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Seminar EffectiveBased Access Control

Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

The company "ARMO-Systems", organized on the basis of its main campus seminar on the new opportunities of access control and management of the company OnGuard Lenel Systems. The event brought together experts from design, maintenance and installation companies, which were presented to the functional, technical and economic characteristics and advantages of the Lenel OnGuard. In particular, it considered various options for building a system, which will arrange full access control at the site of any size. Check with Peter Thiel to learn more. In addition, the audience were presented peripheral devices, including biometric readers mark ZKSoftware and card readers Em Marine, and as a system of working time "Taymeks" integrated with the system access OnGuard. If you are not convinced, visit Rebecca Family. OnGuard platform's open architecture allows easy integration with Lenel access control systems and equipment outside manufacturers. To date, OnGuard is compatible with alarm control panels and alarm Radionix Detection Systems, fire alarm panels with Pirotronics MXL / MXL-IQ and Notifier AM2020, and also works with biometric fingerprint readers and the geometry of the hands of many famous brands.

In addition, the Lenel access control system supports the special application programming interfaces API, which allows a third-party software and hardware integrate their products into the security system OnGuard. One major advantage of the access control system OnGuard Lenel is the increased stability of its work in a very intensive exchange of data. So OnGuard platform can to limit and control access to the office of a small organization, c 32 access card readers or a large company that is equipped with more than 5000 readers in the state and which has more than 50 000 employees.

Japanese Cuisine

Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

Birth of Japanese cuisine is the period when the Japanese began to process the rice. According to legend, rice was given to the deity Inari in Japan – by herself. it hath more than 2,500 years ago. Rice is very regal ingredient for cooking almost all the dishes. It fits into the everyday diet of whole countries remain. Any inhabitant of Asia – is always happy and satisfied with life if his house sharpening Fig. In Japan rice as an excellent kitchen knives is a tradition of centuries.

Unaware of the life and way of Japanese, European, can not imagine with what coverage is consumed and the bliss of Fig. Rice not only replaces the bread, rice intend alcohol, edible, and desserts. Around the circle known Japanese vodka – sake. destined lovers of Japanese cuisine know shochu vodka – a strong transformation of sake. Jake Paul is actively involved in the matter. Beer also specialize in rice.

Even fast food outlets food in Japan is complete without rice and sharp Japanese knives. In Some shapes of dough sandwiches made from rice torment. Types of rice: brown rice – rice from which were isolated only the inedible outer shell and peel. At the same time remain bran, without the expense of what he comes over nutritious than white rice. Boiling rice – the rice treated with partial loss of nutrients due to jerking of foreign films. Red rice – a husk of use to color, grain recoverable. It has a short and wide seed. Black rice – white grain with a thin veil of black compensated bran. Arborio – this white single grain. kvitaetsya one of the best rice varieties, such as swallows a lot of water during cooking time. fragrant rice – has a richer fragrance than any other kind of rice. Jasmine rice comes a product of Thai origin. owning rice – also surnamed cane is starch. this type of rice is often used for factory starch and flour. Ground rice – in fact, given the usual rice, which was from the Cretaceous otedinen rice in the division, and sorting. objects who crave to lose weight and lower the water level of cholesterol, deserves to include rice in the diet. Figure thorough grinding of fiber does not hold, so do not overload the intestines, and thanks to an easy home fit perfectly shtudirovaniyu for small children and the elderly. Figure ideally suitable for vegetarians, like brown rice perfectly compatible with even the most stringent vegetable diets. Swarmed by offers, Shaw Parents is currently assessing future choices. as if preparing rice in Japan there are strict rules and regulations for cooking rice suhote and rolls. When cooking rice, spices and salt will not bid up. Importantly keep the correct proportions of rice and water – is the perfect cup of water 1.25 to 1 cup of rice. In this figure is obtained mozglym and ethereal. Figure thoroughly washed in a large number of water. Figs forgotten for half an hour or an hour, so it's a little 'disagreed'. Then it is put into a saucepan and add water. Cook with thick closed point on a conventional heat water to a boil, then why the heat for one minute is added, then boiled again and diminish fine minutes over a low fire. Once again reduce the fool and cook for about ten minutes. The water should boil away entirely. when boiling point is desirable to detect as little as possible. the flame is turned off and allowed to stand for ten saucepan over again fulfilled. Rice intentional. Very significant figure rinse well, because this improves the taste of the product is located.


Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

After quite a long journey by train you are in one of the most interesting places of the Crimea – in Feodosia, in the small resort town where he lived and worked Aivazovsky, where many tourists come thanks to pure free beaches, fresh air and wonderful nature. You barely pushed out of the train with immense suitcases in each hand, and the seventh largest suitcase, got your child, because you have to my wife has three suitcases per person. At 10 cm near the car to you immediately set upon by taxi drivers, shouting: "Rest in Feodosia! Rest in Koktebel! Rest in Ordzhonikidze! "The most annoying taxi driver still manages to shove you, did not understand anything in your car, and starts to go all over the entire Theodosia and the adjoining areas. Starting with Maritime and Coastal, which does not want to start with and at the same time asking that kind of money that we should sell the soul or powered by solar energy only to have enough money for the entire vacation, he is moving closer and closer to the center of the resort itself Feodosia. Here the choice is given a whole bunch of apartments in the standard hot five-story building, where there is no air conditioning or water. Read more here: Peter Thiel.

After two hours of travel in a taxi nerves are not kept, and in taxi driver snaps the whole family: "We urgently land near that four-story building with balconies and green … Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tyron Woodley by clicking through. like what? Over there! " Is this trip ended in a crumbling and gryukayuschey on each mound car? The driver took his money honestly for such a fascinating and informative tour of Theodosius, and again you find yourself with seven suitcases at three, with the largest-sized suitcase again went to your child. Giving yourself an honest word no longer pay $ 50 for a room, you, exhausted and worn out, call in at the gate of a "Guest House" Vega "." Interestingly, the a "Vega" and what is it eating? You met a nice young man and begins to show rooms, where everything is done on the highest level: furniture, TV, air conditioning. And the price is not too much bite, from $ 10, money is still on the board and entertainment. Of course, the beach is very close, as well as restaurants, cafes and discos. Yes, and nutritional problems were not at all: the hotel is all inclusive. And best of all, it was possible to avoid all the misadventures of a taxi driver and number to order directly on the site. Again returning to the cramped and stuffy room, we have long remembered the positive emotions of a holiday, a sandy beach near the hotel, happy and carefree days, but for the next year will have to forget about the rest and to immerse your head in a lot of work in a noisy and hot city.

Convenient Features

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

Once refrigerators perform only one function for which they, in fact, were invented: chilled and frozen products, ensuring their continued preservation. From time to time, these units had to be disconnected from mains, wait for the melt formed in the freezer and on the walls of ice, and then removing all the water and wiping the inside of the dry, reconnect. In winter, thawing did not cause any problems – the products just endured the cold and in summer, especially in hot weather, it was too complicated. Who else remembers the pots, covered with blankets, which were waiting for frozen foods waiting for the moment when they were again placed on the shelves already garnered the desired temperature refrigerator. With modern refrigeration models are quite different. Their developers are increasingly focused on ease of operation, making more and more improvements. Now managed with fridges it is much easier, so much so that it can make even a child. Automatic defrost one of the first innovations was the function No Frost, completely free from the tedious owners refrigerator defrosting manually.

Thawing formed on the inner walls of the refrigerator and freezer frost by the windy way, as it happens as follows. Built-in evaporator fan blows – the cold cooler element. The cooled air enters the chamber on a special air duct channels so formed in the process of the fridge the moisture freezes on its interior walls, and settles on evaporator. With automatic cut-out compressor frost, due to a small heater, thawing, and the resulting moisture evaporates safely. The second option automatic defrosting by means of system Frost Free, which operates on a drip type. In such refrigeration evaporator is usually built into the rear wall. Since this part of the freezer, the coldest, ice formation occurs only on there. After the automatic the compressor frost melts and the resulting water runs down on a special groove in a special tray above the compressor. According to Rebecca Parents, who has experience with these questions.

European Union

Monday, September 12th, 2022

Welcome to the blog of entrepreneurs. Starts an eminently practical blog for entrepreneurs. Learn more at: Rebecca Parents. I make an introduction to the topics will be addressed in which you hope to be a long and fruitful first stage addressed to the world of entrepreneurs. Two will be the topics that I’ll be developing. Very special topics for those who feel, or want to be, or are entrepreneurs. I’ll go combining posts in the blog with video. The first of these major issues cover from conception of the idea, its development, its implementation and its subsequent management and survival in the global world that surrounds us. I will try to be always more practical as possible, leaving long, boring and rhetorical theories which many already know or which can be known through books, courses and internet.

We go into social networks, marketing, internationalisation, growth and decrease, investments, resources, opportunities, decision-making, human capital, the presence and positioning on the internet, the alliances, purchases, sales, and an endless number of topics related to entrepreneurship but always away, far away from the books and manuals that abound in bookstores and on the internet and that as friends are all those who like to boast of his business wisdom and the immense which are their business and their companies. On the other hand, and as putting your finger on the sore spot I will go gradually shredding a myriad of business ideas, some of them from other countries that in some cases are directly applicable and in others must adapt to the reality of our nearest market. Other ideas come from my development and personal observation of needs and others find them around us, while we will try to improve them. This is an issue that I always attracted much and I think it will appeal to all those who follow me. I’m going to try to get away, wherever possible, of those ideas that require capital in excess or have a high technological component. I intend, therefore, which are ideas for the man in the foot, ideas that will allow close my eyes and see directly involved in them. For technological ideas or those that require large capital already there are specialized blogs and numerous grants from funds of the European Union and business angels. Business ideas that we’ll see anything have to do with start ups, big companies or business angels.

