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February 17th, 2014 by Rosemary
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A collection of furniture edges and blind system REHAU Glass – a symbol of clarity, openness and spaciousness. Its use as manifold as the variety of options for colors. In the form of raw material, or simulations based on polymer glass is still one of the leading themes in contemporary furniture design. Making modern kitchen is almost impossible to imagine without clear or depolished glass surfaces. Developing range of original furniture shutters RAUVOLET VETRO-LINE, the firm REHAU offers an innovative solution for wall cupboards, to combine the first and incompatible: this glass and smoothness inherent in the system furniture blinds brands RAUVOLET.

In addition, the blinds RAUVOLET VETRO-LINE can be quickly installed in the cabinet body, which is another attractive feature for furniture. The company also REHAU is proud to present a new collection of furniture edges RAUKANTEX VISIONS. Furniture edge REHAU RAUKANTEX VISIONS – an innovative furniture edges, in which the perfect look perfectly natural glass combined with the unique characteristics of advanced polymers that can open new opportunities for creativity in the design of furniture edges. Edge REHAU (‘decor and storage program PVC edge REHAU’) from the new collection is presented in designs that imitate milk and bottle glass. The most interesting is a spectacular combination of imitation translucent frosted glass with aluminum or steel surface.

All of these variations futuristic edge REHAU RAUKANTEX VISIONS on glass surfaces, with their unique effect of depth achieved through the play of light on the radii and chamfered edges allow you to create original designs furniture designs. When using the edge of the REHAU RAUKANTEX VISIONS processing furniture parts look past the surface of the end as if their own parts are made of monolithic glass plate of large thickness, which gives the furniture a special solidity and originality. Special polymers used in the manufacture of edge REHAU, in combination with original pigments refract and distribute incident light at the edge material in such a way that gives the impression of internal illumination around Cantu details. In addition, trends in kitchen design is increasing demands for furniture parts, particularly the end surfaces countertops. In addition to multi-system solutions and innovative concepts of storage, which allows optimal use of available space, quality and durability of furniture, as well as first-class style, are now of paramount importance. As ever, focuses on the needs of individual decisions in the design furniture edges.

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