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Sarah Jessica Parker

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

It has in the history of the marriages many fiancs who had turned icons style and beauty as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor (in its some marriages) and Jackie Kennedy and its respective dresses of fianc also icons. But, it still has the fiancs most current, of the decade of 80 until beginning of years 2000 that its marriages and dresses of fianc had been distinguished for. The first dress was of Diana, Princess of Wales that is not an elegance beauty (excessively voluminous), but is considered fianc dresses icon of century XX for its importance in fashion and in history. The dress of Diana was confectioned by David and Elizabeth Emanuel for the marriage of Diana with Charles Prince, in July of 1981. The tail of the dress was also one in such a way exaggerated, being the greater of the history of the real marriages. Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger had opted to a marriage in Bali and therefore, the fianc opted to a typical suit in its marriage, in 1990. The ceremony of marriage of them was not official, but with Hindu rites.

The two had started relationship in 1977, but the marriage of them finished in 1999.Um dress has detached, but of the fiction she was used for Sarah Jessica Parker, with its Carrie personage in the film ' ' Sex and the city' ' in its marriage so waited with Mrs. Big. The used model was drawn by Vivienne Westwood, one take-that-falls total modern. Most interesting it is the remain of the production of the Carrie fianc of the fiction that used a blue penalty turquoise in the head, with imprisoned veil in this. No longer marriage of Victoria Beckham it used dress of fianc signed for Vera Wang, a traditional one take-that-falls with skirt in the style princess and well marked waist well. Victoria was married David Beckham in 1999 in well romantic ceremony in a castle in Ireland with many roses.

Prominence for the bouquet of Inspection that was composed even of an apple (well modern) and the used jewel was one crucifixo well great. Another modern detail was the short hair and fashion of the fianc and in the head, a small gold crown. That is, a fianc princess and modern. Which of these dresses vocs had more liked? Which of them makes more its style? The pointed ones above are of different styles and times and each one it has its importance as icons of style and fashion.

Brazilian Art

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

All the families wait this day with the biggest expectation. Nicholas (2009) describes the wax candle of Belm as a procession that: he congregates hundreds of thousand of people, in slow cortejo of four hours, almost enters the five kilometers that separate to the Cathedral Metropolitan of the Basilica of Nazar. This cortejo is the apex of the profane and religious manifestations that happen during fifteen days: the call squares nazarena. In this period one lives a climate of confraternizao and joy. During the accomplishment of this event, the paraense people costuma to commemorate and to homage the padroeira saint with adereos, referring alegorias, clothes and jewels to its image. Therefore, an event with possibility of captation of customers for the developed product. 6.1.INSPIRAO OF the JEWEL the Wax candle of Nazar is a local manifestation with national dimension.

It represents the religious sincretismo of the Brazilian people. The jewel is inspired in the representation of the image of Ns Sr de Nazar, through the creation of pendants, mainly. Soon, the bred jewel is a symbol of thematic faith with regional, whose design is worked in the style Art Dco, the Art Dec is a decorative style of French origin, that has for characteristics the predominance of ' ' estilizadas circular lines straight lines or, the geometric forms and design abstrato.' ' (CULTURAL ITAU, 2007). In the pendant one perceives the traces of Art Dco for the circular format of clouds and in the one for the geometric form of the abstract image. Inside in such a way, the predominant color is blue the transparent one that it sends to the color of the sky, and serves of base for the contour of the saint. The image of Ns Sr de Nazar was chosen because ' ' Ours Mrs. of Nazar is for the fidiciary offices our Mother Mother of God.