White House

March 10th, 2014 by Rosemary
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Particularly visible this aspect is viewed in the second – on a temporary downward – the book of the poet, "My Window", published in 2001, while the first, "Islands in the universe, came there in the 2002nd. This principle of "reverse chronological order, I think, quite, justified the construction of the collection, which would serve as a specific outcome of quests in the outer and inner world, searching, vodivshih's the farthest sometimes roads and trails, but led him to realize the uniqueness and originality of its "I" that is likely something to counter the global leveling a living soul, including Slavic, spiritual, and pragmatic, anthropocentric and positivist tendencies, which shlestnuvshis in the ultra-new martial arts, tend more to reshape us, each in its own way: It will soon be spring, all questions do not count. On the water turquoise. All have gone, and a shy day tear thunderstorm. Soon the fire will divert the convoy and sink ships. Will dream of the river, and the sad late Will my sisters Yuri Cherkashin creates in his poems vseprostor soul, tied not only for eternity, or historical time, but especially to the years and places when and where this soul – specifically and tangibly-proprietary – entered into dialogues with the proposed circumstances of her survival and self-transformation, when and where it can find – and found – a clue to his rescue, and those will always be there and Today: White House on the sand A clean sheet on the table

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