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Primers For Metal

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

Primers for metals are intended to protect them from corrosion. They are applied to the prepared surface to be painted after drying and form a uniform film, which will ensure a quality application of paint. Primers for metal is divided into several types: isolating, passivation, phosphating inhibiting, protective and rust converters. Isolating Primer prevent the penetration of moisture and oxygen to the protected surface. Applied mainly to ferrous metals. One advantage is low cost.

Passivating primer help to reduce the electrochemical activity of the metal, ie make the surface chemically passive, which greatly slows down the corrosion coating. Phosphating primer noticeably easier color galvanized steel, to which most paints do not have sufficient adhesion. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Startapp by clicking through. One of the New types of primers are inhibitory. Their structure introduced corrosion inhibitors, which led to the creation of a new kind of paints – primer enamel. The composition of protector of primers includes a large number superfine metal powders that perform security functions (the tread), namely, first to take the hit for the destructive effect on the metal surface.

When it is impossible to completely clear prepared by painting the surface, apply a primer – rust converter. After using them loose upper layer is easily removed from coating mechanically. Choosing the appropriate type of primer metal, you're ready to spray her. The layer should be thin compared with the outer layer of paint. The primer is applied by brush, roller, swab or a paint sprayer. If the surface coating has turned glossy, should be lightly cleaned with emery cloth her. This is done for better adhesion to subsequent layers of paint materials. At the end of priming can proceed to the following operations – Shpatlevanie and painting. Primer – an indispensable tool to combat atmospheric oxidation, one-or two-layer coating is performed before staining, in addition to the protective properties of telling a better topcoat adhesion to the substrate. When choosing composition is important to know that for various metals using different primers. This is the case when a label on the can "universal ground" should be taken skeptically. Ferrous metals require high corrosion protection, while the surface color in the applied composition should have a good adhesion.

Hto Saturation

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

The determining factors of the process Hto influencing the magnitude of the resulting depth of the diffusion layer are the process time and temperature. But this relationship is not directly proportional, but rather exponential (Fig. 1). Fig.1 Curves Depending on the thickness of the saturation of the duration and temperature of exposure (a and b) and c) the saturation intensity, depending on the concentration of saturated element in the environment. Since the depth dependence of diffusing temperature (a) can be represented by the following formula: dependence on the length of diffusing into the depth of saturation (b) is determined by the formula Ie to increase the depth is 3 times the length of the process should increase about 10 times. Also, the diffusion depth depends on the concentration of the diffusing element in the medium saturation. It is clear that the greater the concentration and the greater the difference between the concentration this element in the environment and in the metal – the higher the rate of diffusion.

As can be seen from the diagram (c) under equal conditions (duration and temperature are equal to the saturation) for a medium with a high concentration (curve 1) the process of saturation proceeds more intensively than the environment in the corresponding curve 2. The diffusion layer in the process of saturation can be as single-phase and dvufaznuyu structure, it is also possible the formation of two-phase structure during the cooling process steel. If the two-phase structure is formed in the process of saturation, such hto called reactive. Consider education as an example of the diffusion zone of cementation (saturation of carbon) of carbon steel containing carbon less than 0.1% (Fig. 2). . Figure 2 Diffusion processes at the top of the cementation Figure 2 shows the right side of the diagram Fe-C. The source of the steel corresponds to the line III, ie carbon content is less than 1%.

Softwood Lumber

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

Redwood lumber is by its nature has low thermal conductivity, so mostly in winter, warm air inside the home of chopped pine stays inside the house warm. pine wood absorbs excess moisture and thus maintained the natural environment in the home. Pine has also excellent noise insulation properties. Lumber from pine, durable and easy to process wood in comparison with deciduous species. Pine lumber less moisture absorption during the construction process.

Pliability of the wood, it allows you to use in the construction of complex spiral staircases and railings as well. Just out of pine lumber made of beams, logs, edged boards. Cutting board pine – it is durable and dolgosluzhaschy material. In general, wood is valued in the world as long beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly material that is beneficial for construction. For example batten pine is acceptable because of its affordable price.

High resinous pine board gives a high resistance to moisture and to cover its fungi. Because of its low density and low hardness, antifungal compounds, which are treated pine boards penetrate to a depth of more than 1.5-2mm, thus improving resistance to fungal diseases as well as characterized by water-repellent ability. Lumber spruce fir is second only to pine for its use. These trees are long-lived and their age may reach 300 years and 150 years in the spruce to a height of about 50m. In mountain areas, spruce age exceeds 600 years. Spruce characterized by white color with some golden hue and a long time can keep its natural color. El oblataet high density of about 450kg/m3. Fir lumber is less than gummosity pine, therefore wood has the propensity to cracking. Spruce exposed to a more complex process than the pine, because of the high abundance of knots on the trunk and high hardness. By using this lumber in wooden construction, great attention is paid an additional surface treatment, to achieve the increase in its resistance to fungal attack. After drying lumber spruce has a relatively light mass about 330-680kg/m3. Wood is more durable and flexible than perfectly amenable to further mechanical treatment. On the strength of spruce and pine are, in the dry state. However, spruce has as we have seen higher hard and knotty. One of the positive qualities of spruce timber, it is malopodverzhennost warping. For flexibility, as well exceeds spruce aspen that allows its use for the production of various curved elements.

