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Dragon Haul

Sunday, November 14th, 2021

There followed a dialogue, we must break through the Coast Guard: Take a course back to the dock. There is a little trick: do not swim across the strait to the pier and take a course on the most eastern part of the airport – oplyvite her and place her half of the city = the whole process long enough for success! Moored to the pier, there will splash The mission is passed here: from it you will get 10 units of heroin (drug). On the map announced updated label "C", and Z. We take the mission to "C". Mission number 26: SA-Boat-Age. Sit in a boat and head after the principal at the meeting. Your task: to ensure the integrity of the protected ship from attackers. Naveen Selvadurai is often quoted on this topic.

During the mission will receive 12 units of Ecstasy. Mission to "C" have stopped, take on Z. Mission number 27: Cash & Burn. Sit in the labeled car and drove to the building site there with a flamethrower to burn the system-raw. The problem is that your process will prevent the bad guys with guns in their hands. Warning: Use strategy and tactical details of the enemy – and the victory will be for you! The mission of "free".

Mission number 28: Dragon Haul Z. Need to track down and steal a car with a festive "things." Beyond that you will manage a "cloth dragon." The mission is simple, but for her give $ 1.000. On the map mark Z disappears and appears label "H" – are heading there.

Environment Microsoft Visual

Friday, March 21st, 2014

We begin with Static code analyzers. Oddly, despite its great potential, long-term development and use practice, static analyzers were poorly prepared to find bugs in 64-bit programs. Consider the situation on the example of C + + code as an area where static analyzers are most widely used. Many static analyzers support a number of rules associated with the search code with incorrect behavior when transferring it to the 64-bit systems. But they realize this is a very disparate methods and very incomplete. This is particularly evident after the beginning of mass development of applications for 64-bit version of Windows in Environment Microsoft Visual C + + 2005.

Explanation for this may be the fact that the majority of inspections are based on rather old material for the study of problems of porting programs to 64-bit systems in terms of C language. As a result, a number of designs have appeared in C + +, has been deprived of attention from the viewpoint of control and portability not found its reflection in the analyzers. Does not take into account a number of other changes, such as, for example, significantly increased the amount of memory and use different compilers different data models (LP64, LLP64, ILP64 11). For clarity, we consider a couple of examples: double * DoubleArray; unsigned Index = 0; while () DoubleArray Index + + = 1.0f; get a warning on the code like you do not succeed, even those powerful analyzers as Parasoft C + + test () and Gimpel Software PC-Lint ().