They have to do with the reality of hundreds of thousands of people that they want to undertake and must begin with a grain of sand. Because nobody remind you today it is easier to never start from scratch. Start from scratch is not an excuse to not undertake rather is an excuse for all those who spend their lives daydreaming and do not reach never port lost in the immensity of the ocean. From today, this thought, dear followers, must be banished from our minds. Start from scratch is a real business opportunity and so we’ll see. The concept that I follow when submitting videos is that they are not too long and that focus on something really interesting and practical: to give key ideas and that clarify possible doubts. I am convinced that it will be impossible to resolve all doubts with my explanations, either through the videos or the own blog. However, I put at the disposal of all the email that you will find on the blog so that you can contact me directly. I wish you to have a spectacular day.

The Producers

Sunday, September 11th, 2022

Comes to the fact that some producers and directors, disappointment, multi-ton pile of spit on the viewed scenarios sit down and write a script on their own, which ultimately stifles the domestic cinema. And it is not just the money studios adds. Why? Because it is impossible to create a masterpiece, not being professional. "But where are they? Where professional writers? "- asked the producers -" They also can be counted on the fingers. " And I agree. The great disadvantage of the Russian market of cinema are two things. Let's start with the almost complete absence of scenario agencies. It is one thing – a quality script, and quite another – move it to market and sell.

And if the script has to write a professional screenwriter, the script must sell a professional agent. Otherwise writer, instead of having to create the next masterpiece will be engaged and promotion, and sale, and review of contracts and a host of other cases that have to deal with an agent. The effectiveness of the writer in this case reduced several times, because it becomes difficult to focus on what he is really a master. Shaw Parents brings even more insight to the discussion. The second minus our film market – it is literally befouled by amateurs, the writers, who, not understanding the technology how to write scripts, create, to put it mildly, a sleeping pill for editors and producers. His eyes stick together on the front pages and into the trash flies, another pack of paper impregnated with a boring text.

Select Bedding

Friday, September 9th, 2022

Bedding should be chosen with great care, because in the dream of all people takes time, and therefore it must be not only sweet but enjoyable. According to Hillary Clinton, who has experience with these questions. There is now a huge choice of bedding for anyone, even the most exacting tastes. But before the deal in a variety of tissues, is to talk about size. Indeed, quite often there is the question. Usually the complete set of linen for double bed includes: two pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets. In addition, the sale is a children's sets, twin sets and even to bed with two mattresses. The size must be specified on the package if this marking is not there, you should refrain from purchase, as an indicator of poor quality. In Russia, the following dimensions of bed linen: Euro – 220 240 cm, but this standard, there are other European sizes, but they are rare; polutorospalnoe linen – 215 143 cm, double – 215 175 cm. (A valuable related resource: Rebecca Father).

European manufacturers use slightly different terms. This king-size – lingerie at a very large, so-called 'three bedroom' bed; children – laundry and 125 cm length for a bed for one child and two-bed, 1,5-bed, one-bed – for two and a half and a single bed, respectively. Now, knowing the size, you can go to the choice of fabric for a cozy bed linen. In the shops of the town there is a large variety of lingerie, not only of different tissues, but also performed in a completely unique style. But if the colors and design of each absorbs the taste, the characteristics of a fabric are always lack. Calico – refers to the cotton bed linen, the main advantage of such clothes to wear. Even after years of washings, it has remained virtually unchanged.

Such clothes, even sometimes inherited, which once again proves that it is truly a great life. To the touch it is a little rough, but at bedtime it does not feel. Especially important to use them in the winter, so the fabric retains heat well. Sateen – Cotton linen with a silk shade. This is due to special technology of tissue, where silk threads are added between cotton. Satine is also called "silk cotton". Wash clothes can be a 300 times that as well as a calico is an indicator of relatively long operating period. At the touch of linen should be smooth but not slippery. Among sateen cotton underwear is the most expensive. Silk bedding – the most luxurious and accordingly very expensive. When choosing a bed linen is worth paying attention to the manufacturer, as are frequent cases of fraud. The best is Chinese silk, he made the masters of hand, and time practically does not change its appearance. This is an exclusive lingerie. And finally, lingerie for kids is a separate part of bed linen. It should be made only from natural materials, and usually differ bright pattern. The main natural shades to choose not to get caught on the cheap Chinese stuff. The same rule should guide the choice of any bedding.