Round Table Technological Development

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

The company "Alley Software" took part in the Round Table "How to lose a teenager in today's information space" – an event held in within the "safe Runet Week" February 10, 2010 in Central City Children's Library. AS Pushkin. Round table, passing with the support of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg, brought together representatives from public and school libraries, educational specialists community, journalists, lawyers, psychologists, and IT-specialists. The main topic of discussion was the role of cultural and educational organization in a positive and secure information (including Internet) space for children. Experts focused particular problem of Internet child safety and ways to solve it using the potential of children's libraries. Discussing the impact of the Internet as an information medium on the children and adolescents, the participants noted the passivity of adults: only a small percentage of parents taking part in online pastime child, explaining to him the rules of behavior and communication in the web, placing personal information, visiting sites with questionable content.

However, the tools for creating a safe Internet environment there, it just – for the good will of adults: a proven IT-specialists, demonstrating software means to protect and filter web-content. The theme of IT-technologies in libraries and discussed from the perspective of establishing contact with the reader. Employees TSGDB them. Pushkin introduced the technology web-publishing full text resources on the example of the book collection of publications of the war years 1941-1945. The project was completed in conjunction with the "Alley of Software." "The developed functional allows you to read the book in interesting for a child's media flash-format, providing visibility and display is as close to the real book "- says the technical director of" Alley Software "Dmitry Livotov -" Libraries in the struggle for free time children have compete with games, social networking – without a beautiful shell and informative content feedback from young readers and growing up does not work. " "Children begin to use the equipment with the most early age, mastering them, even at a more advanced level than adults. " – Says Stanislav Kim, General Director of "Alley of Software" – "However, the level of technological development as the chief librarian Head of reading (in addition to schools and parents) should match the level of the child. So that the library these days can not be passive in the use of high technology, electronic libraries or various web 2.0-services. We as a IT-company helping to organize the program and the technical part of the library, but it remains the central role of librarians as consultants. They have the most important task: diversify channels of communication with the child, to establish effective contact with them and expanding his horizons. "

REHAU Furniture

Monday, February 17th, 2014

A collection of furniture edges and blind system REHAU Glass – a symbol of clarity, openness and spaciousness. Its use as manifold as the variety of options for colors. In the form of raw material, or simulations based on polymer glass is still one of the leading themes in contemporary furniture design. Making modern kitchen is almost impossible to imagine without clear or depolished glass surfaces. Developing range of original furniture shutters RAUVOLET VETRO-LINE, the firm REHAU offers an innovative solution for wall cupboards, to combine the first and incompatible: this glass and smoothness inherent in the system furniture blinds brands RAUVOLET.

In addition, the blinds RAUVOLET VETRO-LINE can be quickly installed in the cabinet body, which is another attractive feature for furniture. The company also REHAU is proud to present a new collection of furniture edges RAUKANTEX VISIONS. Furniture edge REHAU RAUKANTEX VISIONS – an innovative furniture edges, in which the perfect look perfectly natural glass combined with the unique characteristics of advanced polymers that can open new opportunities for creativity in the design of furniture edges. Edge REHAU (‘decor and storage program PVC edge REHAU’) from the new collection is presented in designs that imitate milk and bottle glass. The most interesting is a spectacular combination of imitation translucent frosted glass with aluminum or steel surface.

All of these variations futuristic edge REHAU RAUKANTEX VISIONS on glass surfaces, with their unique effect of depth achieved through the play of light on the radii and chamfered edges allow you to create original designs furniture designs. When using the edge of the REHAU RAUKANTEX VISIONS processing furniture parts look past the surface of the end as if their own parts are made of monolithic glass plate of large thickness, which gives the furniture a special solidity and originality. Special polymers used in the manufacture of edge REHAU, in combination with original pigments refract and distribute incident light at the edge material in such a way that gives the impression of internal illumination around Cantu details. In addition, trends in kitchen design is increasing demands for furniture parts, particularly the end surfaces countertops. In addition to multi-system solutions and innovative concepts of storage, which allows optimal use of available space, quality and durability of furniture, as well as first-class style, are now of paramount importance. As ever, focuses on the needs of individual decisions in the design furniture edges.