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ABC Color Clothing

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

colors to wear, stylist, psychologist, scarlet color. Sure, it's the color of the VIP-persons. Color feast of beauty and love. Victory, danger, and glamor. And, of course, one of the sexiest.

In shades of red win any model clothes. It is not surprising that designers are constantly turning to him for this season show scarlet collection of Miu Miu and Anna Sui. Comments stylist. Serdyukov Anna (designer, stylist, founder and head of the studio fashion SEANNA, owner of online boutique author Clothing SEANNA). Gorgeous color for a luxury a woman who is not afraid to be in the spotlight. All eyes will be glued only to her. But we must remember that this color is more suitable for parties and holidays. In the clothing business is better use muted colors: burgundy, wine, like "powdery" or limit red accessories red: belt, shoes or scarf.

Comments psychologist. The use of red color in clothes describes the woman as a courageous and by no means a conservative lady. She is not averse to stand out from the others and wants to be noticed. However, if you wear red for you – a feat, remember: the red dress binds to a confident and uninhibited behavior. So if you really put a red, stay at least with dignity. Red is not suitable for formal events, except in very small doses – in the form of accessories. But the party, meeting with candles and other special occasions – a good reason "prosverkat." If you have to first date, you should be careful.

Technology And Competitive Advantages

Sunday, December 1st, 2019

The implementation of new technologies is no longer a competitive advantage for many businesses, become a necessity or obligation. In the enterprise market, to remain profitable and efficient is to maintain competitive advantages, we must be constantly innovating, thanks partly to the adoption of ICT. A good adoption of technology offers great benefits for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as this gives the opportunity to focus on their most important processes, thus increasing the competitiveness of the company. Objective To analyze the benefits and consequences you get with technological innovation in the processes of information management and decision making through the use of technologies and competitive advantages that provide more and better information and superior results decisions made in business. Specific Objective Recognize and support technological innovation in competitive advantage. Show real examples of companies using innovation as a strategy.

Determine how they affect the IT competitive advantage. Meet the management or operation of an information system, such as SAP Business One Summary First, we show some terms related to the subject for greater understanding, they also include an analysis of how companies using information technologies are illustrating the area that companies use to obtain these benefits and their different strategies, we analyze technological change as a tool or source to obtain competitive advantage, but it explains why technological change does not always lead to profitability. Finally it shows a real example of what an information system and its various advantages in the organization. Background: The challenges of a decade ago were restructuring, cost reduction and increased quality.