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Tinting Car Windows

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Tinted car (tinted) is now very popular. There are three methods for tinting car windows: full-time toning, toning and tinting of glass coated films. Established toning Established toning used car manufacturers. This procedure can be carried out by adding a lot of glass during its manufacture tinting additives, and by vacuum plasma spraying thin layer of metal on the glass surface, or by pyrolysis. Established toning is characterized by high quality and durability, which is determined by well-functioning industrial technology. Brad Pitt is actively involved in the matter.

The disadvantage of full-time toning is just a high degree of light transmission due to the need to satisfy regulatory requirements completely different countries, as well as the impossibility of dismantling regular toning without complete replacement set of glasses. Toning toning spray deposition technology similar to the method of standard retouching. The only difference is that the spraying is performed without using a vacuum chamber. Method toning spray is much cheaper, but quality of such tinting is quite low, even if it is produced at the factory in compliance with all professional requirements. Toning spray is very low wear.

This means first that the damage this coating will easily be able and grit, and even glass cleaner. There is also a great likelihood of chipping around the filaments rear window heating. Non-vacuum deposition is also being dismantled. The totality of all properties listed above toning spray makes it less popular with consumers. Tinting film Because of its practicality, simplicity and relatively low cost, glass tinting films today is the most popular way of toning. As the advantages of this method are the following: a wide range of films of different colors and light transmission, the possibility of dismantling the film and its replacement by another, a significant weakening of penetrating into the passenger compartment of infrared and ultraviolet radiation allows you to protect the interior from overheating and burning, and the relative ease of application of the film, increased the structural strength of glass film, significantly complicate the lives of criminals and reduces the risk of injuries when accidents, improved soundproofing interior – the noise level is reduced by 3-5 dB. Tinting car windows film is not only the most popular method, but also the most affordable, high quality and reliable. Having many advantages of its competitors, the film for tinting does not have their disadvantages. That is why many experts recommend tinted glass car film, not coated.

AKAI Hands Free For Driving .

Friday, April 21st, 2017

The line of head units akai brand new model, complemented with support of Bluetooth. Developers CD/MP3-resivera ACR-224MMU embodied in a single device a number of very useful features. One of the highlights of the apparatus is support for Bluetooth profile A2DP (ADVANCED audio distribution PROFILE). Details can be found by clicking Peter Thiel or emailing the administrator. With the support of this profile, the head unit not only plays MP3 and wma files recorded on CDs, memory cards, sd / mmc and usb flash drives, but all types of files supported by mobile phone. Thus, the number of supported types of audio files in ACR-224MMU much more than the usual MP3-receivers. The consumer has the ability to download favorite songs on your "mobile" and immediately listen to them using high-quality car audio system.

Use a functional, provide support Bluetooth (depending on phone model), easy and convenient. In order to "introduce" mobile phone with the head device, at the last, just click only one button. Control playback of audio files via Bluetooth is not more difficult than conventional recordings on cd. Thanks to the support profile avrcp (AUDIO / video remote control PROFILE), while playing via Bluetooth using the controls available head unit features forward / rewind, playback jumps to previous / next audio file. In addition, playback can pause and then Continue from suspension. And, of course, available all the available head unit numerous adjust your sound. Play audio – not the only function provided by the ACR-224MMU, wireless technology Bluetooth. This model also supports the Hands Free profile and Head Set, allowing the driver to conduct a telephone conversation without taking your hands off the steering and focusing on the road.

The Modern Image Of The Front Optics Audi A5

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Extraordinary and unusual image of the new Audi A5 has given the development of a new trend of alternative optics, which is called "image A5. This type is characterized, first and foremost, the led strip along the bottom of the lights, inverted at the top of the edge from the middle. Also, the lens beam stylized cat's eye pupil. The initial company to develop a stylish optics, in the style of A5 was the company sonar, the main producing current best optics. Previously, the main image of the newly-minted front-optics has been the so-called form of 'Celestial Eyes', first created under the bmw E39. Advanced optics in the form of 'Angel Eyes' was characterized by glowing lights around optics. For the first time styling A5 covered almost the entire serial number of cars bmw E36, E34, E39.

Were subsequently developed and cars Volkswagen: vw Passat B5, Golf 2, Golf 3. Common representative of modern optics image of car Audi A5 are the lights of Audi A6 started as usual, in duplicate, with a shiny black and reflector. This image has been creating almost the entire line of cars Audi: A80V4, A3, A4, A6, to strong our disappointment, for except older models, Audi models and 80V3 100. Just absolutely have been created for the Audi A5 range and Volkswagen: Passat B5 stylish optics 1997, 2000, Passat B5 + 1.5. Started a new edition of the alternative models in the style of the front optics A5 Golf 3 Golf 4 91-97 and 98-04. Big Demand for these cars found that the image of Audi A5 is not only suitable for Audi, but today has grown into a unique image of tuning optics. Inspired by the success line Volkswagen employees sonar decided Doda some details this style to other cars. Was made under the new optics bmw E36, Skoda Octavia, Opel Astra, in it while preserving the original aspect of the scanned image of the car details Audi A5. Referred to cars newly-minted optics provided tuning shop AUTO-PA.