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Silver Jewelry

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Even in ancient times, people discovered the silver. It was believed that this divinely beautiful metal has mystical properties. Silver Moon personified, and was recognized as sacred. It protected the person who belongs to any sickness and misery. At present, confirmed by the fact that lowered the water silver kills bacteria and allows you to disinfect water.

In addition, silver is refined look and gives her beauty man. It is able to bring harmony in the life of its owner. Read more here: Adroll Marketing Platform. Looks great silver jewelry creates a softness and tenderness of the image. This is the charming, touching, and flawless look almost white metal makes it one of the most sought after among jewelry. Semi-precious and precious stones are very well looked at silver jewelry, multiply their beauty. While gold ornaments literally "screaming" about himself, with an emphasis on pathos and splendor, talking about its price, silver jewelry, however, create an image of a luxury good owner.

Silver only emphasizes the natural attractiveness of its hostess, giving elegance and nobility, but in no event overshadows it. But we should not think that that is the only female silver metal. It conveys not only the gentleness and romanticism, but also underlines the strength and by the male character. By the way, unlike the infamous gold silver is a much harder metal. Among silver jewelry for men as there is a huge variety. This is a different rings, studs and chains, highlighting the nobility and elegance of its owner, the inherent true gentleman, endearing girlish heart. In addition, silver is a great gift for both connoisseurs who know in Jewelry subtleties and for the rights first received a gift of silver jewelry.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Monday, November 13th, 2017

Favorites of many collections are fur vest and skirt, made of flat (a short-) and the bulk of the fur. Learn more at: Brad Pitt. Vest can be straight and fitted with a belt and without, complete with a sweater it is part of the everyday, and without it – an evening gown. Fur skirt, thanks to a thermal properties of the material from which it is made, it becomes the subject of almost universal winter wardrobe, and looks very style in conjunction with shoes trimmed with the same fur. Ideas, texture and color preserving natural texture of the fur sometimes gets a rainbow of colors, unusual to his nature. Saturated color shades give the fur a modern look and hypnotically riveting the attention of others. Dyeing of fur in bright, unusual colors breaks the stereotypical perception of fur as a conservative and boring. Emerald, blue, scarlet, burgundy, pink, models look bold and fresh, emphasizing the individuality of its owner. The special charm buy products whose color colored fur pattern and repeats the color range sophisticated textiles.

At the peak of relevance – textured strips, transverse and longitudinal optical narrowing and widening the figure, giving a very strict form of a flirtatious ease. Modeling of such products involves not only the transverse position of skins, but a combination of many different kinds of fur. A man-made "banding" models will compete in popularity with the natural prey spotted "yaguarovym" or "Tiger" color. The traditional use of fur is gradually replaced by original design ideas. In designs tselnomehovyh coats are widely used methods of cutting complex, fur, treated by innovative technologies, creates unusual shapes and decoration details. The fur is probably the main material in the form of design patterns fur details. Fur are not only the collars and cuffs, and sleeves, yokes and bodices.

Harmonious visual unity occurs when one color but different textures of materials, combined in a product, if the model is designed on the principle of contrast, there is an effect finish. Non-triviality fur design sometimes takes a very risky, almost shocking in nature. An example is a collection of pret-a-porte, Jean-Paul Gaultier (Jean Paul Gaultier), in which the fur is perhaps too much, and fur hats on the heads of mannequins in exactly recreate the silhouette shape and faces of animals. Shocking softens the overall elegance of dresses, soft, shimmering silk, matte jersey fascinating, semi-transparent fabrics. In this mannequins dressed like losing his human nature, turning into a mysterious and defenseless creatures that are part of the charm of nature and grace and beauty.

Managing The Resentment

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Resentment is like drinking poison hoping the other person dies. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Brad Pitt. a "Malachy McCourt Resentment does not harm the person against whom you hold this emotion, the opposite resentment and bitterness is eating you inside. – Norman Vincent Peale We have noted the importance that it must face the resentment, not allowing it to dominate us or to generate actions that may not only affect us in our growth, especially spiritual, but affect others. a In order to delve into the form as it should be handled when it occurs, we give you the opportunity to flourish is important to take into account some considerations that allow us to grasp its scope, ie onset, manifestations and implications arising from it . Very important, for example, take into account what gives us On irrational beliefs, its impact, meaning, scope and trachea are indicae on constructive thoughts that lead to intense negative emotions and unpleasant.

Resentment is often together with those thoughts that create it, step up and maintained over time without being able to successfully resolve and move on with our lives. No matter what I do, it's never good enough, so why try. People are going to get me, so before I reject reject me. It makes no sense to resolve outstanding issues with people from my past that treated me badly. Everyone is going after me. Hard work, a good life and treat people with justice that a waste of time, do not receive anything in return.

