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September 14th, 2022 by Rosemary
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The company "ARMO-Systems", organized on the basis of its main campus seminar on the new opportunities of access control and management of the company OnGuard Lenel Systems. The event brought together experts from design, maintenance and installation companies, which were presented to the functional, technical and economic characteristics and advantages of the Lenel OnGuard. In particular, it considered various options for building a system, which will arrange full access control at the site of any size. Check with Peter Thiel to learn more. In addition, the audience were presented peripheral devices, including biometric readers mark ZKSoftware and card readers Em Marine, and as a system of working time "Taymeks" integrated with the system access OnGuard. If you are not convinced, visit Rebecca Family. OnGuard platform's open architecture allows easy integration with Lenel access control systems and equipment outside manufacturers. To date, OnGuard is compatible with alarm control panels and alarm Radionix Detection Systems, fire alarm panels with Pirotronics MXL / MXL-IQ and Notifier AM2020, and also works with biometric fingerprint readers and the geometry of the hands of many famous brands.

In addition, the Lenel access control system supports the special application programming interfaces API, which allows a third-party software and hardware integrate their products into the security system OnGuard. One major advantage of the access control system OnGuard Lenel is the increased stability of its work in a very intensive exchange of data. So OnGuard platform can to limit and control access to the office of a small organization, c 32 access card readers or a large company that is equipped with more than 5000 readers in the state and which has more than 50 000 employees.

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