exist in the Internet, appear the sites of relationship, as orkut, facebook, to twitter, MSN, chats, blogs and instantaneous communicators in interaction search, where internautas can interact in real time with an individual of any part of the planet and of dynamic form the simplification of the language in this new writing happens. This new language demands rapidity in its dialogues, thus objectifying to gain time without losing the information, exactly that this runs over the grammatical norms. The Internet already is part of the daily one of millions of people in this virtual universe, where the communication is made by a differentiated language, with abbreviations, as emoticons that they are a sequence of typographical characters, or also, an image, that translates or wants to transmit the state psychological, emotivo, of uses who them, by means of illustrative icons of a face expression. Hiperlink, that inside allows to the easy access between the diverse pages (navigation) and same the fast movement of a long text, and orality in the writing.

Environment Microsoft Visual

Friday, March 21st, 2014

We begin with Static code analyzers. Oddly, despite its great potential, long-term development and use practice, static analyzers were poorly prepared to find bugs in 64-bit programs. Consider the situation on the example of C + + code as an area where static analyzers are most widely used. Many static analyzers support a number of rules associated with the search code with incorrect behavior when transferring it to the 64-bit systems. But they realize this is a very disparate methods and very incomplete. This is particularly evident after the beginning of mass development of applications for 64-bit version of Windows in Environment Microsoft Visual C + + 2005.

Explanation for this may be the fact that the majority of inspections are based on rather old material for the study of problems of porting programs to 64-bit systems in terms of C language. As a result, a number of designs have appeared in C + +, has been deprived of attention from the viewpoint of control and portability not found its reflection in the analyzers. Does not take into account a number of other changes, such as, for example, significantly increased the amount of memory and use different compilers different data models (LP64, LLP64, ILP64 11). For clarity, we consider a couple of examples: double * DoubleArray; unsigned Index = 0; while () DoubleArray Index + + = 1.0f; get a warning on the code like you do not succeed, even those powerful analyzers as Parasoft C + + test () and Gimpel Software PC-Lint ().

Round Table Technological Development

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

The company "Alley Software" took part in the Round Table "How to lose a teenager in today's information space" – an event held in within the "safe Runet Week" February 10, 2010 in Central City Children's Library. AS Pushkin. Round table, passing with the support of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg, brought together representatives from public and school libraries, educational specialists community, journalists, lawyers, psychologists, and IT-specialists. The main topic of discussion was the role of cultural and educational organization in a positive and secure information (including Internet) space for children. Experts focused particular problem of Internet child safety and ways to solve it using the potential of children's libraries. Discussing the impact of the Internet as an information medium on the children and adolescents, the participants noted the passivity of adults: only a small percentage of parents taking part in online pastime child, explaining to him the rules of behavior and communication in the web, placing personal information, visiting sites with questionable content.

However, the tools for creating a safe Internet environment there, it just – for the good will of adults: a proven IT-specialists, demonstrating software means to protect and filter web-content. The theme of IT-technologies in libraries and discussed from the perspective of establishing contact with the reader. Employees TSGDB them. Pushkin introduced the technology web-publishing full text resources on the example of the book collection of publications of the war years 1941-1945. The project was completed in conjunction with the "Alley of Software." "The developed functional allows you to read the book in interesting for a child's media flash-format, providing visibility and display is as close to the real book "- says the technical director of" Alley Software "Dmitry Livotov -" Libraries in the struggle for free time children have compete with games, social networking – without a beautiful shell and informative content feedback from young readers and growing up does not work. " "Children begin to use the equipment with the most early age, mastering them, even at a more advanced level than adults. " – Says Stanislav Kim, General Director of "Alley of Software" – "However, the level of technological development as the chief librarian Head of reading (in addition to schools and parents) should match the level of the child. So that the library these days can not be passive in the use of high technology, electronic libraries or various web 2.0-services. We as a IT-company helping to organize the program and the technical part of the library, but it remains the central role of librarians as consultants. They have the most important task: diversify channels of communication with the child, to establish effective contact with them and expanding his horizons. "

White House

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Particularly visible this aspect is viewed in the second – on a temporary downward – the book of the poet, "My Window", published in 2001, while the first, "Islands in the universe, came there in the 2002nd. This principle of "reverse chronological order, I think, quite, justified the construction of the collection, which would serve as a specific outcome of quests in the outer and inner world, searching, vodivshih's the farthest sometimes roads and trails, but led him to realize the uniqueness and originality of its "I" that is likely something to counter the global leveling a living soul, including Slavic, spiritual, and pragmatic, anthropocentric and positivist tendencies, which shlestnuvshis in the ultra-new martial arts, tend more to reshape us, each in its own way: It will soon be spring, all questions do not count. On the water turquoise. All have gone, and a shy day tear thunderstorm. Soon the fire will divert the convoy and sink ships. Will dream of the river, and the sad late Will my sisters Yuri Cherkashin creates in his poems vseprostor soul, tied not only for eternity, or historical time, but especially to the years and places when and where this soul – specifically and tangibly-proprietary – entered into dialogues with the proposed circumstances of her survival and self-transformation, when and where it can find – and found – a clue to his rescue, and those will always be there and Today: White House on the sand A clean sheet on the table