Jewelry Accessories

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Dresses to mid-thigh definitely capture the way free and fluent in the 1970s. That era is back and there are currently a large boom among designers and most important fashionistas of the world. Due to its simplicity, mid-thigh dress opens a large space that can be occupied with accessories that will make you highlight. Accessories that you can use and combine with half leg dress include different types of women’s shoes, handbags, jewelry, hairstyles and more. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Actress on most websites. Shoes shoes are essential for any outfit and can complete or damage a look. When you want to find a pair of shoes to showcase your mid-thigh dress you should consider boots, sandals or platform shoes. Boots give a dramatic attire while sandals and platforms keep it cool, flirtatious and fun. The best of the rejuvenated look of 1970s bags are bags and briefcases that all worship.

A big bag is great when you need to bring everything with you and when this not also obscures your dress. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from technology investor. Thanks to the fluid dress to half leg design is possible to combine it with a large and loose bag with large print. Depending on the form or the color of the dress you can highlight the design or focus on the bag. Jewelry jewelry that you decide to wear with a mid-thigh dress depend on the neck of the dress. Some of them have strips while others are strapless or sleeves. Strips and strapless designs are the best to play and combine with jewels.

You can try with a large collar and discreet earrings or on the contrary can forget the necklace and look better some earrings that attract enough attention. Hairstyles in a period of free forms as the Decade of the seventies, the long, loose hair was the most common style. You can also pick up your hair in a neat and high ponytail for a look a little more rebellious or conversely can channeling the housewife of the seventies you carry inside and use an elegant hairstyle with hair. Another fun look is achieved through the addition of a handkerchief tied in your hair in the same way that you use a rubber band. Add to a pair of boots and you will have a look that successfully combines the trends of the 1960s and 1970s. Other accessories. Although we have covered almost all the possible accessories, you can always consider adding to your outfit additional elements such as a belt for your dress or what not your hat soft favorite. If you have trouble deciding that accessories must look with your dresses at half leg in this station, you can consult these useful consejillos that will help you to find those items that will help you to successfully exhibit a retro style into your wardrobe. You can join easily this trend by adding just a few accessories to your outfit. Combine them depending on the time of day or your plans for the weekend and wears your dress to mid-thigh to the next level.

How To Create Your Image

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Now it is often possible to hear the word "image". And in a certain context: "image politics", "image businessman," "the image of the star." One gets the impression that the concept of "image" has nothing to us, ordinary citizens, no relations. Image – it is something from the life of the rich and famous. But is it really? Let's face it. Indeed, what is "image" for a manager to the organization, university lecturer, newspaper journalist, engineer, IT technology or, say, a doctor and a marketer? In short, those who today are called "middle class". To answer this question, you probably need to define: what is the meaning of this notorious "image"? What is it? It is possible that this would be a good thing, it is suitable not only for "life at the top," but for our practical everyday life. Image – the word is not Russian.

To us it came from an English dictionary. In it, we take a look and. Article image can be counted more than 10 values. At first glance, quite unrelated: the mirror, and image, and reflection, and even an icon! How can you understand? However, in practice, communication developed a generally accepted meaning. Here it is: image – this is our way of eyes of others. Now tell me which of us is living a hermit and to any "other" does not communicate? I think the readers of these people find a little bit. Each of us as it looks in the eyes of others.

Costume Jewelry

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Encyclopedia gives the name "jewelry" definition: jewelry for girls made of conventional alloys and stones. But this definition can not be considered complete. Indeed, in our time, men too often use jewelry this type. It can be decorated with bracelets and belts with rhinestones. This implies that the call only jewelry ladies jewelry would be incorrect.

Costume jewelry – the name of a broader and more complex. On the jewelry can say c disdain, as you can and with enthusiasm. After all, the humor in the fact that jewelry is different. It is often called the jewelry shirpotrepnye gadgets that are made by the industrial production of materials, even remotely not resemble precious. This jewelry can be found everywhere – on the market and stalls selling all sorts of things. Costs are the jewels in the real pennies – but this impression on others they do not produce. However, if they are sold everywhere and in huge quantities – hence their selling out. This means they are in demand and everyone needs.

But there is another costume jewelry. The most refined, more beautiful. Even if one amateurish view of this ornament is enough to dogodatsya that it is manufactured without the use of expensive metals and stones – it's still not detract from its merits. Decoration, which is enclosed catchy idea or decoration, which is visible to master work – in other words, it is a product that is embedded in a particle of the soul jeweler may look like a magnificent work of art. Another option jewelry – Are the products that are identical to the jewelry, although it can not be unequivocally attributed to the jewelry. This, for example, rings and bracelets with semiprecious stones, amber amulets – that is, those works that there is beauty and materials which, although not considered to be precious, but very similar to them. Finally, there is jewelry, precious to distinguish which of the jewelry on vskidku almost unreal. Technology that is not so difficult to cover with gold metal, which is in the form they are indistinguishable from real gold. Resistance of such coatings is close to ideal, especially if you can not count to one hundred years of storage in a wet basement, and in common use.