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The Internet Can Offer More Working Freedom

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

It is the question many people are thinking nowadays. And no! The internet will appreciate having generated a hope for those who feel trapped in their use of 9-5 and looking for an alternative. With the internet can reach millions of people for free. But is not the candidate on money you can earn what makes it so desirable. There are definitely many, many ways much more profitable to make money off the Internet. If your goal is to become a millionaire, I do not think can be done easily online. But whether he can make good money.

The most common form of becoming a millionaire is to be an entrepreneur, most millionaires in the world did so by your company. But for that we must work hard, deal with clients, paperwork, etc.. In my opinion money is of little use if there is no freedom to spend and do what you want. I really aspire to be one of those executives working like crazy 80 hours per week and its only consolation is his BMW. Of course, when they leave they can go and live wherever they want, but rest throughout the year little and spend little time with their families. But you need not be a millionaire to keep a good lifestyle, most of us can live happily and comfortably without exorbitant amounts of money. I have no doubt that the best asset we have is time and mobility.

Which would you prefer, make $ 50,000 a month but have to work like an ass throughout the year, 80 hours per week or earning $ 2,000 but only work two hours a day and have the freedom to work from anywhere. That’s the lifestyle that is possible through internet. I write this from Cancun, Mexico, a wonderful evening. The hotel where I am not super luxurious, or as the best banquets, on the contrary, I think is quite modest. But it is much better than working from a officiant and have to deal with customers, bosses, and all that. Even better, any time I can take my luggage (which only consists of a backpack) and take a plane to the islands dodecahedron in Gracia, Rio de Janerio, Corsica in France or wherever. The only requirement is internet access.