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Western Europe

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

"Prius is not nearly approached by the sales volume to a similar diesel and petrol models of CD-and-class golf. In Later, Toyota "awarded" hybrid engines virtually the whole range of their models (including the premium brand "Lexus"). In this case, the presence of hybrids in the model number did not play directly on the increase sales, a soon to strengthen the brand image as a high-tech and reliable brand. To date, hybrids have not appeared in other brands. Is that the Honda has a domestic Japanese market, a well as the North American market. Diesel is back.

Diesel engines in terms of ecology and economy were all good until the end of the 20th century, when it was discovered that the soot in the exhaust of diesel engines otnyut least dangerous than gasoline exhaust fellows (scholars of Western Europe conducted a study that found the presence in the exhaust of diesel vehicles soot and other muck strongly contributed to the development of cancer lung disease and others). There were other drawbacks: 1) The diesel engine in your auto-sign skuperdyaystva and flashy correct to speak of car owners as well as the white shirt with tie or boring position of the boring middle managers. 2) Diesels, who came from cargo ships, trains and trucks, not fundamentally changed its character on cars. After all, what they are initially required? – To They ate cheap diesel fuel, while they ate it a little, with the drag car (regardless of whether it is empty or packed to capacity load).

Thousand Smiles Thailand

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Behind a trip to Thailand. Country awesome! Thais are friendly, giving you the smile every second, great weather, the most delicious pineapple, butterfly exotic flowers, islands with white sand, palm trees in Advertising bounty, a bustling 18-millionth Bangkok, walking on the elephants, temples, Buddha, the great Royal Palace, Thai massage you can transfer a very long time! Kingdom of Thailand. Capital – Bangkok (the official residence About 18 million of them officially – 7,000,000). Thai language, English. The time difference with Ufa in the summer +1 hour in winter + 2 hours. Currency – Thai Baht (a reference that 1bat = 1 ruble) Swap can be anywhere, including in airport, but watch out for the course, it is better to compare the course of a few exchange offices.

Relaxing holiday season in Thailand from November to April. Less rain and no sweltering heat. If you want shopping, in Bangkok, the cheapest technology (Pontium Plaza), and in , cheap clothes (Central Festival, Tosca Lotus, Big C) good supermarkets where you can buy everything you need and fill up the balance on your phone – 7eleven and Family Mart to communicate with the outside world is better to use sim cards One two call . When purchasing cards (100-150 baht) on the balance sheet is already the bill would come at 15 baht, in addition to paying the balance. As the need to pay the balance (100 baht) if it does not own, to give the money and the phone seller in cash, and say the magic word ‘balance’, checking account needed of * 121 # A taxi is better to take the pink tayoty, they have a counter, you need to ask once I turn it on. Initial cost – 35 baht, on 2 miles for free and then every 2 km on the baht.

Tuk-tuk is expensive – to negotiate price before the trip begins. Many things are better with him not to take buy everything there. The more than shorts, t-shirts and swimsuits nichgo not necessary. Remember the remedies provided by the sun, it’s there is very strong. Attempted to describe the most important points, everything else you learn on the spot. Experienced guides will conduct tours and you know the country even closer.