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Handmade Jewelry

Monday, November 9th, 2015

In this article I want to tell a little about how to make accessories and jewelry handmade from felt. Anyone who has tried working with wool by making handcrafted, never thought about how wonderful it can really be, as it is contagious. This material, ie felt, is environmentally friendly, durable and breathable, and most importantly has a curative effect. The more I go ahead from the wool handmade work, the more I fall in love with this stuff. And every time open new possibilities for the wool itself.

Just try to pick up the wool for felting, soap, water or special needles for felting and start creating. I assure you, you get an indescribable pleasure! The Internet can not only assess the handmade products made of wool, but also to learn about this process in more detail. To begin, we need to drag a little bit of desire, the patience (and without the patience not to get high-quality felts), wool, warm water, soap, pens and our love for handmade products. Book, buy, create.

Fashion Jewellery

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Individual and Oriental jewellery are particularly asked no wonder, because the offer is now great. Extraordinary, individual designer pieces can be found as inexpensive mass-produced goods as well. Anyway, the trend for a change. It is quite common to wear another piece of jewelry every day. Fashion jewelry is purchased today due to the outfit, it must be not necessarily genuine precious metal. Oriental jewellery is trendy Oriental anmutender jewelry is also currently the real jewelry in the trend. Colorful, colorful collections with real bricks reminiscent of the traditional craft from the Orient.

Colored stones and silver wire curved patterns are beautiful especially in the summer, they fit to the current ethnic fashion. Whether real or glass – colored stones are 2013 especially in demand. But also the internationally renowned jewellery designers are currently very excited by the variety of colours of real stones. For such individual piece of jewelry, that partially manufactured in manual labor, you must emit of course something more. Unisex jewellery Unisex watches unisex perfume there and for many years. Also in the jewelry, the trend to pieces that can help both men and women.

This jewellery trend is ideal not only for couples, but for anyone who wants to forego the typical cliches on the subject of jewelry. Male or female these attributes are nowadays anyway difficult to allocate in the jewelry. Modern silicone wristbands are in this sector as well, such as silver jewelry, and of course lots of lifestyle and fashion jewelry. Now, the men wear like eye-catching earrings and bangles. Hippie bracelets leather hippie bracelets from leather are cheaper, who loves especially among the youth is. Friendship bracelets were linked earlier myself, today you can buy them cheap anywhere. The individual pieces, which produced handmade in South America or Africa are particularly beautiful. You can buy at special fair trade shops, it is always ensured that the artists on-site is a get due share of the sale price. Silver is the new gold gold jewelry is a classic and certainly never comes out of fashion, 2013, the trend but clearly to the silver. Silver jewelry is currently more popular than gold jewelry. This has to do perhaps with the high price of gold, silver is for most jewelry designers currently affordable and also in larger quantities. A matter of type of and of course a matter of taste is if it now decides for gold or silver. Still the styling, better not to combine gold and silver jewelry rule. You’d think even on the clock, this should match the jewelry color also. A new jewelry trend: Rose Gold Rose Gold is currently very popular especially in the luxury segment and also for the clocks. The topic is relatively new, rose Gold is something else in any case time, this trend will be with us even in the next few years. Especially popular this is Rose shimmering gold especially for women’s jewelry. Interesting are also contrast objectives such as the combination of white gold, Yellow Gold and Rose gold. New trends in the wedding the wedding ring is also not immutable, there are certain trends. While stones were not common for decades, wedding rings with pearls are currently very high demand. Eva Otter

Lady Carolina Herrera

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

In this collection, can find fashion garments for the most varied tastes, it contains long up to the ankles, and the more short skirts, just above the knee, from pants skinny, until the palazzos, and this only to mention a few characteristics of this, his new collection. The tones of colors that you have chosen CH, to give life to this collection of fashion, vary within the range of greys, Browns, purples, dark blue and emerald. The source of inspiration for this collection seem to be based on iconic Hollywood stars. Designs that highlight the woman’s silhouette, give you that as personal touch that Carolina Herrera, usually leave on your clothes. Dresses above the knee, notched jackets, blouses and shirts, skinny pants or palazzos, tube skirts, proposals that were more highlights this distinguished collection. Jackets and coats of fur, they are not absent in autumn fashion, and provide the appropriate simplicity to use some of the sets, even to go to the Office.

The suits and cocktail dresses, are simple little times seen, but why not, less distinguished. In terms of night clothes, chosen materials have been the silk, chiffon, velvet, satin, Brocade and the Jacquard knit, which are used in long evening gowns. Within this same collection, Carolina Herrera, has launched a selection of portfolios, ideal to combine with the clothes and presented sets.